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  1. I have un-installed and re-installed twice and listener still crashes in PE while controlling lights. Though it doesn't crash in SE... Any ideas why?
  2. this is what I'm talking about... they should all be the same reddish color update= I ran a temporary cat5 line from the control room to the furthest window on the first floor (to the left) and hooked up 2 wires together to just the data prong... and it works perfectly. I first tried one cat5 wire and got nothing, so I tried 2... it's like magic- no null pixels... the front of my building is about 300' (that's a somewhat educated guess) I'm going to actually put the wire in place now and wire the next 2 windows (which will shorten it up a bit), so... we'll see if that is a fluke
  3. Thank you guys... I was told that my wire is probably too heavy... I'm running some CAT5 right now... do you think that I will need to change more than the Data line? and when you say null pixels... I'm using strips on the frames... I would insert- a set of 3/1 pixel every 17' or so?
  4. I have my place wired for power and now I want to run data for smart RGB... the closer runs are working fine but the further out runs are not... I think that I am losing data or dropping packets? (and I might not be saying that correctly) The original wire is stranded 16 AWG... is that too heavy? And can I get away with just rerunning the data line? ...that's a LOT of wire to totally rerun it all... expense-wise The 2 windows in the middle on the right are the control room- all of the wiring comes into there and the the windows to the right of that and about the same distance on the left, work fine... the rest have issues, don't turn off, think about following the programming, but don't, etc. Thanks, Cindy
  5. awe.... you are making me sad... PE is my friend!!!! We had a very good relationship going until I one night he just decided that he didn't want to play anymore... he used to work great.
  6. OK, that makes sense I must have missed that in the documentation because I haven't been able to find it... Also, can you tell me why Listener crashes in PE? I can run the same show from SE and it works fine...
  7. Unistall, reinstall... (sigh) again... I'll let you know if that works... thanks, trying it now.
  8. Did you get it working? Now Listener is crashing.... sigh, it's always something!
  9. Update- I reinstalled LOR and it started working like expected- I can move forward again! YAY!!!! Thanks-
  10. Hi Matt- Yes I have- about 20 times... I would think that I would have done it correctly at least one of those time I've gone both ways too... I'm missing something. save the preview- save the intensity file ( though I don't need that, for what I'm trying to do?)- save the preview design- copy all related files ... New-Test-run.las.pe.lid- New-Test-run.las.lsv New-Test-run.lpe New-Test-run.las LORPixelEditorData.xml prop_export.lpeprop Move those to the folders that they should be in... still they do not match and my group settings are not there... What step am I missing? Version 4.3.24 Thanks, Cin-
  11. same here- did you resolve this? Thanks, Cin-
  12. I'm having a similar problem- I move from one computer to the next and the preview info doesn't follow... I tried copying and pasting the LORPixelEditorData.xml file and it doesn't see the correct prop view- I lose my groups.... Help would be much appreciated! Cin-
  13. OHHHHHhhhhhh..... well, that's goofy does the documentation explain that? and yes they run correctly through PE... so I'm good there now. (smart pixels) I am having a data issue though... I have long runs- I'm working on a resolution for that. The power seems ok... but there is a bit of flickering in the white. and then there is the 'taking the PE file from one computer to another and not having the preview info follow... Can anyone help me with that one? Thanks- ( I think that I posted this in the wrong area, sorry about that)
  14. I am setting up frames with RGB strips and some of them work and some of them have issues- a common issues is that in the pixel console, if I hit blue- they are blue... then I turn them off then I hit the red- and they are red.... then I turn them off. and so one.... BUT when I hit the red then go directly to blue without turning them off... who knows what the color will be! Anyone know what I can look at to troubleshoot that? Thanks
  15. I mis-spoke earlier- the two lights never stay fully on- the status light always blinks- the Listener sees all of the universes but when I open anything, like the sequence editor and assign universes then run a show- it accepts the connection then just sits there.... Is that what it's supposed to do? could REALLY use some help with this or more information on getting control of the lights...
  16. the computer is dedicated with the router plugged into the networking card via a CAT5 cable from a lan port (not the wan port)... on its own LAN... using static IPs.... an island unto itself... ? I don't really know what I'm doing but I have gotten this far! Might be something in the router settings? the boards lights stay on when I connect a board directly... Some of my windows are just under 500 so I thought that true DMX through a router was the best choice... I'M SO CLOSE!!!! I just don't know where to look for problems now.
  17. I am totally lost here... I am trying to setup 2 PixCon 16 controller as DMX through a router. I can see the controllers in the PixCon16 config, I can test them and they work. But I can't control them through the software. I have setup each port to have a unique universe... etc. I can't get past #17... where both lights stay solid 17. E1.31: Do not disconnect anything. Both LEDs should be SOLID ON. Do not continue until they are. Can someone give me some direction to head next? Thanks!
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