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  1. ccr 12 strip tree

    Not far at all look me up on FB if you like would like to chat a little more in depth
  2. ccr 12 strip tree

    The building part of it I am not too worried about i am just not sure what I will need to make it work with what I have now. All I have is 8 ac residential controllers
  3. ccr 12 strip tree

    I am looking at the 12 strip CCR tree from lor not a clone the one you can do animation and such http://store.lightorama.com/12ritrpico.html
  4. ccr 12 strip tree

    Hello all I am totally new to the whole ccr thing. I had a couple questions about it. I have been running 8 LOR AC controllers now for a few years and thought it is time to add something new so I thought about this ccr tree since its on sale. My question is I have the latest update V4.23 something not sure off the top of my head, but what else would I need to run the ccr tree kit? I know it comes with everything ( ccr's,power supply, and controller but I don't have anything but the demo of super star, so I am wondering I I need the super star license to make this work. I am kind of in a time crunch and was just going to get the pre made sequences from wow since I see they sell a lot of LOR stuff. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated before I open up the wallet and buy stuff I don't need.