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  1. pb9630

    Extension cord storage ideas

    Yeah i live in Michigan which means there is a foot or 2 of snow on the ground when the show is on. So i use the heavy duty outdoor extension cords.
  2. pb9630

    Extension cord storage ideas

    Okay so this was year 2 for me and I added a bunch of elements this year. i have all my controllers in my garage to keep them safe and sound, but since they are not close to my elements i have 2 100' (200 feet) per element and i have 32 channels. So as you can imagine, I have alot of extension cords. Last year i was able to stuff them all in a new xmas tree storage bag, but OMG it was heavy. Should i just bite the bullet and buy tub containers for the cords? Any ideas would be helpful.
  3. I know LOR always does a summer sale but do they do an after christmas sale... if so when is it? i need 2 more controllers for next years show... omg why is this so addicting