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  1. Where can I find this verifier? I've tried everything else with no success. I just created a new simple 3 unit animation and it did not work. Something is not right, I'm loosing my mind.
  2. OK, still having trouble. All three units are daisy chained together. Units are # 01, 02, 03. I hooked up my comm to 01. When I refreshed, the hardware saw all 3 units and I successfully downloaded my sequence into unit 01. I unhooked the comm and turned the units on and like every other time the 3rd units lights would not come on and the lighting sequence of the 2nd unit was screwed up. When I turn the power off to the 3rd unit, the 2nd units lighting sequence worked fine. I have tried using different LOR units and changing the unit order and #'s with no success. Speed was 06 on all units. Any other ideas?
  3. Yes, I've numbered 01, 02, and03. When I refresh now, the hardware can see all 3 units but when I download, the 3rd unit doesn't show any information and the 2nd units sequence is jumbled.
  4. Hello, I'm just getting to know LOR. I've created a 3 unit sequence but am having trouble downloading it into the units. When I refresh the hardware, it cannot find the three boxes even though they are all connected properly. Do you have any ideas?
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