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  1. Importing Sequences into S5

    Thanks for the help all. This is what I figured out. I opened the sequence in S4 on another computer. I then noted the channel configuration and set up a preview in S5 with the exact same channel & network config. I used this to import the sequence into S5 and it worked. Once I had it in S5 I then moved around the channel and network config to match what I was doing. This seems like a strange process that needs to be fixed. But it did work. John
  2. Importing Sequences into S5

    I have a preview all set up in S5. It has a pixel tree and a bunch of roof trim. I am trying to use the sequence I bought for my pixel tree. Not sure if I answer your question correctly.
  3. I can't for the life of me figure out how to import a sequence into S5. I bought a sequence for a 16X50 pixel tree that I want to use for my pixel tree. In the preview section it imported each RGB pixel as a point. I have no idea how to pull this together into a pixel tree. In the sequencing section it is a bit better. Each of the 16 strands is its own row. Once again, I have no idea how to group these together into a tree. I am new to LOR and figured that given I am using RGB I should just go straight to S5. Should i go back to S4? Does anyone have any pixel tree sequences that are already in S5 that I can use? Help!
  4. S5 16 CCB Pixel Tree Sequences

    So I bought a 16CCR sequence. I opened it in S5 and it comes up as 16 different CCRs. How do I make this into my Pixel Tree? All of the other sequences I have tried have had similar issues other than the test pixel tree that was done in S5.
  5. I am a newbie this year. I decided to go all the way and order an RGB system. I think my big mistake was deciding to use S5. My thinking was that I didn't want to learn a system and then need to relearn S5. Now I am looking for pixel tree sequences done in S5. Haven't been able to use sequences from earlier versions as I can't figure out how to import them into S5. Anyone with some sequences out there?
  6. Pixie 16 cant drive lights

    Thanks for the responses. Finally figured it out. Lots of help out there but kind of hard to find what you need. Thanks all!!!!!!!
  7. Pixie 16 cant drive lights

    I have a pixie16 with a pixel tree. I can get the lights to work with the hardware utility. But when I try to drive the lights with the sequencer it just doesn't. Have tried turning off a variety of things and reconnecting. I just can't get it to go. Any ideas?
  8. Pixel Tree sequences

    James, I would love anything you have as well. My only issue is I am using S5 so I need the visualizer file as well. Either that or someone needs to walk me through how to do it. I would really appreciate it either way! john.caple.wg98@wharton.upenn.edu
  9. Smart RGB Extension Cords

  10. I purchased the 12V 16X100 Smart Pixel Package with the Pixie 16 controller. My issue is that for 4 of my 100 pixel runs I need a bit more than the 7' you get with just the pixels and the controller. I looked through the store to find some kind of extension cord. I know that are some length I am going to have some issues but I only need a 5' extra. Are there any source for cords to extend the range around 5'. Happy to buy from LOR or anyone else....
  11. Sequences I can share and their you tube links

    I would love a copy of all of them. Thanks! john.caple.wg98@wharton.upenn.edu
  12. Temptation Silent Night Faces & Pixel

    Would love a copy. john.caple.wg98@wharton.upenn.edu
  13. Newbie Pixel Questions

    I live down in FL and want to decorate my boat for our annual holiday boat parade. Last year I used Lights and Sounds of Christmas and while it worked it wasn't that great. The flashing was mediocre and it wasn't nearly loud enough. This year I want to really step it up. I used the August sale to buy one of the plug and show deals with 16X100 strings of smart RGB lights and the Pixie16 controller. I have figured out the layout of the lights on my boat. I am going to use the pixel strips and wire loom to make the lights have a consistent spacing. The controller will be on the t-top of my boat. Going to put 400 lights on the hull, 2X100 on the outriggers, 100 on the t-top, 10 firesticks of 25 pixels using the rod holders on my t-top and a 24X25 pixel tree on the top of my t-top. That should all work. I have been getting started with the software while I wait for the lights. I figured I should just use S5 because it is built for pixels and why learn S4 only to have to switch and learn S5 later. Is this a mistake? So far S5 seems pretty intuitive but there isn't a lot of documentation. Setting up the preview was pretty straight forward. I created a basic sequence to make sure that the lights were working left to right and up and down the way I wanted them to. This was all pretty easy. Now I am on to doing sequences. In S5 doing a basic sequence is pretty easy. That said, as you can imagine, my don't look all that great. I need at least one really good sequence for when the boat goes by the judges stand. (Yes I am a dweeb). I figured I would just buy one but I can't seem to find the right thing. Do I buy a 24X25 tree sequence and use the same sequence for the rest of the lights? Do I try to sequence the rest to go with the 24X25 myself? Do I buy another sequence that has a tree but maybe a 16 line tree with other programming? If that is the answer what is the best source? There seem to be a bunch but I am not sure what I am going to get works for me. Do I need a custom sequence (very pricey). Are there any free sequences out there I can experiment on? I am lost here. Then I need a bunch of other sequences. The people on my boat will go nuts listening to one song. That being said, it isn't for the judges so the rest of the songs doing have to be perfect. I guess I could buy some more sequences but that could get pricey. I thought I might just use the SuperStar Sequencer. But my tree has 600 pixels on it so the version I would have to buy is $200. That seems like a lot. Is it worth it? For $100 I would just do it. My guess is other newbies are having similar problems so any help would be great!
  14. Any 16 strip Pixel tree sequence

    Would love a copy as well. I assume a 16 string tree can be translated into a 24 string 360 tree. Would love to try in any case. Thanks. john.caple.wg98@wharton.upenn.edu
  15. Sound of Silence

    Would love a copy. john.caple.wg98@wharton.upenn.edu Thanks!