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  1. Good morning has drivers for sale my email is jhzabaleta@misena.edu.co
  2. Good morning I am interested in the two drivers of 16, my contact is jhzabaleta@misena.edu.co, what is the price and please send me photos thank you Jairo
  3. Good evening that my email is jhzabaleta@misena.edu.co, gives me pictures of the controllers, has a showcentral thank you Jairo
  4. Steve, I have a relative in new york, I am a beginner but I want to have a LOR, I will send a contact number but I need you to help me in a rebate, my economic means are not very broad
  5. good morning, I'm waiting for your pm to get in touch thank you Jairo
  6. hello, I am interested in buying a g3 controller and a central show time, I am a beginner, I have a contact in nuevayork, my email is jhzabaleta@misena.edu.co please help me start with this new experience thanks Jairo
  7. Good morning, it has a show director and two controllers that can sell me, what is the value and I send to New York thanks, my email is jhzabaleta@misena.edu.co , How is the pm system to use it?
  8. Good evening, I am a beginner I have a relative in New York, I am interested in two controllers, have an email or how I communicate with you, my email is jhzabaleta@misena.edu.co thanks
  9. Good evening my name is jairo zabaleta colombiano I have a niece in miami in case of purchase contact her, I am new in these projects but I want to make one for my home, my email is jzabaleta@misena.edu.co how can I collaborate logistically to make a good project in economic form thanks Jairo
  10. Good morning you still have the controller for sale
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