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  1. Crog

    General DMX Dummy Question

    Yes they are smart pixels.. ie there is a chip with every 3 leds. And I can control them with any color I want.. but can't seem to figure out why I can't select half a strip as one universe and other half as a different universe.
  2. Crog

    General DMX Dummy Question

    Need help guys. Having issues with setting up dmx channels. I use Pixel editor Pro and have 3 strips of smart pixels. On 2 of the strips I added 10 pixels each.. so 60 pixels《180 channels》 and connected on output 1 of alphapix controller And set to universe 1 And 2 respectfully. My problem is the third strip is cut and spliced with wire to make the bend on peak, is it possible to control each side of the strip independently. Each side has 22 pixels《66 channels). Tried universe 3 start 1 end 66 And universe 3 start 67 end 133. Not working. Confused.
  3. Crog

    Need guidance

    Looking to put lights on gutters and around doors and windows. Was thinking about rgb strips or pixel strips. Need info on what kind of controller needed to run them. I have Light-o--rama software (pro) and 2 16 channel controllers that I use for Halloween shows. Can anyone point me in proper direction as to what kind of strips and equipment I need to outfit the building with. Links to supplies would be nice as well. Want something that I could use in multiple ways. crog1959@gmail.com
  4. Old Sarge. Can i get a copy as well? crog1959@gmail.com
  5. Crog

    Singing Faces Sequences

    Can i get a copy of your singing faces sequences. Would be much appreciated. crog1959@gmail.com
  6. Crog

    Halloween sequences

    do you happen to have Monster Mash and or Munsters for 32 channel setup with 2 faces? crog1959@gmail.com
  7. Crog

    32 channel sequences

    I'm looking for Monster Mash and Munsters theme for 32 channel halloween setup with 2 faces if someone can help me out. crog1959@gmail.com
  8. Crog

    Singing Faces Sequences

    I would like a copy of those sequences as well if possible. Thanks in advance. crog1959@gmail.com
  9. Crog


    Can i please get a copy of the 32 channel monster mash sequence for 2 faces? my email is crog1959@gmail.com