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  1. Eric W

    Harry Potter Theme song sequence

    Hi James, Could you please send it my way as well? ewitt0813@gmail.com Thanks a bunch! Eric
  2. Hi James, If you could send some my way as well I'd really appreciate it. I only have 16 channels right now, but can adjust. ewitt0813@gmail.com Thanks in advance! Eric
  3. Hello, I'm sure you all get sick of these posts asking for help with starting out, so I apologize. I'm newer and struggling to create something. However, I would really appreciate any 16 channel Christmas sequences that anyone would be willing to share. I've got just a bunch of basic lights and blowmolds, etc. Nothing too fancy. If you could send any to ewitt0813@gmail.com that would be awesome! Thanks again! Eric
  4. Hello, I would love any 16 channel sequences that you have available, if you could send them to ewitt0813@gmail.com that would be awesome. Really struggling to create or scale down other ones out there. Anything by TSO would be great, but I'm not picky. I just have a bunch of basic lights and yard decorations. Nothing too fancy. Thanks in advance! Really appreciate the help! Eric