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  1. Thank you so much!!! I think mine do need an update. You guys have been such a great help.
  2. Matt, I found the problem! My controllers are G3 but don't support the enhanced network. How do I run 2 networks so I can run my pixels and these controllers without replacing them?
  3. Matt, I tested a different controller today and still get nothing when testing the lights in sequencer. Not sure why its not working.
  4. The prop is defined. Basically I just wanted to test this new prop using those same effects and channels. Shouldn't it still control the channels that are defined in the sequence? I tried controlling them from both the sequencer and show on demand.
  5. The prop that runs on the controller that I used to test the other prop just had basic chases and fades in the sequence I was using. Just wanted to test it to see what it looked like on the new prop. I need to buy another controller before I put this new prop in my preview as its new for this year and we didn't decide to put it on a controller until just the other day
  6. The prop I was testing isn't even in my preview I was just trying to test the effects that are set for those channels on another prop.
  7. Yes all lights are solid. It worked fine in the hardware utility but when switching to sequencer or show on demand nothing happens
  8. And yes the network is set to enhanced. The sequencer is controllong the pixel controllers but not the regular one. The regular one is the first controller connected then the cat5 cable runs from the controller to the pixel controllers so it's not the cable or the ports. I'm stumped here
  9. Matt, I ran into another problem. I now tried hooking up a regular light o rama controller to test regular lights and the sequencer is only controlling my pixel controllers. I tested the regular controller in the hardware utility and all is good so not sure why it won't control the controller in the sequencer.
  10. Matt, you are a life saver. IT WORKED!. I was stressing out so much over it. Thank you so much!!!
  11. Ok. I tried playing the new sequence but after converting it, it took away all my pixel sequencing. The pixel tree no longer shows up in the preview when hitting play
  12. Matt, I did what was said above to create playback files and it turned my sequence into a protected sequence and took out all the pixel sequencing. The pixel tree no longer shows up in the preview when playing the sequence.
  13. I hit the create playback files and it converted my sequence but now it won't allow me to edit the sequence . It says it's a protected sequence
  14. Matt, I an running 5.0.0. I have the pro license. I used the new musical sequence button. The sequence play fine on my preview but will not control the pixels when using the control lights button. I have 2 pixie controllers with 32 sets of LOR pixels. I was able to test the pixels in hardware utility but on sequencer while using the control lights feature it will not run the pixels. The files from sequencer are saving as .loredit files while my superstar export sequences are still saving as .lms files. When trying to add sequence to the show it only shows my superstar export not the .loredit one (My main sequence). The channel configuration for the prop is set as LOR. I don't see the option to set is as enhanced network.
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