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  1. Thanks, I do have 5.3 downloaded. I just don't think I am asking my question very clearly. Based on that example above, could I also use those same pixels assigned to each named section (Outline 1, Eyes open 1, etc) as part of the grid when I didn't want to have the singing faces?
  2. Is it possible to program individual pixels on multiple props and assign priority to props? I would like to create a grid but have a singing face in the grid during certain songs, but still have the option to have the grid as a background to the singing, or use effects on the entire grid when not wanting a singing face.
  3. I am new to Pixel Editor. Love that I can create props and effects, but like programming sequences in Sequence editor because I can use keyboard controls and play the music slower, making it easier for me to program. I have been looking at so many videos, how to's and pdf's online, I am a bit overwhelmed. Is it possible to import my newly created props into sequence editor? I have programming completed from last year in Sequence editor and am in the process of changing over to RGB, and would really like to utilize what I already have programmed if possible. Is this possible? Any assistance or direction is greatly appreciated!
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