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  1. Ok cool. I'll try the sub-sequence and if i get no luck I'll pay for the edit version and copy and paste.. Thank you for your time and help. Simon
  2. Good Afternoon everyone, i have a question, this is my first year using RBG lights and now i`m stuck lol... so i`m using LOR pro software and have 1 LOR Controller and 2 DMX controllers, i have brought the sequence (Frozen let it go) from holiday.coro for my mega tree which works amazing and also brought a musical sequence (Frozen let it go) from LOR thinking that i will be able run my LOR controller and other lights around the house, and the mega tree, so my question is how do i get the light o rama sequence and the DMX sequence working together because there both musical its not letting me play both at the same time, it will only playing one at a time. thank you for any help u can give.. Simon
  3. I brought 4 x singing Christmas trees from holiday.co thinking it comes with everything, well turns out it's just the plasterboard cut outs. So i was hoping because im new to this. If someone couldhelp with with what lights, how many controls i need etc.. i do have a list attached with how many lights needed.. Thank you so much..