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  1. 45 seconds to enter, fill my cart and get to payment page, enter payment info and it locked up...damn. had to recycle 4 times and by then all the sing trees were gone.... how in seconds to get payment processed....? I wacthed the buttons for carts pop up on each page.... unreal
  2. Anybody have Auld Lang Syne or other new years songs?
  3. Oooo. great one! I'd like a copy please. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  4. James, I'll take a copy. thanks in advance. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  5. Hey, James! I'd like a copy please. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  6. Anybody have Auld Lang Syne sequenced for sharing. No pixels and 32 channels but I can use anything. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  7. I would like copy James. Thanks and Happy New Years! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  8. I'll take a copy please1 Thanks. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  9. James, Can you share this please. I seemed to have lost the file. Thanks much! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  10. james, would like to get copies! tharkun@bellsouth.net thanks much!
  11. Has anybody sequenced any Mannheim Steamroller they would be willing to share. Looks like only going to run 32 channels this year and no RGB due to circumstances. Thanks in advance. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  12. James, Could you share please sir? Thanks!😀 tharkun@bellsouth.net
  13. would like a copy too Please. Thanks! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  14. James, can I get a copy to please sir. Thanks. tharkun@bellsouth.net v/r Leland
  15. Would like copy too Please. My first year with RGB flood also. Thanks! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  16. Love a copy of the James. Thanks! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  17. James, like a copy please Sir. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  18. would love a copy of the James, Thanks. tharkun@bellsouth.net Time to start my Christmas conversions and learning...
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