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    Too many: Road racing motorcycles, riding motorcycles, photography, movies, Racing Art, MotoGP & WSBK racing, good Blues and Jazz,
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    Halloween/Christmas/Mardis Gras/ any military/LEO recongnition day

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  1. Tharkun

    Coro tombstones

    Next step!
  2. So I've been building my coro tombstones and tried a variety of paints so they don’t just look like plastic standing in yard in the daytime. I ran across this stone textured paint Wally world while wondering around. Tried it tonight and the stuff looks great! You have to prime them first. Looks like rough stone. Its great!
  3. Tharkun

    Great Pumpkin Waltz

    Love a copy! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  4. ill take a copy! Thanks! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  5. Tharkun

    building a design

    I know you are done with your frames. They are really cool! A probably too late answer to your questions: you can cut most LED rope lights to designated sizes at manufacturer cut marks. Do a search for "cutting LED rope lights." At most you need an additional piece if you are splicing, etc. They do make right angle connectors, T connectors, etc . Examples: https://www.birddogdistributing.com/led-rope-light-l-connector/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq9GHosbH3AIVjeDICh3eswsfEAQYASABEgLPEvD_BwE https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/97044/FT2-U120NA12T-CON.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsd3U9MbH3AIViD8bCh3AjQnkEAkYBiABEgLczPD_BwE Lots of info & videos:https://www.christmaslightsetc.com/pages/Rope-Light-Instructions.htm
  6. Tharkun

    L.O.R 50 watt floods

  7. Tharkun

    Riders on the Storm

    Has anybody sequenced the Doors: Riders on the Storm they would be willing to share?
  8. Tharkun

    Undertaker Faces Pixel Matrix

    which version/song is this? Pulcifer?
  9. Tharkun

    Wicked Old Witch Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    i'll take a copy. Man haven't heard that in years... tharkun@bellsouth.net Thanks in advance.
  10. Tharkun

    Halloween Blue's Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    which version is this one?
  11. Tharkun

    Charley Brown Skating Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    is it all pixel and matrix,or other props/channels too??
  12. Tharkun

    Dracule Rob Zombie Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    i'll take a copy tharkun@bellsouth.net
  13. like a copy of this , please sir! tharkun@bellsouth.net thanks in advance!
  14. Tharkun

    Harry Potter Theme song sequence

    love to get harry potter, no faces tharkun2bellsouth.net Thanks!
  15. Tharkun

    Snoopy Vers Red Baron Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    love to get copy. Also anyone done Snoppy's Christmas?