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  1. Even with the most recent build, I'm seeing the same issue. Adding movies to my 1800 pixel matrix takes minutes to finally load up in the preview. I'm using four different 20 second clips that are approx 20MB in size. Any best practices to improve performance?
  2. Running my show and two of my HolidayCoro E1.31 controllers will randomly stop after looping a sequence. It seems to be completely random and resolves itself if I restart S5 or if another sequence starts during a show.
  3. Took me a bit to get a handle on the new SS integration but I'm enjoying the new options. My favorite has to be how easy it is to go from pixel effects to SS on the same prop. I was able to program 16 mini arches in no time at all. To import existing SS programs I've been copying the original SS file, using the Insert SuperStar Effect option in the motion effect row and then pasting the SS info into the temporary file. The only issue I ran into was I had to pay attention to the time when the first SS effect starts. If I paste at that point, every thing syncs up. If I don't go to that point, it pastes all the info starting at :00. Not sure if that is a bug or a limitation of how paste works in SS. Thanks for all the new features and quick updates to the beta software.
  4. Bry

    Opening subsequence

    I'm seeing a similar issue with some imported S4 projects. I can see a track 3 I created but the main track is unavailable. All of the props in the main track seem to play back properly but I have no way to reset or append any props.
  5. Something I used often in S4 was adding the regular twinkle effect into an rgb channel. Doing it this way vs using the color fade tool would not only twinkle the light but randomize the color. I thought I might be able to use the twinkle motion effect but that doesn't seem to work in a dumb rgb fixture. Any recommendations besides manually randomizing colors and then copy/paste?
  6. Bry

    DD01 - Open existing sequence

    I'm seeing the same issue with some of my sequences but it's also crashing the editor once the sequence finally loads. LORSequencer-trace.txt
  7. Started tweaking some of my S4 projects and I noticed once in a while that existing effect items import in with the correct effect but the mixer is moved 3/4 to the right creating dim light output. I've had this happen with groups as well as single props and noticed it with multiple effects. None of the props included any additional effects in the right window.
  8. Downloaded the beta today and, as a fan of pixel editor, I really like what I've seen so far. The single interface and new effects should save me a bunch of time. Is S5 is solid enough to start creating projects for this Christmas?