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  1. Bry

    Can’t flip RGB strip

    That was it! Changing the start left/right didn’t do anything but flipping the strand in the preview fixed my issue. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Bry

    Can’t flip RGB strip

    My controller sits in between that first and second string which is why the first is flipped to left while everything else is right. My second story is similar except the 4th strip is right and everything else is left. That second story works fine. I’ve tried flipping the starting point of my problematic strip left and right and it doesn’t change the direction whether I use it in a group or by itself.
  3. Bry

    Can’t flip RGB strip

    Here’s the animation. The problem strip is named bottom roof 1DMX2. Everything plus fine in the preview but is backwards when played live. test21.loredit
  4. I’m having an issue with one RGB strip and the starting pixel. It is configured to start at the left but it acts like the first pixel is on that right. I’ve tried switching the starting pixel and I’ve even created new animations to test out the direction and it’s still flipped. I’ve verified the strip connector is installed on the correct side and everything else is seems to be working correctly. Currently running 5.2.
  5. Colorwash effects worked fine but effects like spiral were not. I tried replicating the issue over the past two days and now it seems to be working. The only thing I’ve done since was play a show and turn off control lights in the sequencer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it was a random fluke. I did notice another odd issue during a show tonight. During one sequence, all my led strips were not displaying the first and last pixel but during another sequence those pixels seemed fine. It appears to happen more often on one particular sequence in the show.
  6. It doesn’t. It acts as if the effect hasn’t been applied.
  7. Trying to add some changes to my Halloween sequences. Any existing motion effects display fine in the preview but if I delete those and add another effect, I get a grey fill in the timeline and the effects don’t seem to apply. Simple color on changes work fine. Did I accidentally turn something off?
  8. Thanks for the tip on the mirrored display. I’ll give it a try. Duplicating my main screen should work well for my Halloween display which is just looping a single show with videos in all the sequences. Where I’ll run into trouble is during Christmas. Every 30 minutes I run a show that last 12-15 minutes. Between those shows I have a looping animation. I guess I can try and hide everything on my desktop for those moments when there is no video being played.
  9. Finished updating my drivers and that seems to have fixed my resizing issue in the show player. Thanks for the reminder! The only issue I’m seeing now is during a show, a small windowed version of the video pops up for less than a second, as it moves between sequences, before going full screen on my projector. Any thoughts on a possible fix?
  10. I’ve been using LOR on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp for several years. I’m going to update the boot camp drivers and see if that solves the issue. If I need to go to a dedicated windows computer, do you have any system or configuration recommendations?
  11. After a restart and cycling through the video preference tab I was able to get the show to play on the secondary projector. I'm still running into the issue of the video window resizing and only displaying a third of the video if the sequences play back to back. I noticed the same issue if I play the sequence in the editor and set it to repeat.
  12. Setup a show using a couple sequences that start and end with video. The first sequence in the show plays fine but when it moves to the next sequence, only the left 3rd of the video plays.I tried switching from extended to mirrored to see if that would help but it actually made it worse. Now I can't get the shows to play the video on my projector. I've checked the sequencer settings and videos play correctly in the sequencer but it always goes back to playing full screen on the primary display when a show starts.
  13. Is there a way to set motion effect priority? What I'm trying to do is go from a roof outline fade to a whole house effect? Currently the whole house effect doesn't start until the house outline fade is complete.
  14. Even with the most recent build, I'm seeing the same issue. Adding movies to my 1800 pixel matrix takes minutes to finally load up in the preview. I'm using four different 20 second clips that are approx 20MB in size. Any best practices to improve performance?
  15. Running my show and two of my HolidayCoro E1.31 controllers will randomly stop after looping a sequence. It seems to be completely random and resolves itself if I restart S5 or if another sequence starts during a show.