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  1. Light_addiction

    When Do You Start Decorating?

    They definitely have been put to good use. Still working on incorporating them all. I also came upon a whole 200,000 light display that a guy was giving away, so I have all that too.
  2. Light_addiction

    When Do You Start Decorating?

    Since I live outside the city limits, I don't do a Halloween display. In years past, I would normally start setting up my Christmas display the day after Halloween, and have it ready to turn on by Thanksgiving night. Well since I have acquired a huge addition to my display this year and will be almost growing my display 10 times the amount of lights as last year, I am planning to start the first weekend of October. I also set this all up by myself and will be adding another house to my display this year.
  3. Light_addiction

    strobe light strings?

    I saw these 5mm strobe lights yesterday at the Christmas Expo, as Christmas Light Emporium was there, and they are really bright for the size they are.
  4. Light_addiction

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    It was great getting to meet y'all yesterday. I was trying to make it back to the second part of the Singing Face class but got held up by one of the vendors.
  5. Light_addiction

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    I'd join yall for brunch, but I'm going to be attending classes all day.
  6. Light_addiction

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    Oh awesome! James and I have spoke on the phone a couple times. Be great to meet you both.
  7. Light_addiction

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    I knew you would be. I think I'm going to take your class tomorrow.
  8. Light_addiction

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    Who's all going to the Expo starting tomorrow? I'm local and I'll be there tomorrow for sure and maybe Saturday.
  9. Light_addiction

    Independence day holiday projects

    I worked on building a rack to store all the leaping arches I acquired from a local that was getting out of the lighting display. I also started testing them all to make sure they were in working condition. As night came upon me, I sat back and watched the fireworks under my 16 ft lit up pole with a 8 ft wide lit up American flag at the top.
  10. Light_addiction

    controllers and lights for sale

  11. Light_addiction

    No motivation yet - help!

    I have been working on revamping old wireframes for the yard but have yet to do any sequencing. And I'm going from 16 channels to 64, so I have a lot to add in there. I need to stop putting it off.
  12. Light_addiction

    summer sale question

    Tonight will be the best pricing of the year. I want to say the SPT cord is on sale in Summer but not nearly as cheap as now. You may want to just order tonight to save on shipping and the regular price.
  13. Light_addiction

    House Shopping

    There is not. The house sits only a few feet from the property line in the back and left of the house, and the septic tank are buried on the right front part of the house.
  14. Light_addiction

    House Shopping

    I currently live in a smaller house, but live on a 1 acre lot. My house is at the back of the property, so it's all front yard for me. I have a ton of display items and I'm afraid if I get a yard any smaller, I will have to sell some of the display items. I really don't want to move mainly cause where I live is perfect for my show. It's outside the city limits, but not too far out so that no one comes; it has a 6ft ditch at the front so no worries of someone trying to just grab and go with any items; most neighbors have known me for all my life and some are family. I just need a bigger house. Decisions, decisions.
  15. Light_addiction

    House Shopping

    You know how hard it is to house shop as a light enthusiast. Have to make sure there is enough room for my display, that the streets can handle the traffic, and mainly that there is no HOA. Geez I want a new house but this is soooo hard.