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  1. c9 pixels forsale

  2. free incans

    Are these still available? I messaged you and have not heard back. Thanks.
  3. LOR controller and other brand

    Do you mind if I message you when I get these on what I all need to make them work? I'm new to all this as this was my first year.
  4. LOR controller and other brand

    Does anyone know if you can use another brand light controller with the LOR controller? Mainly a Renard controller. Only reason I ask is someone is willing to gift me a couple of their Renard controllers. Thanks!
  5. free incans

    I'd be interested in this, just need to see when I could make it down there. I'm just south of Dallas.
  6. 2017 Walkabout Marty's Christmas in Cold Lake

    Awesome display! Love the "elves did this" sign.
  7. RGB ribbons ,ctb16 ,1602 ,cmb24 all for sale.

    Interested in the ctb16 controllers if they are gen 3. Jmach49@gmail.com for pics and price.
  8. Patterson Display 2017, TSO Wizards in Winter

    Amazing! She did an awesome job! Tell her great job!
  9. FM transmitter outside

    I haven't tested it yet. I built a stand or my controller as I need it further in the yard, so I wanted to attach the FM transmitter to it as well. LOR suggests that the Director be within 50 ft of the first control box and having it in my house would make it further than that.
  10. FM transmitter outside

    I have the Showtime Central setup with the FM transmitter and Gen 3 mini Director mounted in LOR'S primex box. Can I mount this outside? Reason is that my house sits 200 ft from the road and I want the transmitter closer to the road so it comes through clear on people's radios. Thanks everyone!
  11. Multiple house controller stand

    Thank you for posting this! I made one this weekend for my first LOR controller and it's perfect.
  12. Light 'em Up, Fall Out Boy

    James I'd appreciate a copy as well. jmach49@gmail.com I didn't realize you were only like an hour from me. I may have to drive over and see your display. Thanks.
  13. FM frequency

    Interesting. Never knew this. Thank you! I'll check this out.
  14. FM frequency

    Thanks! Appreciate the tips. And I'm in the Dallas/Ft Worth market so we are congested. Thanks!