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  1. A Little Thanks

    This is my first year and this forum has provided so much for me. I would love to get this sequence from you. I'm a big Country guy. Thank you in advance. Jmach49@gmail.com
  2. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    I got it and I thank you very much, as do my kids.
  3. Getting out of the game: Gen2 and Gen3 Pro Controllers

    It would probably help to let everyone know where you live, cause I'm sure it will cost quite a bit to ship the extension cords. Just a helpful tip.
  4. Brand new 16 channel user here. Just bought it in the Summer Sale and this will be my first year. Any 16 channel sequences would be great. jmach49@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  5. Whip Nae nae

    My boys would greatly appreciate it if I could get this as well. jmach49@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  6. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    I'd greatly appreciate a copy of this as well. jmach49@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  7. Soon to be New User

    OK I will. I was downloading the software that was digested earlier in this thread. I bought the basic cause that's all that was available. I will upgrade it next year.
  8. Soon to be New User

    I appreciate all the help. I am currently having a problem. Downloaded the software and got this message when I tried to open it, "Error reading setup initialization file"
  9. I'm getting this error message after I downloaded the software and tried to open it. Any ideas?
  10. Soon to be New User

    I will definitely make sure to.
  11. Soon to be New User

    So I should backup you say? Lol. I remember reading that somewhere.
  12. LED's For Sale -Small phase 1 of display liquidation.

    I messaged you.
  13. Soon to be New User

    Thanks for the helpful tips. I bought quite a few strings of lights last year at the after Christmas sales in stores in anticipation of getting my first LOR.
  14. Soon to be New User

    Thank you very much. I had no idea on that.
  15. Soon to be New User

    Thank you and I have already been doing that. I have been planning for this for a few years.