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  1. Light_addiction

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    I just assumed James forgot or was busy to send cause he had already said he sent it in another post to me but never did, so I was just trying to get as soon as possible so I could modify for my display. I'm not out here trying to sell anything if that is what you are referring to.
  2. Light_addiction

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    Can you forward me the one James sent you? Thanks. jmach49@gmail.com
  3. Light_addiction

    Ice Ice Baby Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Can I get a copy. Thanks! jmach49@gmail.com
  4. Light_addiction

    Frozen Songs

    James, can I get Do you want to build a snowman? Thanks. jmach49@gmail.com
  5. Light_addiction

    Let it go

    Can I get a copy of this? Thanks. jmach49@gmail.com
  6. Light_addiction

    Baby Shark Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    James, May I get a copy. Thanks. jmach49@gmail.com
  7. Light_addiction

    Congrats 2017 LOR WINNERS!!

    The same guy won Category 1 for the second year in a row.
  8. Light_addiction

    Does anyone have baby it’s cold outside

    I'll take a copy as well. Thanks!! jmach49@gmail.com
  9. Light_addiction

    ABC Lightfight

    The one with 4 million lights is a for profit attraction. They charge to look at the lights. Just a heads up before you drive that far.
  10. Light_addiction

    Storing Controllers and Props

    I have a lot of wireframes and those get stored in my two 10x10 sheds. My controllers get stored inside the house in my spare closet.
  11. Light_addiction

    Texas get together

    I'll send you a PM with who to contact.
  12. I got a comment just yesterday asking why I had not started putting up my Christmas display yet. But in reality they already knew the answer cause it has been raining nearly every day for the past month here. I can't start setting it up because I still need to mow my 1 acre yard.
  13. Light_addiction

    LOOKING FOR: Moster Mash, Thriller, & Ghostbusters

    Thank you very much James. I knew I should I have just emailed you. Thank you for the offer, but James got me set up.
  14. So I have never done a Halloween display controlled to lights since I live out of the city, but I just got nominated by my boss to do one for our work party. I don't need anything super crazy as it will be an indoor display with no more than 16 channels. I would like the following songs if anyone has them sequenced already: -Monster Mash -Thriller -Ghostbusters And any others that you think would be a great addition. Just has to be work friendly as I work at a bank. My e-mail is jmach49@gmail.com Thanks everyone!!!!