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  1. So what my plan is to have my standard LOR program from my laptop but because our display is a walk thru I can not use am FM transmitter since the people viewing will not be in their car. So that is my question...just outdoor speakers to a receiver but if so how do I connect that into the computer or do my speakers just goto the computer someway?
  2. So where can I get the S5 beta from
  3. How did you get the download? Please respond or email to lmr020307@yahoo.com thanks
  4. This is my first year taking on the programing challenge of our Christmas light display! I have watched tons of "How to videos" and a many hours of research into this process and I CURRENTLY only have two questions! So my first questions is in regards to the FM transmitter. We actually have a Christmas light display that is like a walk thru village so with that being said I don't need am FM transmitter. I think all I would need is a receiver and outdoor speakers, is this correct? If that is correct, how do I tie this into my Light O Rama controller/programing? Then my second question is (I know I would need to figure watts ect) but if I take 10 strands of LED lights end to end and have them attached to one of the sixteen controllers, those 10 strands will all do the same thing at the same time correct? Pretty sure I know that answer, just see many people wanting a more customized show so they put one strand of lights to one controller. Lastly any helpful hints are very welcomed! Thanks
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