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  1. I use white duct tape cut into small strips on our vinyl windows and along the downspouts. It blends in nicely and there are more colors available now.
  2. thanks While most of the time our lows don't get that bad, there was one Christmas Eve that the temp was -50 below zero and a wind chill of -89 below zero. Luckily I was vacationing in Arizona that year. I remember 6 weeks when the temp never got above zero but that has been awhile too. We only had -27 for the lowest this winter. Must be something to this global warming thing after all. Our winters haven't been too bad lately but there are days when the lows get down below zero aways.
  3. I placed my well over an hour ago, and I haven't received an email confirmation yet. Does that mean they were out of stock by then? I really don't want to make another order if this one went thru.
  4. Has anyone used them in extreme cold. -20 or colder? We have had some really cold nights that dipped down to -29 below zero and was wondering how they hold up.
  5. The jumpers are both there, not sure if one is bad or not, swapped them and still no luck. I swapped the fuses also, no luck with that either, still only channels 9 -16 working so I would assume the fuses are ok. I can't find my voltmeter, its somewhere in the garage but not sure where, haven't used it for some time. I had the hardware utility running, thought it was off but it was just minimized.
  6. I have the CTB-16PC kit , board pre assembled, I installed the power and output supply cords. I am using 1 power supply cord, not 2. The jumpers are correct for 1 supply. Using the hardware utility, channels 1-8 don't work but channels 9-16 work fine. When running a sequence, no channels work, the LED stays on though. Control Lights is checked and the correct com port is selected in the Network Settings. I have checked the fuses, they seem to be working fine. What am I missing here? thanks for your help
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