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  1. Hey James. Do you have this in non pixels? If so, could I get a copy? Thanks for all your hard work!! stacy stacy-roberts@hotmail.com
  2. Hey JR. Could I also get a copy of the faces? Non pixel please. Thanks , Stacy stacy-roberts@hotmail.com
  3. Hey JR. Could I get a copy too? stacy-roberts@hotmail.com thanks, stacy
  4. Hey James. Can I also get a copy of this? Thanks again!! And again!! And again, for all your hard work stacy-roberts@hotmail.com Stacy
  5. Hey James. Can I get a copy of non pixel? Thanks again for all the hard work. stacy-roberts@hotmail.com Stacy
  6. Hey JR! I’ve Started working on this one. Could I get your copy, to see how bad mine is? thanks, stacy stacy-roberts@hotmail.com
  7. Never thought about playing just this one on Christmas Eve. Could I get a copy, please. Non pixel. Thanks JR. And as always, thanks for the hard work you do on these. Hope all is well. Stacy-roberts@hotmail.com
  8. May I get a copy? Non pixel stacy-roberts@hotmail.com This is gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to see The Show too. Thanks again stacy
  9. May I also get a copy? stacy-roberts@hotmail.com thank you very much.
  10. Hey James! Could I get a non pixel copy of this? Very much appreciated Stacy stacy-roberts@hotmail.com
  11. Awesome. May I have a copy of the non-pixel? stacy-roberts@hotmail.com thanks James Stacy
  12. Wanted a copy but I don’t have pixels. Please disregard. Thank you.
  13. Absolutely. My sister-in-law works for their credit union and her husband is one of the guys in charge of Disneys transportation department. Must be a good company to work for, they have both been there over 20 years. The invire is mutual. If you are ever in mid missouri, let me know. I live at lake of the Ozarks. One of the biggest man made lakes with more shoreline than the state of California. It’s also a tourist area. Keep in touch. Stacy
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