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  1. Anyone have a 16 channel sequence for Dominick? Thanks in advance! Kathy.gizzi@gmail.com
  2. Not sure what happened to them all-but it appears as though I've lost them all. Working on redoing them all now. Just did a test and it was there, so I might be all set! Thanks Jim!
  3. Jim, I am using it straight from my computer-not an SD card.
  4. Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. The first screen cap above it what shows in the same folder when I hit the plus sign. The second cap is what is actually in the folder when I open it from the desktop.
  5. Go into show editor. Click musical....click add....here's what comes up (image 1). The second image is what is actually in the folder.
  6. No, I am not using the simple show builder. Yup-did that, and I still can't find them.
  7. I am done all of my sequencing and have saved my sequences in a folder of their own on my desktop. I am trying to create a show. However, when I go to choose my musical sequences, the folder is empty. What am I doing wrong? The tutorial doesn't seem to be much help here. They are all .lms files........am I missing a step or something? Thanks in advance all!
  8. In all of the places I am getting sequences from, I am seeing a lot of bumper songs available. Can any portion of any song be a bumper song, and how do I apply them?
  9. Actually, I found a guy on ebay that is selling them for $7. The two I've bought so far have been GREAT! I don't mind the cost if there's no work involved!
  10. Only thing I'me searching for now is Feliz Navidad. I found a few but they're not great. Anyone? Thanks to all! kathy.gizzi@gmail.com
  11. Here's the 16 channel sequences I'm searching for..... Nutrocker Feliz Navidad Little Drummer Boy White Christmas Dominick the Donkey I've edited one to work-but not at all happy with it. Anyone? Thanks all!
  12. OH MY! The number of sequences on that site is INSANE! Thank you!
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