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  1. Kathy Gizzi

    Dominick the Donkey

    Anyone have a 16 channel sequence for Dominick? Thanks in advance! Kathy.gizzi@gmail.com
  2. Kathy Gizzi

    Trouble planning show

    Not sure what happened to them all-but it appears as though I've lost them all. Working on redoing them all now. Just did a test and it was there, so I might be all set! Thanks Jim!
  3. Kathy Gizzi

    Trouble planning show

    Jim, I am using it straight from my computer-not an SD card.
  4. Kathy Gizzi

    Trouble planning show

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. The first screen cap above it what shows in the same folder when I hit the plus sign. The second cap is what is actually in the folder when I open it from the desktop.
  5. Kathy Gizzi

    Trouble planning show

    Go into show editor. Click musical....click add....here's what comes up (image 1). The second image is what is actually in the folder.
  6. Kathy Gizzi

    Trouble planning show

    No, I am not using the simple show builder. Yup-did that, and I still can't find them.
  7. Kathy Gizzi

    Trouble planning show

    I am done all of my sequencing and have saved my sequences in a folder of their own on my desktop. I am trying to create a show. However, when I go to choose my musical sequences, the folder is empty. What am I doing wrong? The tutorial doesn't seem to be much help here. They are all .lms files........am I missing a step or something? Thanks in advance all!
  8. Kathy Gizzi

    "Bumper Songs"

    Thank you George!
  9. Kathy Gizzi

    "Bumper Songs"

    In all of the places I am getting sequences from, I am seeing a lot of bumper songs available. Can any portion of any song be a bumper song, and how do I apply them?
  10. Actually, I found a guy on ebay that is selling them for $7. The two I've bought so far have been GREAT! I don't mind the cost if there's no work involved!
  11. Only thing I'me searching for now is Feliz Navidad. I found a few but they're not great. Anyone? Thanks to all! kathy.gizzi@gmail.com
  12. Here's the 16 channel sequences I'm searching for..... Nutrocker Feliz Navidad Little Drummer Boy White Christmas Dominick the Donkey I've edited one to work-but not at all happy with it. Anyone? Thanks all!
  13. Kathy Gizzi

    Brand new to this and looking for 16 channel sequences

    OH MY! The number of sequences on that site is INSANE! Thank you!
  14. Tony, would you mind sending them my way as well? Thanks in advance! kathy.gizzi@gmail.com