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    Want Just a mega tree!

    I had to laugh at that one because I do the exact same thing. My pool table in the garage has been my work table for the last 2 years. The kids haven't been playing on it so I'm about ready to sell it and build a bigger workbench LOL.
  2. GriswoldStyle

    Creating LOR MP3 Show Question

    Thank you for clarifying that I knew it did it with videos, but was not sure if it did it with images.
  3. GriswoldStyle

    Creating LOR MP3 Show Question

    Also Flickr charges flat rate $5 a month. Even though it says no third-party hosting all my eBay listings hot link to image and have been for the last year or two ever since Photobucket started playing games.
  4. It's not as good as what most of you guys do but this fit my display and I figured since I started it from scratch I would give back to the community by offering it to share so that maybe you can use bits or pieces of it for your own display. It is from the movie sing on the soundtrack. Here's a preview of it on my display video taken from the visualizer. This will be in my display this year
  5. GriswoldStyle

    Creating LOR MP3 Show Question

    if for some reason it won't upload an image because it's too big, You can upload images to tinypic.com then copy the URL link it gives you for layouts .. when sending a reply on here you click on "insert other media" then select insert image from URL. That will display your image here.
  6. I actually had my voice over guy create a voice over that I play every four songs that gives a 90 second photo op with all the lights on for people to take pictures. It literally tells kids that if you enjoyed this display, ask your parents to join you in creating a display of their own. It tells them to consider it a family tradition and ask your parents every year to let you help putting up the lights.... what's funny is when I'm outside and it plays, the kids hear that part and boy do they perk up and start asking their parents to put up Christmas lights.... I smile every time I hear it lol
  7. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Look out below
  8. GriswoldStyle

    How to print the channel configuration

    Thanks for helping him out with that. I never knew this was able to be done. is this something that can be done in S4 as well? that would save me about an hour of going back and forth trying to copy everything to a Word document and type it all in by hand every year lol.
  9. GriswoldStyle

    How to print the channel configuration

    I normally just make a table chart in open office software, then print out the sheet with the controllers and what each circuit connects to. Not sure if there is a way to print it out from a software. But in OpenOffice which is a free software download you can build tables and add rows to it and make what I call a planogram or a cheat sheet.
  10. Well this past week I learned a harsh lesson about the power of social media. Don't post your show on Facebook.... I figured I would get the word out but did not realize just how much of the word would get out. It got over 500 shares within 2 days and traffic has been extremely busy (worse than our Christmas display). Although it made me extremely happy when somebody came by and said that they saw the post and they drove an hour and a half to get here to see the show. I have to admit the singing pumpkin face this year is the absolute highlight and that's what everybody is coming to see. Thank you @dibblejr for all the face sequences. I can't begin to tell you thank you enough you really helped me out this year..... Sure we all like people enjoying our display but we honestly had no idea how quickly it would get the word out on Facebook. Lesson learned, It ticked off one of the nasty Neighbors on the Front Street. Of course she pulled the no parking in the grass card even though my house faces a vacant lot overlooking the pond and it has never been an issue. But she can see the lot from her backyard. Just trying to keep the peace with the neighbors, luckily the ones that live around me don't complain and actually sit out and have fires and watch my Halloween and Christmas lights but the old grouchy lady up-front finds every reason to complain about anything and this month I am her Target since her yard faces where all the cars park. luckily my hoa president had my back and pretty much told her pea off. Out of 100 homes in the development she is the only one that complained but yet had no issue with it the last 3 years. She's all pissy now because the hoa hired Trappers to remove all the Muscovy ducks that are considered a nuisance in Florida according to the FWC. All the other people in the neighborhood actually walk down with their kids and grandkids at night to come see it. So to keep the peace I removed all recordings in the show and signs asking people to park across the street. Even though they still do, the HOA said I did my part and none of them have any issues with my display and it brings enjoyment to the community and makes people want to live here. not to mention I also volunteer with the h o a when it comes time to help the elderly couples or families living in the neighborhood that just can't afford to do yard work or cleaning up their property. it's pretty sad when even the H O A members don't get out there and do stuff like that but we are the first ones who go out and help the hoa president when needed and we are renter's until the sale goes through. (Our landlord is selling us the house in 2020) Needless to say all is well and the HOA has my back. The President and Vice President both said they appreciate my display and the vice president's wife absolutely loves our displays. But word to the wise do not post your show on social media as it could go viral unintentionally and cause a stir with your neighbors. If one good thing came out of it, the HOA and community both have my back and voiced it to me. They say I am not breaking any rules whatsoever and they cannot enforce anything about my display as it falls under freedom of expression. As long as it is not gruesome offensive which it is not 😊 here is a couple preview videos the first one is the most recent the other two were taken before everything was set up.
  11. GriswoldStyle

    CCR Tree Down

    Sorry to hear that. Everyone told me to use Black iron pipe from Lowe's. That's some heavy duty stuff. That's what I am using for my mega tree now. Top rail bends very easy. Not worth the risk.
  12. GriswoldStyle

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    Could you possibly attach some screenshots of the device Channel IDs of the ones you're having a problem with? If you're not having problems with the macro channels it could possibly be something wrong with the string itself. Is it only doing it on the One controller and one string or is it doing it on a different string as well? Meaning, did you swap out the string on the same controller to a different string to see if maybe that's possibly the problem? It's not unheard of to occasionally get a bad string.
  13. GriswoldStyle

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    When you added the device, it adds the 50 channel rows of black then you should have a few blank ones below those channels in se. double check those blank ones or select all the rows in the blank ones then cut everything from it. Sounds like you may have something in that area that could be causing a conflict. not saying that is the case but I did experience that before and had to go in and clear out all those blank spaces. I believe those are called the macro channels if I'm not mistaken.
  14. GriswoldStyle

    Worst customer service ever!

    I like that idea Devmike. I'm all about the comedic flow of things. Can we get a YouTube video of it just in case I can't make it? Lol
  15. GriswoldStyle

    Worst customer service ever!

    I hear you on that. I get people that order from my eBay store on a Saturday and then come Sunday wonder why it hasn't shipped yet... Ummm hello it's Sunday number 1 and number 2, I don't work weekends lol. better yet is the people who will send 10 messages over the weekend why haven't you responded yet yet the store hours clearly show I'm off on weekends. I actually had one yesterday wondering why their item didn't mark as shipped. well because the post office wasn't open number one and number two I had to take down my Halloween display which was very frustrating in its own thanks to the hurricane that's coming and even the high winds we were getting yesterday. So needless to say I was already in a bad mood that I had to take down most of the Halloween stuff due to the high winds were already getting and it's not even here yet. So my response wasn't exactly the best customer service response but I did get my point across that maybe there's more important things going on. Silly customers, my light display comes first. 😂😂😂😂😂
  16. GriswoldStyle

    Jingle Bell Rock

    Wife "suggests" I add this one.... Just as I think I am done lol. Gotta love that honey do list Would love a copy if anyone has a face version. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  17. I always get the "it's too early" comments but the ones that normally say that are the lazy people who refuse to put lights on their house. To them I just smile and wave but as they drive away I give them the have a nice day your number one salute 😂😂😂😂😂
  18. GriswoldStyle

    Now Sharing ~ Jam On It ~ Newcleus singing faces

    Just wanted to share with you and @james morris your face and his tombstones. Luckily I was able to mix his tombstones in with my 8 A/C ones up front. you guys really helped me bring this display to life this year with your sequences again I just wanted to say thank you here is what your hard work did with my display... pardon the audio quality this is just a test video before my display went live yesterday. I was recording the audio from the speakers in the display on my cell phone.
  19. GriswoldStyle

    Fm transmitter didn't store station like normal.

    The sainSonic gives only two options in H & L I assume that's for high and low. I'm going to try to research it online and see what type of distance it gives as far as specs go. Edit. I just did a test from my computer in the very back of my house, on the L setting and went out to the front driveway of the house to the van and turned on the radio and could not pick it up I switched it over to H in the house came back out and I can hear it in the van now clear. probably going to have to set it up in the garage and then take a drive around the neighborhood and make sure it doesn't span too far. I'm sure once I put it in the garage but low setting should work fine so that it does not travel too many houses away.
  20. Tonight was the first night of our show and luckily somebody let us know that the station wasn't working. every day this past week I've had the show on an FM transmitter set to the station it should be every time I turn the power on everything worked like normal. But for some reason tonight when the timer's kicked on it did not store the station 92.7 it reset to 88.0. I manually change the station once if you were notified us and it's working fine now but I'm just wondering what's going on I haven't change the radio station in two years since I got it and I found it very odd that tonight it reset itself. The show runs on timers and this never happened before so it has me wondering what would cause this. It's the whole house fm transmitter that comes with the showtime starter package if that helps any. I got it about this time in 2016. Again it is working fine now but out of nowhere it reset itself back to the original present station on 88.0
  21. GriswoldStyle

    Fm transmitter didn't store station like normal.

    Yep I just went out into the garage and I found two of my old backups. I did not find the CZH but now I remember when I gave the wireless lights and sounds to someone in my neighborhood last year I also gave them the FM transmitter that went with it. but me being the way I am I had problems with the first one that I had ordered so I ended up buying extras luckily @Mr. P comment reminded me I still had backups. just tested the one and it's working great I like that one because it has the volume adjustment the tiny silver one does not have a volume adjustment. But the black one is a sainsonic and was identical to the silver czh I had. Luckily I found both of these when I was looking for the other one before I remembered I gave it away.
  22. GriswoldStyle

    Fm transmitter didn't store station like normal.

    That reminds me I have one of those somewhere. A silver czh something (had numbers on it). I used to use one on my mr. Christmas wireless lights and sounds. I had opened it up and spliced a 3.5 jack on the wire to the speaker output and used that to broadcast. That one never had a problem but I stopped using it when I got the Lor starter package. Now I just need to remember where the heck I put that at LOL I have a strange feeling that the garage is going to get trashed today while I look for it lol
  23. GriswoldStyle

    Fm transmitter didn't store station like normal.

    by any chance do you have a link to that? I might want to get one as a backup. I read through the PDF manual online for whole house FM last night and it says it is always supposed to store the station so there's no reason it should have reset. I would prefer to have a backup in case something like this happens again. Even though this is the first time that ever did it. A first time is almost never the last.
  24. GriswoldStyle

    Questions on 16 channel starter package

    The starter package is good for 16 channels on your first year. It allows you to not get too overwhelmed and to get the hang of sequencing. but, your second year however I would suggest going up in your channel count. Some people prefer more. But just getting started yes it will do the job. Fair warning most of us always end up buying more controllers lol. some people are up in the hundreds of channels but your first year to really get your feet wet, me personally I would suggest 16 or 32 the first year. Most sequences out there that are for sale or share are normally 32 channels or more. however this is an addictive Hobby and many of us are up in the hundreds of channels once the "I gotta go bigger" kicks in. At that point you will find yourself adding more controllers and going further with this Hobby. One suggestion I would say before you get started so you can see how quickly channels will run out, is download the demo software, design your layout of your house. then decide where you want lights and what you want to do with them. 16 channels will run out very fast. it never hurts to have an extra controller on hand in case you realize you want to do something else.
  25. GriswoldStyle

    Flood lights

    I actually have 10 watt floods with memory. They're the ones they sell on Amazon and ebay for about $15 with a 3 prong u.s. plug. They come with a remote but if you get the ones WITH memory you can set the color of that particular flood and use it as an on-off only. then every time it turns on it will remember the last color it was set to no matter how many times you turn it on and off. I have them up in my display this year switching between 2 channels for one channel of red and one purple. I have two that are set to red and 2 that are set to purple. There's no delay on them they come on instantly. BUT Keep in mind you cannot set Fades... Shimmers or twinklr. You can only set them in your sequence for on and off. They look just like the Lor floods except they are silver instead of black I have them on my house before I switched over to the Lor controllable rgb floods this year. so I had 8 of them and have utilize them as ambient Lighting in my display as well as two that are set on a red Channel and two that are set on purple this is what they look like and they come with a 6-foot us plug. I will edit this shortly and provide the link to the ones that I bought. I've had them for 2 years and they work great so there was no sense getting rid of them when I upgraded they work great for ambient lighting on my tombstones in the front set to purple. here is the link to the ones that I bought you have to select the RGB option with the US plug. https://m.ebay.com/itm/10W-20W-30W-50W-100W-LED-Flood-Light-Outdoor-Garden-Lamp-Waterproof-Spotlight-/281625800230?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 on a side note I purchased a total of 8 only one of those eight has had problems where the red stopped working but the Green and the blue still work on it. For only 15 bucks it's not a bad investment you can use it year-round as it is waterproof. The company I linked to sells them with memory when you select the 10-watt US plug to add the note on the checkout page that you want it with memory.