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  1. Yes sir. He sent me that one. One of the first ones this year. Great job as always
  2. Today I am starting on the background sound effects for Metallica's "One" That is going to be a task for sure as it is a really busy song and I am a bit slow with sequencing but I wanted to give it a shot. Just curious if anyone has already sequenced the song One by Metallica yet. Mainly faces but just wondering if anyone has this sequence to share even if not faces. It might help me work with the background sounds. If you have it and are willing to share please hit me up as I am just going to use it as a guide for the guitar effects and background sounds.. Thank in advance NWGRAPHIX2@yahoo.com
  3. Smart man lol. I'm not even allowed to check my emails when we are on vacation or I shall feel the wrath of the Mrs lol. Our rules for vacation are no phones for the adults and the kids phone's stay at home. We don't even tell the kids when we're going on vacation so there's no chance they can tell anybody we won't be home. They don't find out till their phones have been turned in for the night and then we tell them pack their bags LOL they get so mad because we won't even tell them where we're going until we get there haha
  4. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Couldn't stay away
  5. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Sometimes that's best
  6. You guys ROCK!!!!! Can't wait for that one. I have searched high and low for the singing faces for that song and was surprised I never saw any Forum posts about it in my search.
  7. Awesome thanks! If anyone comes across the faces please let me know I think this will fit Halloween really nice.
  8. Wrong Side Of Heaven Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Ohhhh Another good one! Please send. I can work on this in between frustration attacks on Metallica ones programming lol. Nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  9. Sequence editor won't sync with visualizer

    Check your audio bitrate is the same on both. I remember somebody else posting about this and that's what it ended up being was a difference in the audio codecs. Perhaps somebody else that remembers that post can chime in on this to assist.
  10. This may sound like a dumb question. I think I may know the answer but will ask anyways as I am not on my laptop today to try it. I made my colors in the sequence by changing intensities in the software on each red, blue and green channel. I was wondering is there a way to reduce the overall brightness across the entire sequence and not effect the color mixture.. If I had to describe it now, all channels when hitting white color would be at 100% and then just reduced from there to create the colors mixed in rgb. What I am wondering is if I reduce intensity across the channel (say reduce sequence by 30%) on every rgb channel, Will that mess with some of the colors I created? I'm just wondering if there is a trick to keep the colors exactly what they are now and then just change the brightness of it. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Just wondering how to reduce the overall brightness of the lights without it affecting the colors. Some colors are mixed for example 100% red, 30% blue and 0% for green) If I reduce that say 30% across the entire row, will that change just the brightness or will it reduce the colors and force me to have to recreate the sequence colors For example reducing the row by 30% will that eliminate the 30% on blue and leave me with 70% on red? Instead of the original 100% red and 30% blue.... If anyone can explain how to do this that would be great. As explained this is my first year with rgb so I'm a little confused or maybe I am just overthinking it. I ran this test sequence last night to see if everything was working on the tombstones I cut and made. However everyone in the family said it is way too bright and are concerned it will blind people. After 5 minutes of this song I understand what they mean. I was seeing dots when the song ended lol. Just want to tune the brightness down a bit and dont want to ruin the color creations. The video does it no justice. It is 10 times brighter in person. It was so bright it was lighting up the walls in the room in the back 14 feet behind the tombstones lol.
  11. Honestly have not tried the glow-in-the-dark paint. I was going to do glow in the dark vinyl until I found out it was $350 a roll for 24"x 10 yards. I decided against that. Way too high of a price and not much of a demand for that type of vinyl. For that price I can buy a new lor controller lol. Let me see how much vinyl it uses I cannot remember offhand how much I used and I will try to quote you this afternoon with the cheapest price I can do with shipping. By both sets did you mean The Nightmare Before Christmas 4 charactors and the skulls 4? The skulls would be cheaper as they use less vinyl. I can fit 2-3 of those into the same amount I use just for one Jack Skellington.
  12. You Need These Pliers

    These are good. My neighbor has them. Let us use them last year when we cut zip ties. I forgot to ask him what they are but this just reminded me. Already bought a 2 pack on eBay. If your like me and either lose tools or are rough on them, they have a two pack of these on eBay for $19.99 with free shipping. Only 4 lots left though. https://ebay.com/itm/263594932403
  13. And here I was thinking they were too different from everyone else lol... I just wanted something different instead of the same "RIP" everyone else does. So I tried decals on them instead and it worked out pretty good. I found white vinyl works best in these since it allows it to change colors from the reflection of light. Which decals are you interested in? the skulls or the NBC ones? I made 4 of the nbc ones and I like those better. I am considering doing something different with the 4 skull ones. I'm just not liking the skulls next to the Nightmare Before Christmas ones. Let me know which ones and I will try to get back to you by tomorrow. Might have to take kids over to Sea World today so may not be available here until late. The tombstones I made from black coroplast I bought through signwarehouse online. I made a decal template of the tombstone with 50 holes then just trimmed all of them with a jigsaw and drilled the node holes. You can get 10 black sign blanks for $13.80 they are 24" x 18" Cheap shipping around $10 The 5-7 days shipping is actually around 3-5 days tops. Here is the link for the tombstones blanks. https://www.signwarehouse.com/p/endura-cor-plastic-sign-blanks-24-inch-x-18-inch-black
  14. Live For The Night( Krewella) Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Hey james not to distract from this thread, but just a quick question for you. Have you or dibble done the celldweller imperial march song by chance? I know I saw someone used it last year in their show and I was intrigued by it. I was trying to work on it today but cant seem to get a vision going just yet. Just wondering if that was something you guys have tackled or passed on it. Here is the song if that helps ring a bell
  15. I'm in sequence editor on S4 with advanced license if that helps.
  16. I made them myself. I run an online decal business.
  17. This years must have sequence - Chicken Attack

    I made it to 47 seconds before I started cracking up saying wtf (out loud).... lol
  18. Now Sharing ~ Dont Stop the Rock singing faces

    So this is what you have inspired.... An old skating rink style light show lol. It's nothing as good as what you guys do but this is my first year with RGB floods and nodes. Yes it's Blinky but that's the point LOL. Even going to utilize the spiral trees for Halloween lol
  19. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Buckle your boot
  20. Now Sharing ~ Dont Stop the Rock singing faces

    Love this song. I have been working on it for 2 days now and not really been in the forums much thanks to a lovely cold. But when I have spare time I've been trying to perfect the RGB in this sequence you sent me. This is one of those songs I don't mind listening to a hundred times to get it right. Thanks again for sharing. If I can ever get the RGB the way I want it I will send you a preview.
  21. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    French Maid Queen
  22. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Time to clean
  23. Now Sharing ~ Dont Stop the Rock singing faces

    Thank you so much sir I can't wait to show this one off LOL I already have visions for some of the background effects. Although a lot of people will say my light show is really Blinky, people that come here really like that and always compliment it. My slower songs are normally all lights on but my faster songs tend to be what I would consider a DJ style epileptic seizure light show lol.
  24. Now Sharing ~ Dont Stop the Rock singing faces

    Lms would be much appreciated I've been using your tombstones to configure mine. Then just converting things over to RGB and adding the background effects off of that. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  25. Now Sharing ~ Dont Stop the Rock singing faces

    Now you KNOWWWWW I'm waiting for this one like I have to use to wait at the front door to get in until the roller skating rink opened lol. Any of the old style skating rink music songs that will work for Halloween add me to the list Pleaseeee lol. Maybe that's why my light shows always seem more of like a dance club or skating rink. I'm still stuck in those good old days LOL Cybotron was popular back then too. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com