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  1. I personally created this mixture of this audio and it is about a 4 and a half minute mix. It is a mixture of a bunch of songs and movie clip audio. Sharing now. NO SELLING This is free for everyone to use. Feel free to adjust it to your display as needed. Feel free to re-share any added parts. But please give credit where credit is due. Audio link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MH0Mc3vGSPAcCXiAGdUfFpzvgwvC5LCm/view?usp=sharing LMS link (contains 64 ac channels, 4 pixel arches, 8 rgb mini trees, 5 channel ac arches, and dumb node mega tree) Last 16 ac channels are neighbors house on a single 16 channel controller https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qn9qlivL49IixqMEvN6OemtJ-iXPHz2S/view?usp=sharing
  2. Loving this. I honestly had no idea how popular this was going to be it's making me want to create more but working 50 hours a week at one job and doing my decals on the side on my off days is really taking up my spare time. I know I won't have time to do it this season but I will try to make a couple more mixtures for next year
  3. So every year since I've got lightorama back in 2016 I have been having a problem with one channel not fading. It just happens to be Channel 1 on the 16 channel controller that came with the showtime starter package. it's very strange because the first two weeks of the show it works perfectly fine. Then out of nowhere the channel stops fading. it has done this since the very first year and I thought maybe it was because I had too many lights on the channel. Well this year I decided to change it up I only have 9 strands of LED lights on that one channel. Last year I had 18. needless to say last night when I came home from work I see the one channel on the wall not fading AGAIN it just has simple on and off when it is at the part of a song where the lights are supposed to fade. However, every other color/ channel works perfectly fine on all the other controllers and that particular controller. It's just that one channel for some reason. it just happens to be the same controller that came with the package and this has done it since the very first year. None of the add-on controllers ever have a problem. it's extremely noticeable because I have my wall lights separated between 3 channels this year on my blues. now when two walls fade part of the second wall does not and it looks horrible to me. Any suggestions on what it could possibly be? it's baffling me because for the first two weeks of the show every year it works perfectly fine... then all of a sudden out of nowhere it will stop fading that one channel. I will try to get a video later tonight I didn't even think to take a video last night.
  4. Hmmm I think I heard about this before isn't that like putting a night light on the circuit or something? Something very odd the last 2 days it has not been doing it but then again it's been cold out for the last 2 days and the first two weeks of the display it did not do it either. Maybe I will try to put a night light on that channel I can go to the dollar store today and buy the old-fashioned ones not the LED ones. Thank you for reminding me about that I had totally forgotten I saw something similar to that suggestion the first year that I started on light arama but I had forgotten all about that
  5. It's not as good as what most of you guys do but this fit my display and I figured since I started it from scratch I would give back to the community by offering it to share so that maybe you can use bits or pieces of it for your own display. It is from the movie sing on the soundtrack. Here's a preview of it on my display video taken from the visualizer. This will be in my display this year
  6. YESSSSSSSSS I just saw this and I got so excited my kids want to go this year and we are literally an hour and a half away from it.
  7. So I've had a few people request that I add this next year. Has anybody sequenced the song? Would love a copy if somebody has sequenced this and is willing to share. I'm not good at picking up the guitar in sequences. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com :-
  8. Let us know if that worked... Others may also be able to offer possible solutions.
  9. I had similar issue it ended up being the data cable going to the easy light linker. Swap out that data cable on both ends and see if that helps.
  10. between working 50 hours a week and scrambling to get things done I am 98% of the way done still have a couple things left to do. Have to wire the neighbor's house to the controller that is linked to mine through easy light linkers. This year I decided to put the pixel arches on the roof and practice on my dumb RGB tree. that way next year I can convert it over to pixels and used dumb RGB somewhere else. I took @Santas Helper idea for blinders and turned around my permanently mounted RGB floods to accent different parts of songs. The cell phone video does no justice. Those floods are freaking bright and definitely grab attention as blinders. Now I have to finish tweaking sequences during my lunch breaks this week because the floods were a last-minute add in. But here is a sneak peek so far. Special thank you to @james morrismorris And to @dibblejr for the sequences this year I took parts from both of your sequences and modified them. I greatly appreciate all the help.
  11. GriswoldStyle

    Happy Thanksgiving Everbody

    Ouch that sucks. Hopefully it's just a connection. BTW Are MSI computers good? That seems to be the new brand that my job is carrying and I can get a fairly decent price on it. Although 16 GB of ram seems like Overkill lol but it is a gaming computer like you guys were talking about
  12. GriswoldStyle

    Happy Thanksgiving Everbody

    Happy Thanksgiving Lor family and friends I finally have a day off woooohoooooo lol... Yet I will probably wake up at 5:30 a.m. in anticipation for tonight's light show reveal 😂😂😂😂
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    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Doghouse got room
  14. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    All worth it
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    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    Can't wait to see everyone. It's nice to be able to put a face with a name. Working in Ocala puts me only an hour away from there now straight across 40. as it gets closer I'm sure I will have more questions I've never been to one but my kids are highly excited this year and so is the wife.
  16. Does this mean I have to start all over? When importing a visualizer file it pops up all of the following... They all work fine in S4 but now in the preview of S5 after import half the stuff is not there in the preview. Some are duplicates in visualizer but others for example is an arches prop. I only shows the first channel. Not all 5 channels of the arch.... Also, Channel names no longer on left like in visualizer? I really like how the preview (visual) looked and thats the first time my cpu didnt lag the animation lol ..... but half the stuff is lost so Im thinking I have to start over These channels had no match in the preview and have been archived. This means they can still appear in the sequence grid, but they cannot drive lights. 3 -12 (LOR: Regular, unit 03, circuit 12) 3 -13 (LOR: Regular, unit 03, circuit 13) 3 -14 (LOR: Regular, unit 03, circuit 14) DG COLUMN 1 - 4-5 (LOR: Regular, unit 04, circuit 5) DG Column 5 - 4-9 (LOR: Regular, unit 04, circuit 9) CCD 09 s1 - LR (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 151) CCD 09 s1 - MM (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 152) CCD 09 s1 - MS (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 153) CCD 09 s1 - ME (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 154) CCD 09 s1 - CM (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 155) CCD 09 s1 - CS (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 156) CCD 09 s1 - CI (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 157) CCD 09 s2 - LR (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 311) CCD 09 s2 - MM (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 312) CCD 09 s2 - MS (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 313) CCD 09 s2 - ME (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 314) CCD 09 s2 - CM (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 315) CCD 09 s2 - CS (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 316) CCD 09 s2 - CI (LOR: Regular, unit 09, circuit 317) CMB 08 p8 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p1 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p2 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p3 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p4 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p5 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p6 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p7 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p8 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p9 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p10 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p11 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p12 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p13 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p14 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p15 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p16 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p17 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p18 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p19 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p20 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p21 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p22 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p23 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p24 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p25 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p26 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p27 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p28 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p29 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p30 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p31 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p32 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p33 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p34 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p35 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p36 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p37 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p38 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p39 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p40 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p41 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p42 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p43 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p44 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p45 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p46 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p47 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p48 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p49 (RGB) CCD 09 s2 p50 (RGB)
  17. GriswoldStyle

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    @Kapkirk @Fireitup this might make your Sunday a little more of a funday...
  18. For the last couple years I have used 2 pieces of 10 ' galvanized fence top rail for just a cheap looking mega tree. Just had a top rail coupler that I drilled 2 bolts through to secure it to each piece of top rail and had 3-4 feet of it or so in the ground in a guide pole. This year I am adding more weight to the tree and am looking for something stronger. I was thinking threaded pipe or something. Then just mounting a eye bolt pully at the top. Similar to a flagpole. Not sure if this is a realistic idea or not so I figured I would reach out to the community for suggestions. The tree will be approx 18 but no more than 20 feet tall so pvc is out of the question. It is on the side of the house where traffic is 14 feet away so it needs to be strong material and secured in concrete for stability. My concern with what I have now it was always flimsy and even with a guide pole in the ground secured with concrete, The top section of the top rail had too much wiggle. So I want to find something stronger. Just curious what you guys use for your mega trees. It needs to be something easy to put up in sections and that can hold wind. We are just off the cost in Florida and the wind gets pretty strong at times. What do you use for your mega tree mast?
  19. Well it took most of the day but I did this using dumb RGB nodes so I can change the colors based on the singing voice being male or female in changing color for different songs. The RGB pixel arches are from another Lor user. I did not build those. Just figured I would post some of the before and after pictures. This was just a test sequence so I need to perfect it a little better. but when it's all said and done it's only about $50 worth of material to build it between the plywood the coroplast and the screws. In order to make the radius is I used a piece of weather stripping put a screw on one end of it and drilled holes out at different links to put a pencil in and use it as a pivoting arm to create the overlapping circles for the Snowman body. It's not the greatest but hey I spent 12 hours on it LOL. Most of that was soldering all the dumb RGB nodes.
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    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    New job stress
  21. Thank and thank you @james morrismorris in advance
  22. GriswoldStyle

    Mega tree base recommendations

    My tree this year I went with black iron pipe from Lowe's they had 10 foot sections for $29 a piece. I bought the 12" pole pin coupler online for them and I have my tree mounted into a PVC sleeve surrounded by concrete in the ground. The hardest part was grinding down the inside seam on the poles so the pole pin coupler would fit. Mine is actually mounted 4 ft into the ground. Making it 16 feet tall. I also have the guy wire kit from one of the approved vendors as well. We had a strong rain the other day with wind gusts exceeding 45 miles an hour here in Florida and that pole did not budge at all. Thank you to all those in the forum who suggested that heavy duty black iron pipe. 100 times better than that flimsy top rail stuff.
  23. Do you have this with a/c channels as well? I start my new job Friday working 47-55 hours a week so I have very minimal time to add anything new to the display but was wanting this song. just looking to see if anybody has some beat tracks that would help me speed up programming. Any help would be greatly appreciated nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  24. So it all went off without a hitch and we got to scare the heck out of a bunch of people with our hidden e-firecracker fuse box. normally every year we put it on a pole but we wanted to have people not know it was there this year so we put it underneath the animated Ouija board table and hook strobe lights all around so when I triggered it with the switch it would blind people lol. our neighbor sat out here with a clicker and counted each trick-or-treater that got candy for a total of 486. On the bright side the president of rhoa hung out and cranked his stereo up and said didn't care if anybody in the HOA was pissed or not. He had a blast and was already talking to us about planning a huge neighborhood block party next Halloween. Needless to say he had a great experience and so did everybody else who came out. had to wait until around 9 or so to get video as we were just too swamped before that. This neighborhood was so popular this year we even had police walking the neighborhood to keep everybody safe. considering there's only a hundred and forty four houses in this development that was a huge Plus. it didn't help that people kept telling us that we were in the newspaper and we didn't even know it. not to mention the fire department even made several trips out here to enjoy the light show. The first video was my kids first sequence they programmed. They took that on over the summer and I'm very proud of what they did. I added all the RGB elements but we realized their standard AC channels of the sequence timing they did was just a hair off for some reason but not bad for their first attempt at sequencing for the Halloween theme song. The second video is of zombie bad wolves that I programmed using @dibblejr face sequence. Next up is the second part of the walkthrough focusing more on the lighting aspect. And of course we had 98% of Halloween stuff taken down last night by 11:30 p.m. so we can start on the Christmas display today. Now it's crunch time LOL
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    Speakers and FM transmitter

    Normally that is the audio cable. I just use the audio cables with shields on them. Everytime I try the cheap cables from Amazon or eBay or even the cheap one that comes with the transmitter, I get hum or hiss issues. Buy a quality shielded audio cable and most times you won't have any issues. Most of these transmitters are all the exact same thing and model but just with a different name stamped on it.