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    Holiday displays! It doesn't matter if it is Halloween, Christmas or Fourth of July. It's all about the smiles and happy faces. I am a self proclaimed holiday nerd :)
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    Have been waiting to purchase Light-O-Rama for years. Finally did in 2016. Started with 16 channels the first year, 2nd year was 64 channels... Year 3 for 2018 we will have 436 channels including RGB channels.
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    Christmas and Halloween but we light RGB floods up most major holidays #lightuptheholidays

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  1. Loving this. I honestly had no idea how popular this was going to be it's making me want to create more but working 50 hours a week at one job and doing my decals on the side on my off days is really taking up my spare time. I know I won't have time to do it this season but I will try to make a couple more mixtures for next year
  2. Hmmm I think I heard about this before isn't that like putting a night light on the circuit or something? Something very odd the last 2 days it has not been doing it but then again it's been cold out for the last 2 days and the first two weeks of the display it did not do it either. Maybe I will try to put a night light on that channel I can go to the dollar store today and buy the old-fashioned ones not the LED ones. Thank you for reminding me about that I had totally forgotten I saw something similar to that suggestion the first year that I started on light arama but I had forgotten all about that
  3. So every year since I've got lightorama back in 2016 I have been having a problem with one channel not fading. It just happens to be Channel 1 on the 16 channel controller that came with the showtime starter package. it's very strange because the first two weeks of the show it works perfectly fine. Then out of nowhere the channel stops fading. it has done this since the very first year and I thought maybe it was because I had too many lights on the channel. Well this year I decided to change it up I only have 9 strands of LED lights on that one channel. Last year I had 18. needless to say last night when I came home from work I see the one channel on the wall not fading AGAIN it just has simple on and off when it is at the part of a song where the lights are supposed to fade. However, every other color/ channel works perfectly fine on all the other controllers and that particular controller. It's just that one channel for some reason. it just happens to be the same controller that came with the package and this has done it since the very first year. None of the add-on controllers ever have a problem. it's extremely noticeable because I have my wall lights separated between 3 channels this year on my blues. now when two walls fade part of the second wall does not and it looks horrible to me. Any suggestions on what it could possibly be? it's baffling me because for the first two weeks of the show every year it works perfectly fine... then all of a sudden out of nowhere it will stop fading that one channel. I will try to get a video later tonight I didn't even think to take a video last night.
  4. So I've had a few people request that I add this next year. Has anybody sequenced the song? Would love a copy if somebody has sequenced this and is willing to share. I'm not good at picking up the guitar in sequences. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com :-
  5. Let us know if that worked... Others may also be able to offer possible solutions.
  6. I had similar issue it ended up being the data cable going to the easy light linker. Swap out that data cable on both ends and see if that helps.
  7. GriswoldStyle

    Happy Thanksgiving Everbody

    Ouch that sucks. Hopefully it's just a connection. BTW Are MSI computers good? That seems to be the new brand that my job is carrying and I can get a fairly decent price on it. Although 16 GB of ram seems like Overkill lol but it is a gaming computer like you guys were talking about
  8. GriswoldStyle

    Happy Thanksgiving Everbody

    Happy Thanksgiving Lor family and friends I finally have a day off woooohoooooo lol... Yet I will probably wake up at 5:30 a.m. in anticipation for tonight's light show reveal 😂😂😂😂
  9. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Doghouse got room
  10. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    All worth it
  11. between working 50 hours a week and scrambling to get things done I am 98% of the way done still have a couple things left to do. Have to wire the neighbor's house to the controller that is linked to mine through easy light linkers. This year I decided to put the pixel arches on the roof and practice on my dumb RGB tree. that way next year I can convert it over to pixels and used dumb RGB somewhere else. I took @Santas Helper idea for blinders and turned around my permanently mounted RGB floods to accent different parts of songs. The cell phone video does no justice. Those floods are freaking bright and definitely grab attention as blinders. Now I have to finish tweaking sequences during my lunch breaks this week because the floods were a last-minute add in. But here is a sneak peek so far. Special thank you to @james morrismorris And to @dibblejr for the sequences this year I took parts from both of your sequences and modified them. I greatly appreciate all the help.
  12. GriswoldStyle

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    Can't wait to see everyone. It's nice to be able to put a face with a name. Working in Ocala puts me only an hour away from there now straight across 40. as it gets closer I'm sure I will have more questions I've never been to one but my kids are highly excited this year and so is the wife.
  13. GriswoldStyle

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    @Kapkirk @Fireitup this might make your Sunday a little more of a funday...
  14. YESSSSSSSSS I just saw this and I got so excited my kids want to go this year and we are literally an hour and a half away from it.
  15. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    New job stress