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    Citrus County, Florida
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    Holiday displays! It doesn't matter if it is Halloween, Christmas or Fourth of July. It's all about the smiles and happy faces. I am a self proclaimed holiday nerd :)
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    Have been waiting to purchase Light-O-Rama for years. Finally did in 2016. Started with 16 channels the first year, 2nd year was 64 channels... Year 3 for 2018 we will have 436 channels including RGB channels.
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    Christmas and Halloween but we light RGB floods up most major holidays #lightuptheholidays

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  1. GriswoldStyle

    Feliz Navidad Lma Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Thank you sir. That will be next week's project for me
  2. GriswoldStyle

    Now Sharing ~ Jam On It ~ Newcleus singing faces

    Oh heck yeah!!! you finally got it done. I NEED this so my show can JAM ON IT skating rink style!!!! thanks so much for doing this one it will fit in perfect with the Don't Stop The Rock you did nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  3. GriswoldStyle

    Feliz Navidad Lma Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Sign me up please nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  4. Sadly I just saw on the news that she passed away. Man, That woman could sing and I remember my parents listening to her when I was younger. I would really like to add a sequence for her memory to our show this year. Just wondering if any of you all have done any of her songs with a singing face. either way I'm going to add a song but figured I would see if anybody had a singing face sequence done to one of her songs yet. I might try her "joy to the world" version on YouTube. But figured I would ask here first
  5. GriswoldStyle

    How to handle a multi-house street display in S5

    Lol even still. I'm going crazy trying to sequence with 4 ac controllers and 3 cmb24... I can only imagine the work you put into yours.
  6. GriswoldStyle

    How to handle a multi-house street display in S5

    HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!! You sir got your hands full lol Hats off to you -Bows to the channel god- lol
  7. After I get done with my ebay orders today, I am going to tackle this song. I've got 20 songs done for Christmas so far and will try to have a couple more. The wife agreed with me that having too many songs for Christmas last year had the people staying too long trying to watch the whole show and created some parking issues so we are going to reduce the amount of songs this year for Christmas. So that just gave me the green light to go ahead with more Halloween songs instead lol.
  8. GriswoldStyle

    Coro tombstones

    I used the same paint on my wooden ones 5 years ago and they still have the paint on them. The trick is to put plenty of clear coat over it to protect them. I learned that the hard way with the first one when it got so hot the paint literally peeled off. As long as you clear coat over that stuff it will last for years.
  9. GriswoldStyle

    Anyone have "Moves like santa" singing face?

    Just the car and the van. Got rid of the pick up back in 2010. Never had to strap anything to the van before so this is pretty much new to me lol. but hey at least I made it home and have a good ladder for mega tree use now. Sadly now I have no excuse why I can't trim the trees out front lol.
  10. GriswoldStyle

    Anyone have "Moves like santa" singing face?

    Awesome yep that's the song That would be great. Sorry for the delay. Was out last night driving down to Saint Pete to pick up a 16 foot reach platform ladder for the mega tree when we put it up. No sense renting a lift at 250 a day. For $299 I got ab awesome platform ladder. That was the only hd location that had one. Needless to say it was a 2 hour drive home with the ladder strapped to the roof of the van with a huge overhang lol. Today I tackled rearranging the garage and built a rafter support shelf for the ladder and other christmas props. The ladder takes up 85% of the length of the garage so I had to mount it in the air lol Anyways, Others have sent me that sequence over the last 2 years but one shared the singing faces but I can not find the correct audio for it. I have 3 versions of the sequence but none have the face that matches. Would be great to have. Really appreciate it. Maybe I will get lucky one day and the expo will come close enough that we can attend it and take your singing face class lol. Already told the family to save up for the trip hopefully next year. Really want to go and see the madness lol
  11. GriswoldStyle

    Fog machine relay

    Froggys fog is good stuff. I have used it since 2010. The "Swamp Juice" is some pretty thick very long lasting fog. My house fills the entire neighborhood with fog every year. It's less than $25 a gallon shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Froggys-Fog-Swamp-Juice-1-Gallon-long-lasting-extreme-hang-time-fog-fluid-/131281154543 They do have a fog chiller one for use in fog chillers. That stuff I heard works great. But have not used it. Just google froggys fog. They have several different types of mixtures. You can even buy it in 55 gallon drums or single gallons. One of the most important things to do is take the time *that night* after use to clean your fog machine. Heck clean it 2-3 times if need be. Just run the cleaner through it. I have gone through 5 of the cheap chauvet fog machines since 2010 all due to our lack of proper cleaning. They clog easy. Sure they are cheap but trust me, Buy the cleaner and save yourself the headache. You can get cleaner pretty cheap. The last 2 years I have not had to replace fog machines since I finally purchased some fog machine cleaner. I'm actually considering buying this relay as well. Looks promising. Wont have to rubber band the controller button anymore and fill fog every hour lol.
  12. I have been sent the sequence by someone last year but the audio does not line up with the face and the Audio I have is almost 4 minutes but the sequence is under 3, so it seems like it was edited. By chance does anyone have and are willing to share the full version of the moves like santa sequence that has not been edited for length or at least a link to where I can get the correct audio for the file? I spent several hours last night and this morning trying to find a way to line it up but unfortunately it's not working to good Any share would be greatly appreciated nwgraphix2@yahoo.com Thank you in advance. PS.... on a side note if you see somebody has been kind enough to send this to me, please do not PM me asking me for the sequence. Please contact the person sharing directly. Odds are they will send it to you but if they do not give me permission to send it to someone I do not share out of respect for the original creator.
  13. GriswoldStyle

    Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    If this is still up for sharing I would really like to get the mouth movements for it so I can rework last year songs now that I have a singing face Thank you for posting this nwgraphix2@yahoo.com