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    Holiday displays! It doesn't matter if it is Halloween, Christmas or Fourth of July. It's all about the smiles and happy faces. I am a self proclaimed holiday nerd :)
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    Have been waiting to purchase Light-O-Rama for years. Finally did in 2016.
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    Christmas. Halloween is alot of work for just one night but I still do it every year :)

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  1. GriswoldStyle

    Happy Fathers Day

    Ahhh the one day I can request a totally quiet house so I can sequence in peace lol... Yeah right. I want FIREWORKS & EXPLOSIONS.. haha I'm already finishing up sequencing little drummer boy today and maybe will go watch some fireworks at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens tonight lol. Good thing about being in Florida and having annual passes. I can get both things that I want today LOL Happy Father's day everyone!!!
  2. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Happy father's day
  3. GriswoldStyle

    Advise on next LOR Purchase

    Ive been decorating for 25 years but I'm on my third year with Lor software and controllers. I have the advanced license. Started with 16 channel controller the first year with basic plus software. But quickly upgraded my license level. Last year I Moved up to 4 of the 16 channel controllers with 3 on my display and the 4th on the neighbor's house using the wireless easy light linkers. This year I am building a singing snowman, shooting / exploding stars on a pole (4 channels up pole and 3 on the star) and adding a total of 3 cmb24's that I built as well as the plug and show 8 RGB flood light kit. It is definitely an addiction. I am planning to get into pixels next year. One step at a time for me. But the journey is worth it to me. I learn something new every week here. Just don't have the budget to go crazy. Took me four years to finalize my upgrade to all LED light. But I'm glad that I did. No more tripping the breakers or overheated wires. We've got just over 50,000 lights total. By the way my first year a 4 minute song took me a week to create. You can always take as much or as little time as you want on your sequences but the more you do them the faster you will get. I like to take my time and sometimes can do two in a day but some songs I will intentionally take a week on so I can make sure I make them the way I want them. I'm not as good as many of the others who sequence but some of my stuff turns out the way I want it to which to me is better than some of the others. But sequencing is more of personal preference.... Best advice I can give is don't rush... Just take take your time and make them how you want them. More involved things take a little longer but when you see it in the end and the families who see it smiling faces will make it all worth it. There are a lot of people on here that share sequences and you can copy and paste certain things from thiers and build off of it to fit your display.
  4. GriswoldStyle

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    Good thing I didn't update mine last night. I'm going to wait a couple days till everybody says it installed properly. Just to be on the safe side.
  5. GriswoldStyle

    2018 Expo FOOD!

    I remember a place in Davie Florida back in the early to mid-90s called Hot n Now everybody said tasted like In-N-Out I used to love their burgers. To this day I still haven't been to an in n out but I buy the White Castle burgers Frozen from Walmart lol. But Fried Chicken in Florida hmmmm I would have to say Lee's Fried Chicken in Ocala. See now I'm getting hungry and I have to go find some lunch maybe I might have to drive an hour to Ocala today for some good fried chicken LOL.
  6. GriswoldStyle

    Pixel Strips

    Honestly not sure. I've used them the last couple years for spt-1 wire. Just happened to search their site this year and found those pixel strips.
  7. GriswoldStyle

    Pixel Strips

    I bought a 20 pack through environmental led for $27 They come in 8 foot sections of black strip for nodes. The shipping is under $5 there for 2 of the 20 packs... Way less shipping than everyone else. $4.95 shipping. Just a thought https://www.environmentalled.com/Pixel-Mounting-Strips---20-pack-p2470.html
  8. GriswoldStyle

    AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    I was seriously just thinking about this today while working with some RGB fades. It's a pain to copy each line individually to continue down another eight channels when I already did it to 8 and want to reverse the other eight. Will have to look into this. I have a feeling that will save me a ton of time if this is what I think it is.
  9. GriswoldStyle

    Anyone selling RGB dumb nodes?

    Looking for more dumb nodes for my Halloween display. Just wondering if anyone that's upgrading to pixels, has any dumb nodes they are looking to sell. Not interested in smart pixels. Not til next year. Dont have the controllers for them. Just looking for dumb nodes for my cmb24's. Send me a pm if you have any at a reasonable rate. Thanks
  10. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    No gravity needed
  11. This will be shared for the community when completed... For the last week or so I have been working on One by Metallica for Halloween. My setup will be incorporating my spiral trees on either side of my roof as well as 8 RGB tombstones and 8 RGB floods for the plug-in show kit. Along with two fence light borders and 3 colors on the trim of the house and 8 solid color tombstones in front of the RGB tombstones. I have completed 90% of the sequence but I'm not happy with the result on the tombstones using them as the guitar chords. I can't seem to get it right everything else is done in the song except for that one portion on the RGB tombstones. Mainly the background chords. My question is would somebody be willing to take my visualizer file and my sequence file and look it over and see if you might be able to add something to it to Accent the guitar sounds on the RGB tombstones? Please keep in mind I would be sharing this publicly with the forum. This is something I have taken a lot of time to do and scratched it three times and start it over. A lot of people in the forums have done a lot to help me over the last couple years so this sequence is my way of giving back. The only thing I have not done is the singing pumpkin face. Everything else is completed but I am just not happy with how the RGB tombstones came out on the background sounds of the guitar. Just looking for somebody to maybe take some time to help me finish it so that we can share it with the community this year. As I've said already I am just not happy with how the RGB tombstones came out with the guitar sounds but the majority of the rest of the song is done. This would be a pro bono project as this is something to give back to the Forum community. Let me know if you would be interested in helping out. Keep in mind I'm not a professional at this by anyway but most of the song is already done it just needs work on the RGB tombstones. Even if it is only just to take a look at it and offer some suggestions I am willing to send the file for someone to look over.
  12. GriswoldStyle

    Newbie in Fort Worth

    We all started there. I'm actually trying to teach my kids how to do this right now and I'm using the following guys tutorials to teach them the basics. Sure it takes a little while to get going but your first year is always the hardest after that everything kind of starts getting tweaked better and better every year. Take a look at this guy's instructional tutorial on YouTube start with tutorial one he has 4 tutorials that really explain a lot and are a huge help and I used his tutorials to get started. Once you understand the basics you can always ask other questions in here. I still do it to this day lol just remember to be patient and take a break when needed it's a lot to take in but Im sure you will enjoy this new Addiction. His videos explain a lot for the beginners... If you start with his tutorial one then go to number two number three and then number four it should kind of bring you up to speed with all the basics for just starting out. There is alot of people here who are willing to help. Don't hesitate to ask questions or search for previously answered questions by using the search feature in the forum's. Shockingly a lot of questions have already been answered and you can find a lot of useful information in previous threads. If still not sure, post a new thread and ask. I have a few old 16 channel sequences from my first year I can share with you once your up to speed.
  13. GriswoldStyle

    looking for a few sequences

    Right On!!!
  14. GriswoldStyle

    Looking to buy new lights

    It depends on the type of light you're looking for, commercial or affordable? I honestly just buy the affordable Walmart LED lights. It took me 3 years to complete the upgrade switching to led but I buy them in bulk orders of a hundred 100 bulb sets at a time through Walmart around mid September. Normally $5.97 for 100 led mini lights of different colors and if you buy the 52' reels of lights they are around $19 a reel. That's what I use for my diamond cut C9 size LEDs for the roof and walls are the c9 sized ones. The mini lights are just as good and you can connect up to 30 sets in a row on those whereas with the old incandescent you couldn't do more than four or five in a row without blowing fuses. A lot of the people who have been doing it for years prefer higher-end light bulbs but I've been lighting up displays with the cheap ones for many years I never really had major issues. But then again it all boils down to your budget, personal preference and what type of Lights you're looking for. Haven't had too many issues with the ones from Walmart other than squirrels chewing on some of the bulbs here in there. But it's like anywhere every now and then you get a bad set but after doing it for so many years you can pretty much pinpoint what's wrong with them and how to fix them. Out of the 30,000 + led lights I have bought from them, I've only had four sets over the last 3 years that went defective to the point that I could not replace a bulb and fix it. My kids like to troubleshoot the lights and figure out which bulb needs to be replaced so they're huge help when a set has an issue. LOL Now on their cool white LED lights you always have to be careful on buying the reels of them because most times they're not the same color. But the mini lights are always spot-on.
  15. GriswoldStyle

    Clarification on Pixie16 12v 16x100 pixels

    I just got use to S4 lol... Is S5 software already out or still in beta testing?