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  1. Just a quick test to see how it will look. Much more coming soon! This year we were able to make record time and have everything connected and running in only 9 days! Thanks to my 2 boys working with me and having everything already planned out on paper and a of the layout. It was a bit crazy jumping from my first 16 channel show last year to 64 channels this year but I managed to get it done and used around 2,000 feet of spt wire. Finally, After all these years of wishing and hoping we have pulled off having a lightorama display. Not just our house but we added the neighbors house as well using a 16 channel controller and the easy link linkers. I am very impressed with the light linkers. There is no delay whatsoever. My kids will be learning programming next year so they can add songs to the show. They are already addicted to lights and always head over to the christmas section of stores to see what we can find. I trained them well haha! Here is a video taken from my phone of just 2 minutes of one song while we tested all the channels. We have 29 songs and even added in some Frank Sinatra this year. I just finished sequencing the "My Way" song. Our display kind of jumps to every music genre and allows young and old to follow. I would call it non traditional I guess. Sure it is not as great as many of yours but we kind of go Griswold with the lights. We have since fixed a few little things but this video gives you the general idea.
  2. I was thinking of trying to create a sequence for "My Way" by Frank Sinatra for the end of my loop. Thinking that would be the best song to end the loop on before it starts over. It just speaks so much volume. Has anyone out there created that yet? If yes would you be willing to share it so I can use it as a guide track? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know its crunch time but figured I would ask. I know it's not a christmas song but for the final song before the loop starts over I thought it would be a great addition to my track list.
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  6. Multiple house controller stand

    That is how my 2 house show was born this year. The neighbor across from us loved it and wanted in on it. I bought the light linkers and controller in the sale a couple months ago but he is buying all the lights and stuff for it. People get jealous and want in lol. But hey it's the smiles and happiness it brings that makes it all worth it in the end. Good luck either way but this is an adventure for sure. One my kids have learned to love and now take part in. When we moved into our development only 2 houses put up lights. Now half the development does. It's an awesome feeling to know people are joining in for the holiday spirit.
  7. First Time Setting Up A Dual House Display.

    I am running a 2 house show this year as well. I will be using the easy light linkers. On the visualizer I just drew the 2 house using light strings. You do not have to be a great artist as you know what it will do once you see videos online of how to use the visualizer. Your game plan should start in your head by figuring out what will go where on both houses then visualize it in your head what will do what and when. For example I learned from most guys on here to watch tutorials. A week worth of tutorials and I figured out most of it enough to get started on a layout and a design. The visualizer is the part where you will load your image and design your layout for both houses. Last year I did it the hard way drawing in the animation of the sequence editor. Big mistake on my part drawing everything by hand. Trust me when I say the visualizer is your easiest way to get to where you want to be. There you will design everything on the screen and save it then export the channel configuration (your layout and channels that tell everything what to do) and then load the channel configuration into the sequence editor. An idea would be to take 2 photos of the houses and combine them side by side into one photo in any photo edit software. This will make it much easier on you to see it on the display of your cpu. As far as setting up a sequence you will definitely need to watch the tutorials for that. Alot of great videos out there to help you through your first year. I learn more everyday I use this as this is only my second year but the best advice I can give is tutorials, tutorials, tutorials Once you see others doing it first hand it will be much easier to understand what to do on the software and what will work easier. I found Mike Pursers videos to be a great help. Do not hesitate to watch others videos as well. Everyones videos are different and you learn different things from different videos Here is a link to mikes videos Also, John storms has some good videos as well. If anyone else can provide some good links I'm sure it will give him lots of insight into the addiction
  8. If anyone has Carol of the Bells by Monique danielle and are willing to share it would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully within the 32-64 channel range. Again thank you for any help you all can provide. If it wasnt for this forum I would go insane trying to listen for timings with hard hearing lol
  9. Yes! That is it. Just googled and found a video of it
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  11. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has the Carol of the bells that sounds like a choir sings and would be willing to share. I found a small video on youtube of the song but I think it is a shortened version. Not sure who sings it but was hoping someone else does. Looking for the vocal version. If anyone can help it would be greatly;y appreciated Please pm for email address if you can help. Would be happy with any help on this hopefully a 32 or 64 channel setup. Doesnt have to be just easier for me to pick through less channels. Still a n00b to this and only my second year. Here is the link
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  14. That is actually a great idea. I didnt think of that. I would be happy to give it a try if you can share it with me nwgraphix2@yahoo.com . This may help cure my frustration of feeling like everything doing the same thing each sequence. Thanks for the great idea I learn something new every day Thanks again
  15. Thank you JR. Unfortunately I do not have faces. Hoping to in the years to come. The addiction has started lol. Went from 16 channels last year to 64 this year. I need to learn more sequencing before I take on more channels lol. Im getting there but no faces this year. Thank you for chiming in though. All offers of help are much appreciated.