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    Holiday displays! It doesn't matter if it is Halloween, Christmas or Fourth of July. It's all about the smiles and happy faces. I am a self proclaimed holiday nerd :)
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    Have been waiting to purchase Light-O-Rama for years. Finally did in 2016. Started with 16 channels the first year, 2nd year was 64 channels... Year 3 for 2018 we will have 436 channels including RGB channels.
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    Christmas and Halloween but we light RGB floods up most major holidays #lightuptheholidays

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  1. Ahhh did not know that thank you for telling me. I will have to look into that for next year. I didn't really research them much when my neighbor said they wanted to join the show. I bought them and they worked out the box I guess I've always had my speed at 56 instead of this year when I tried to change it and his house did not work so I went back to 56 and it worked fine. Lesson learned
  2. it's not as hard as it sounds you just take some of the channels that you sequenced and copy and paste them into the sequence where you have their controller number at. Every song I have done for the last 2 years I have just copy and pasted things from my controllers into my sequence for my neighbor's 16 channel controller that I have on his house.
  3. Network speed on mine has to be the 56 one or they will not work. Found that out firsthand while trying to work my neighbor's display last year. I had accidentally put it on the 100 setting instead of the 56 and they would not talk at all. I changed it back to 56 And added everything to the SD card again then they Networked perfectly fine on the ELL's. My easy light linkers are very limited on network speed. Won't work unless on 56k for some reason. Maybe I just need to upgrade the firmware or something I don't know much about these. I got them to work so I guess I'm lucky LOL
  4. Thanks Greg also sent it. I'm almost done making my loop for it with an added bonus at the end taking stabs at the HOA lol.... The only thing that could make it better as the singing faces lol
  5. Anybody want to spend Sunday doing the faces? I would play this on repeat for the next 3 days just to annoy the HOA... IM DEAD SERIOUS. I'm down for this today lol If anyone does count me in nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  6. Dudddeeeee I WANT THIS AUDIO for next year!!!! Lol Anyone doing faces for this? This is EPIC
  7. The community is wanting a parking lot. Trade boulders for 2 trucks of gravel... Lol I'm making popcorn. This is about to become one heck of a show 😂
  8. I added 4 pixel tube arches, 8 rgb dumb node mini trees, a dumb node RGB 7.5 foot singing Snowman, and a 16 and a half foot dumb RGB tree with 1600 lights running to CMB 24s. On a side note the hoa also added new boulders across the street from my display to deter parking compliments of 2 rogue h O A members. However as of an update right now one of those members has step down due to the pressure put on by the community wondering why there h O A funds were spent on them the second one come to find out the h O A bylaws limit the board to three years maximum of a term. However the treasurer that caused this problem from the get-go has been in there for 10 years so she's violating HOAs rules. Now the homeowners have revolted and are forming a new h o a and giving her the boot.... there will be no more Grinch's stealing our Christmas thunder because all three people who are taking over the h O A are the big on Christmas people and decorators in our neighborhood 😂😂😂😂😂 looks like I won't be moving out of this neighborhood anytime soon. I did not expect to have as much support as I did and people have been nonstop going to those two HOAs members doors and giving them h*** about wasting the HOA money on boulders to deter parking in an empty lot across from my house and targeting my display. Needless to say all three members that are now running for the board their first priority is to make the lot across the street from my house a parking area. I didn't have to get mad I just had to let people know what was going on and let it handle itself.... I have been told I have the support of the community, the county, the fire department, and the local sheriff's department and I have also been told that I need to go bigger next year lol. I just might let my display shine till the end of January this year I'm debating...
  9. thank you for the kind words very sorry I had just woke up when you came by and I really wasn't all there.... Still waiting on the county but I doubt that will go anywhere. I think we're just going to vote out the two h O A members that did it I've already got one person that wants the treasurer's spot since that's the cancer that needs to go. she's been there for 15 years. Worst case scenario I just moved to a bigger venue LOL. I feel like Danny DeVito this year I got to go bigger
  10. I'm located in Citrus County, Florida... Where The Meadows hoa leaders are grinches who try to sabotage light display parking without a vote amongst all the home owners by placing huge boulders lining the edge of the road in the empty lot across the street 4 days before Christmas.... Yes, that stab was intentional. Boy did they really **** off the homeowners and the county. They had no idea just how bad they messed up. State and county officials are about to have a field day here.... I'm making popcorn for this show. I have members of the county and state that come out to my show every year and are now approaching me regarding this situation about the boulders saying they are unsafe, an insurance violation, and poses a safety hazard so they are letting the proper higher ups know. No Grinch can dim our lights. we have the support of 98% of the hundred and forty four homes in our community..
  11. May today be filled with happiness and cheer. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far in the hobby
  12. Just had a chance to post mine. Been crazy busy with work and fighting the HOA lol. Long story but I'll fill you in when I have more time Merry Christmas everyone
  13. Loving this. I honestly had no idea how popular this was going to be it's making me want to create more but working 50 hours a week at one job and doing my decals on the side on my off days is really taking up my spare time. I know I won't have time to do it this season but I will try to make a couple more mixtures for next year
  14. Hmmm I think I heard about this before isn't that like putting a night light on the circuit or something? Something very odd the last 2 days it has not been doing it but then again it's been cold out for the last 2 days and the first two weeks of the display it did not do it either. Maybe I will try to put a night light on that channel I can go to the dollar store today and buy the old-fashioned ones not the LED ones. Thank you for reminding me about that I had totally forgotten I saw something similar to that suggestion the first year that I started on light arama but I had forgotten all about that
  15. So every year since I've got lightorama back in 2016 I have been having a problem with one channel not fading. It just happens to be Channel 1 on the 16 channel controller that came with the showtime starter package. it's very strange because the first two weeks of the show it works perfectly fine. Then out of nowhere the channel stops fading. it has done this since the very first year and I thought maybe it was because I had too many lights on the channel. Well this year I decided to change it up I only have 9 strands of LED lights on that one channel. Last year I had 18. needless to say last night when I came home from work I see the one channel on the wall not fading AGAIN it just has simple on and off when it is at the part of a song where the lights are supposed to fade. However, every other color/ channel works perfectly fine on all the other controllers and that particular controller. It's just that one channel for some reason. it just happens to be the same controller that came with the package and this has done it since the very first year. None of the add-on controllers ever have a problem. it's extremely noticeable because I have my wall lights separated between 3 channels this year on my blues. now when two walls fade part of the second wall does not and it looks horrible to me. Any suggestions on what it could possibly be? it's baffling me because for the first two weeks of the show every year it works perfectly fine... then all of a sudden out of nowhere it will stop fading that one channel. I will try to get a video later tonight I didn't even think to take a video last night.
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