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  1. Yep, I am finally back! I missed some of you guys. That job I had was a killer being gone from home 60 hours a week and cost me 16 months of life I wont get back lol. I finally threw in the towell and now I am back to working from home running my own business again so I will be here much more often. So to make a long story short, I had no intentions of adding a pixel tree this year but the wife said make it happen and supplied the funds to buy us one. So I bought the 16 x 50 set with the pixie16 ready to go controller. I do not have it yet as we just ordered it in the sale but I have no idea where to start researching. I just tried to log in to my new faster computer for s5 and am completely lost with it. So I am considering sticking with s4 which is what I learned on the other computer. Anyways, I feel like such a n00b asking but I need some answers, help and guidance. Hopefully we still do that here. The facebook groups are not much help at all. Question, I heard with s5 you dont need superstar. Is that true? Here I am with being comfortable with s4 and have no idea how to begin trying to figure out a pixel tree. Anyone have any suggestions or video tutorials that explain everything in great detail? I have no idea where to start but I am on this journey now even if I was not prepared for it yet. I have pixel arches and also have dumb rgb in my display but I program them in the sequence editor all free hand style and do not use superstar nor have I ever. Do I need superstar for the pixel tree to program it? Or is there other options? I am totally lost when it comes to this aspect. My rgb is all hands on free hand style in the s.e. but this is much more involved than fades and chases lol. I am gonna post this in the newbie section since I have no clue what I am doing as far as a pixel tree goes. Any ideas how to program without needing superstar? Is there effects I can do? Go easy on me, I have been away for a year and a half and feel so lost coming back feeling like I forgot it al. I am such a noob lol.
  2. Sorry to hear your not yourself. No worries man. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Hope you get better soon.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone's show is a huge success.
  4. The download links are in the post everyone. Look at the first part of the topic. I'm hardly ever on here this time of year so I provided download links for the LMS and audio
  5. That sucks. I work in rent to own in a lot of people have been having problems with gaming PCs and Windows 10 lately. That's what makes me scared to upgrade to a better computer. Heck the Toshiba I program on I got back in 2011 LOL. It still works just a little sluggish sometimes. but I know I'm going to have to replace it soon because probably about once a week I'm getting a blue screen crash and then it restarts itself and fixes itself. I sent the mp3 over around 10 p.m. eastern time. Enjoy. I'm sure it will be flawless like all your faces Thanks again
  6. this is definitely going to be an annual tradition it's awesome to be able to see it in other people's displays. If you can't download the audio let me know and I'll email it to you. Would love to have the faces for this. I plan on making one every year
  7. Ccb arches and cmb24's all on Aux A and all the regular ac controllers on reg lot network I have controllers 1 to 6 on AC controllers on lot etwork and all the other RGB stuff on higher controller ID numbers on the auxiliary a network. I researched a lot... except putting the correct data cables in the correct port LOL you would think I would know better by now considering I've been doing this since 2015 but this is the first time I went to two networks instead of one.
  8. Great idea. Thanks so much Going going to do that tomorrow just so I know in the future and don't have any more screw-ups like this LOL
  9. Last year was 56k. I read more about it this year and decided to change it. Yes I did change the channel configuration for the different network to six A. Had to change all of that last week when I opened up the G3 and read the instructions. good thing I save multiple copies of sequences and just save the channel configuration and imported it to each sequence I had already done then saved it in a different folder. HoweverI Finally fixed it today after I noticed I screwed up the cables. Lo and behold my dumb self when moving the G3 controller yesterday mixed up the data cables so I had aux A plugged into port one and lor network one was plugged into port two. so apparently I had screwed everything up and didn't even know how I did it but either way I fixed it today and I felt like slapping myself for being so dumb as to mix up the data cables like that. I literally spent four hours yesterday trying to do anything I could to make it work and the last thing I thought of was to switch the data cables around. something told me to try it today and sure enough I fixed my screw up. I have no idea what I did on the first SD card I made with the four test sequences maybe I had them running backwards because that one worked fine. either way I'm actually standing outside right now running through every sequence just to make sure everything's working fine and so far it is. I only found one sequence that somebody had given me for Mariah Carey's baby come home for Christmas that the mouth movements are completely off maybe that's just because I'm so used to @dibblejr faces when using someone else's it doesn't work the same LOL I'm completely confused by the other guy's face movements LOL. I just need to stick with faces from Jr
  10. I have 5 ac controllers, 5 cmb24's, and 2 ccb's. Last year I had lag on one of my songs where everything was about three seconds off but it was only one song. Of course there was a lot of data going on so that might have been an issue. Either way that's what prompted me to go from the mini director to the G3. I'm going to see what lor help desk ticket says then I will kind of go from there. Hopefully it's an easy fix. If not I'll have to go to The back-up plan
  11. I just put in a trouble ticket. Hopefully they can give some advice. Im not sure what is going on but I have tried everything I could think of. What all would I need to run 2 networks from my pc? At one point I bought a red dongle but havent used it. Would I need anything besides that? Sorry to sound n00bish but always ran on a director since the first year in 2015 or 2016 i cant remember. Long day of setting up lol lol Yes, Im still on s4.
  12. Yes I think I need to look into doing that. Hoping it's an easy fix. I have always ran off the mini director this year went to the G3 director I need to research how to run off the computer just in case something goes wrong. I have a black dongle and a red dongle but honestly have no idea what i need to run a computer-based show LOL.
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