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  1. How do I set up RGB floods (plug and show) in visualizer?

    Well that was pretty dang obvious God I feel stupid now..... lol When selecting it as an Lor controller what would I set it up as far as unit? If I had four controller boxes which were labeled unit 1 2 3 and 4 then add the CMB 24 controller number 5? Unit #5... Sorry but I am still kind of new to this and just trying to figure things out before it gets here.
  2. How do I set up RGB floods (plug and show) in visualizer?

    Maybe the screen shots from the will help Here are screen shots of the only options showing up when adding a flood light fixture in the visualizer. I'm not seeing a cmb24 option. This is just practice but figured I would try to figure it out before the floods get here. Now what I came across is it will render them if I set them up as a dmx universe and select unit 1. But does not render in the visualizer if I set it up as cmb24 in the sequence editor I then have to change it to a dmx universe in the sequence editor in order for it to render in the visualizer animation/simulation.
  3. How do I set up RGB floods (plug and show) in visualizer?

    Honestly I was able to see the cmb24 when I added the individual channels on the sequence. However when trying to design the flood lights in the visualizer that board did not come up as an option for the floods and only came up as a DMX universe option. That is how I was able to view them I have not received the flood lights yet so I'm not sure if I set it up correctly. I was just trying to get them to work in the visualizer but when setting up props in the visualizer it did not give me a CMB 24 option when adding in the flood lights only DMX. I'm sure once I get the kit the instructions will be clear but I could not find anything online on how to do it and was going off of a couple tutorials that I did find. I'm sure you are correct because I did need to upgrade in order to make the DMX work in the visualizer but the issue I came acrossed was there was no option when setting up floods in the visualizer to use a CMB board. Sorry if I did not explain that properly as I am still new to this and just now venturing into RGB. I did try to search around for lightorama website tutorials on the RGB floods but I could not find any is this may be something you would consider adding for new users?
  4. Controllers for sale

    Oops wrong post. Edited to reflect my mixup. Sorry Please disregard. Couldn't figure out how to delete my reply.
  5. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    Thank you for explaining that makes sense I was just thinking I could go the easy route LOL. This is why I asked cuz you guys have been there done that and know a few things. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that
  6. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    For Halloween I think the dumb nodes would work great. I would definitely be interested in some dumb nodes.. If you are interested and getting rid of some of those, please send me a private message. I'm thinking I just need some sets of 50 since I have eight tombstones I'm thinking 50 on each one will work but I definitely want enough to cover two extras just in case. For Halloween those will work perfectly. Now talking Christmas, that's a different story that I will hopefully be able to get into next year. If the price is right I have PayPal and have no problem working something out. *edited due to voice text repeating things at random*
  7. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    Would I need a pixel controller to program them? Or could I use the standard CMB24? Just trying to understand a little more to help decide what to buy for a controller. Sorry I'm new to this so still asking questions before making a purchase.
  8. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    I found a couple different ones online but I am not sure about the whole pixel thing. If I am just looking for nodes are those the same as pixels> Or do they absolutely have to be addressable. I'm just trying to have all the same color at once for tombstones
  9. Hello all, Yet another question I figured I would ask. I just went out to my tombstones in the garage for Halloween and found out the rgb reels I got of 5050 leds are not going to curve around the tombstones. So what I am thinking is trying the dumb rgb nodes as I have seen them called. I plan on using a CMB24 to control the headstones for Halloween since there will be 8 headstones. I know many suggest pixels but that will be later in time. I'm just starting to learn rgb so I was going to stick with that for Halloween since I already ordered the plug n show 8 floods kit. That way the additional card is only $100 for the tombstones. My question is, Where do I find decent sets of 50 dumb nodes? I see they are close to the same price as pixels on aliexpress but I do not know much about this stuff yet as this will only be year number 3 for me on LOR. I know the pixels say "addressable" In all honesty I have no clue what that means. Forgive my newness to the terms. I would assume that means you can control each one individually. However, Can you control them all at once instead? Say for example, Can I use them as dumb nobes so all light up the same color at once with a cmb24? Sorry to sound dumb but we all start somewhere right? I hope I am not taking on too much at once but I plan to work on a singing face this week and then the tombstones in a couple months. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    Thank you so much for the reply. I figured that was the case but wanted to make sure. I'm going to buy another CMB240 board this summer but use it for rgb headstones for Halloween. Then just use the plug n show flood kit for the floods. Thanks again
  11. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    Thanks for that info. I am new to rgb floods and just researching them until mine arrive so I havent got the kit yet. Just ordered it but if you all know where I can find the specs sheet please let me know. I was looking to see if I can add 2 floods 10w floods per output. Seeing as there is 8 rgb outputs on the board, I was wondering if I can double it to say 16 floods and just add two per output without going over the max output. If not I will just buy another board and power supply. But trying to see if I really need to buy it at this point. No sense buying a second it the board can handle it. I don't really need 16 floods. More like only 12 but figured I would ask you guys about this since you all know the specs..
  12. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    By the river
  13. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    Quick question for those with RGB floods.... On the plug-in show flood light set, it says it comes with a 200 watt power supply. However it only comes with the eight LED floods that are only 10 watts each. (80 watts) So would you be able to double the floods? Meaning add an additional flood on a channel. So basically two flood lights per Channel outpet if I added individual floods rather than buying another kit. Or can I use the 8 RGB flood outputs AND add a 16' LED strip to the same channel output. Would that be possible? I haven't got the kit yet as I bought it in the spring sale so I haven't gone through the paperwork on it to see just figured I would ask if you all have any experience doing this.
  14. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    Awesome! Thank you so much. I am going to give those a try. The mini trees just were not what I wanted last year using the tomato cages. They did not look right to me so this year I can add a better element to them with your design. How many sheets of lattice did you need? Was it the wood ones or the white plastic lattice? Can't wait to try these out. Sounds like a fun and easy project. Thanks again so much for this idea
  15. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    Sounds really easy. Was that a schematic/diagram online to make them or was it free hand? Would be very interested in a how to post or tutorial if you ever consider doing that. I'm a prop junkie. If I can build it myself, I would rather save $10 than to buy something outright lol. I'm curious, How do they store flat? Are they 3 side or 4 side with hinges? Sorry dont mean to take over the post. Could you pm me if you have a drawing or photos? I just ordered mine for halloween but would like to use them for christmas as well. The tomato cage minis I made take up alot of space.