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    Holiday displays! It doesn't matter if it is Halloween, Christmas or Fourth of July. It's all about the smiles and happy faces. I am a self proclaimed holiday nerd :)
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    Have been waiting to purchase Light-O-Rama for years. Finally did in 2016. Started with 16 channels the first year, 2nd year was 64 channels... Year 3 for 2018 we will have 436 channels including RGB channels.
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    Christmas and Halloween but we light RGB floods up most major holidays #lightuptheholidays

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  1. GriswoldStyle

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    Can't wait to see everyone. It's nice to be able to put a face with a name. Working in Ocala puts me only an hour away from there now straight across 40. as it gets closer I'm sure I will have more questions I've never been to one but my kids are highly excited this year and so is the wife.
  2. GriswoldStyle

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    @Kapkirk @Fireitup this might make your Sunday a little more of a funday...
  3. YESSSSSSSSS I just saw this and I got so excited my kids want to go this year and we are literally an hour and a half away from it.
  4. GriswoldStyle

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    New job stress
  5. Thank and thank you @james morrismorris in advance
  6. GriswoldStyle

    Mega tree base recommendations

    My tree this year I went with black iron pipe from Lowe's they had 10 foot sections for $29 a piece. I bought the 12" pole pin coupler online for them and I have my tree mounted into a PVC sleeve surrounded by concrete in the ground. The hardest part was grinding down the inside seam on the poles so the pole pin coupler would fit. Mine is actually mounted 4 ft into the ground. Making it 16 feet tall. I also have the guy wire kit from one of the approved vendors as well. We had a strong rain the other day with wind gusts exceeding 45 miles an hour here in Florida and that pole did not budge at all. Thank you to all those in the forum who suggested that heavy duty black iron pipe. 100 times better than that flimsy top rail stuff.
  7. Do you have this with a/c channels as well? I start my new job Friday working 47-55 hours a week so I have very minimal time to add anything new to the display but was wanting this song. just looking to see if anybody has some beat tracks that would help me speed up programming. Any help would be greatly appreciated nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  8. GriswoldStyle

    Speakers and FM transmitter

    Normally that is the audio cable. I just use the audio cables with shields on them. Everytime I try the cheap cables from Amazon or eBay or even the cheap one that comes with the transmitter, I get hum or hiss issues. Buy a quality shielded audio cable and most times you won't have any issues. Most of these transmitters are all the exact same thing and model but just with a different name stamped on it.
  9. I used them the last 2:years in a pinch when I needed more wire. Good quality wire but that is a retail price for when it's not on sale. Normally they only charge $0.95 for shipping. But they are a legitimate company. as others have said there is someone selling wire on here I think it's in 250-foot rolls.
  10. Very true it's a lot to tear down the hardest part is wrapping up all the wires the next day. Good thing about our display is the stuff on the roof Stays for Christmas and it's only the yard that we have to clean up and the slight little walkthrough in the driveway. The PVC fence stays up until the Christmas display is over all we do is switch out the red lights on the top of it for blue. The wife always wants more for Christmas not so much Halloween l. I had told her I was tired of doing the walk through but she said you spent all that money on those props so you d*** well better use them lol The good thing about this hoa development is it is one of the top three spots in the entire County that people from all over the county bring their kids to. we have three law enforcement officers that live in here as well and they Patrol the streets. it's right across the street from the church so parents don't have to worry about any issues with sex offenders living in the area. so a lot of families consider this a very safe neighborhood to trick-or-treat which is why we are always so busy but good luck trying to get a car down this road on Halloween lol
  11. Not sure honestly. most of them we just normally added disclaimer to stating to support the artist or it is a tribute. This one might get taken down because I forgot to put that in there but we shall see. I always get copyright notices but they always say they may run ads on the video. I think what it boils down to is if you have your page set to monetize they will take down any copyrighted stuff. Our page is not monetized. that's the only thing I can think of I've never had one video taken down but I did have the Du Hast by Rammstein completely blocked in almost every country so I just deleted it when I got that notice.
  12. So it all went off without a hitch and we got to scare the heck out of a bunch of people with our hidden e-firecracker fuse box. normally every year we put it on a pole but we wanted to have people not know it was there this year so we put it underneath the animated Ouija board table and hook strobe lights all around so when I triggered it with the switch it would blind people lol. our neighbor sat out here with a clicker and counted each trick-or-treater that got candy for a total of 486. On the bright side the president of rhoa hung out and cranked his stereo up and said didn't care if anybody in the HOA was pissed or not. He had a blast and was already talking to us about planning a huge neighborhood block party next Halloween. Needless to say he had a great experience and so did everybody else who came out. had to wait until around 9 or so to get video as we were just too swamped before that. This neighborhood was so popular this year we even had police walking the neighborhood to keep everybody safe. considering there's only a hundred and forty four houses in this development that was a huge Plus. it didn't help that people kept telling us that we were in the newspaper and we didn't even know it. not to mention the fire department even made several trips out here to enjoy the light show. The first video was my kids first sequence they programmed. They took that on over the summer and I'm very proud of what they did. I added all the RGB elements but we realized their standard AC channels of the sequence timing they did was just a hair off for some reason but not bad for their first attempt at sequencing for the Halloween theme song. The second video is of zombie bad wolves that I programmed using @dibblejr face sequence. Next up is the second part of the walkthrough focusing more on the lighting aspect. And of course we had 98% of Halloween stuff taken down last night by 11:30 p.m. so we can start on the Christmas display today. Now it's crunch time LOL
  13. GriswoldStyle

    Timer for mini director and light show

    The mini director will run when there's any controller in the network still on that has power to it. It Powers through the data Network CAT5 or Cat6 cable. The easiest way I found is to have a timer for each controller but I have all the timers setup side-by-side then run an extension cord to each controller from the timers. That way the timers are all within a couple minutes of each other when turning on and off. I have six holiday time timers with Dusk Till Dawn sensors and I normally either set them for 4 hours on Halloween or 6 hours for Christmas. They cost about $15 at Walmart each. not sure if you can find them online but they always have them in the Christmas lights section just make sure all the timers are the same make or you may have different quality sensors that will have more than a few minutes difference in the sensing of daylight.
  14. It was the old ones. but the video Tom linked me to was exactly what I needed. I thought maybe they had forgot to cut the holes for the band clamps to mount it to the mega tree pole. Didn't realize the way they had it set up was all you had to do was slightly puncture it to get the bands to go through.