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  1. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Women love his
  2. That is actually a great idea. I didnt think of that. I would be happy to give it a try if you can share it with me nwgraphix2@yahoo.com . This may help cure my frustration of feeling like everything doing the same thing each sequence. Thanks for the great idea I learn something new every day Thanks again
  3. Thank you JR. Unfortunately I do not have faces. Hoping to in the years to come. The addiction has started lol. Went from 16 channels last year to 64 this year. I need to learn more sequencing before I take on more channels lol. Im getting there but no faces this year. Thank you for chiming in though. All offers of help are much appreciated.
  4. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    But it's lifesize
  5. Thank you everyone. The ones you sent were all great. Still looking for Little Drummer Boy by pentatonix if anyone has that one. I truly appreciate the help everyone is giving. We all have to start somewhere and you all have been a great help. If anyone else can share any other upbeat songs or the Little Drummer Boy by pentatonix It would be greatly appreciated.Thanks again james, Mega Arch, and Dave (sorry I do not know how to tag you all in the reply) Still learning this as well as getting stressed with this Hurricane heading for us here in Florida. Might have to pack up this weekend and head to Georgia. So if you do not get a reply right away, Please forgive me. Things are a bit crazy and the family is a bit stressed this week.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to reply guys. My email is nwgraphix2@yahoo.com anything you can share would be greatly appreciated Having a hard time working on some of the more busier ones. Thanks again
  7. Hello everyone. Last year was my first year with only 16 channels. This year I bought 3 more controllers but am having trouble with being able to be creative on some of the popular songs. I could really use some helpful fellow lor users assistance. I am adding the neighbors house to the display but I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Timings are my weakness. I can't seem to get them right so I am hoping anyone out there can help me out with some 16, 32 or 64 channel sequences to use this year. It seems easier to work with 32 but it is not important. I just figured I would see if anyone is able to lend a hand to an upcoming member. I do'nt have any rgb items. Just standard controllers. Some of the songs I could really use are as follows but honestly any help or sequences you can share will work. Looking for upbeat songs for the kids. The dance music style songs seemed to be a hit last year. Light of christmas - owl city Happy - Pharrel Williams Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix Sugar Plum Fairy remix Any dubstep or dance style songs (Already have bangarang) Sandstorm - Darude (neighbor suggested it for a faster dance song) My House - Flo-Rida (kids want this one) Anything you can share. Doesn't have to be those. Just trying to build up a show list. If anyone can help it would be GREATLY appreciated. I hate asking but I am just feeling like I am in over my head this year. I'm a slow learner but am getting it slowly but surely. Just could really use some help. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  8. Sugar Plum Fairy- remix

    Would like to get that one as well if anyone is able to kindly assist. This is only my second year with lor and went from 16 channels last year to 64 this year. I'm having trouble trying to create sequences that large. A bit confusing
  9. Newb to LOR, can I use lights I already have?

    Most lights are dimmable from the big box stores if they just plug in with no box on the wire to control functions. You will need to go into the hardware utility to set up your controller anyways. That's the easiest part that I had to do. You will see the light tests there and can select chase, fade, ect. Honestly I go by sale price as well. My display is 100% Walmart led light reels and 100 count box lights from there. I mainly have c-9 everywhere on the house but my yard and arches are m5 led's (small mini lights) No issues with fades on the Holiday time ones. Ran halloween light show for two weeks nightly last year and ran the christmas display from thanksgiving night til jan 5th every night with no issues from those lights.. Holiday time and home depot lights I didnt have a problem with. All those ones have been dimmable
  10. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    caught red handed
  11. SuperStar Sequencer License Question

    Just wanted to thank you for that reply. I know it's an old post but this just answered a question for me and now I know we only need a 2ccr license. We only have 64 standard channels and are wanting to try the instant sequence but the demo doesnt show it like the tutorials do. Thank you for explaining how to view it in the layout area. Saw it immediately when I clicked on it.
  12. Showtime controller?

    Are you wanting to build it into the program sequence? Meaning your run sequence list so to say? Or Did you mean a projector show using the lor power supplys or just to have the controllers turn off once an hour? If you can give a little more information of what you are trying to do I'm pretty sure one of the long time users could chime in. I'm still new here to but have found ways of making things work that there was no video for.
  13. Thank you guys. I guess I was getting confused watching some tutorials online and saw people creating a file with mega tree, spiral trees and stuff but when I try to do it on the standard visualizer it does not work the same. Now that I watched a couple more it seems to be I missed the part they were doing it in superstar. I think I was doing it the old fashioned way with drawing dots in the visualizer. Might need to look into superstar. Seems that most people prefer that anyways. Thanks again for the replies
  14. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    Just saw this in recent list and thought I would chime in.... I have the showtime starter package with the built in mp3 card reader/director and fm transmitter. I am not sure if you have that showtime starter package but... Mine has a headphone jack already built in from the mps director to the fm transmitter if I recall. I just put a headphone jack y-splitter (about $3 on ebay) on it and run it directly to an old house stereo in my garage. I have (2) 100' sections of speaker cable and run the outdoor speakers into the yard and turn the volume low for those who come by that are not in cars. They look like small grey rock I think I got them from ebay for like $35 shipped a few years ago. I have it set up to the same timer as my main showtime box. That way it turns the radio on and off when the timer turns on or shuts off. Some people run it through their cpu and just use the headphone jack to run it to a stereo. I have seen videos of it online. As for the channels, I am pushing boundaries with mine and had no issues. My house is all c9 led reels from walmart and I have up to 18 of the 52' reels on each channel. Not any problems at all. I like to think of it as a Griswold display. But wattage with led is hardly anything and you can go crazy with them. Think of it this way, When you see the old style bulbs they have a warning of no more than 3-5 sets in a row... Well led normally say 15 - 30 depending on the type of sets you use. Our house kind of pushes the wattage and believe it or not it all runs on 2 outlets.. We have 2 channels for the walls with lights every 5 inches going up and down with one channel for all green and one with all blue. Same with roof, 3 channels for 3 different colors. It holds these perfectly. I use to pop breakers with the old style lights and used 6 outlets. I'm down to two outlets now controlling the whole display and it handles great with led lights. One outlet in garage and one in the front by the window. No power issues or warm wires like I use to get from my old incandescent style lights. Granted this is only 16 channels but it still shows what you can do with led lights.
  15. Price Reduction for SuperStar Licenses and FREE upgrade

    Same here... Need the price to drop a little for the summer sale. Going from the 16 channel starter last year to 3 more controllers for a 64 channel show including the neighbors house and putting it on an wireless easy light linker (hopefully that works since lor sells it) A bit more challenging than the starter was last year but I got the addiction bug now lol. More channels, more lights... and dragging the neighbor across the street into the show this year lol.