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  1. James, I see this was originally posted some time ago ... but I would really love a copy. Thanks Mike
  2. James, I would really appreciate a copy. Thanks, Mike
  3. I'd really appreciate a copy. Thanks, Mike mike@suntreervpark.com
  4. How do I change controller ID's in prop definition (within SE5) other than right clicking on each channel of the sequence individually. (Is there a way to change a the controller ID on a number of channels at one time?)
  5. James ... I don't know how you find the time to create these great sequences. I'd love anything you're willing to share for a 16 string mega tree. (LOR with SuperStar ok too) Thanks, Mike
  6. I'd really appreciate it, James. Thanks, Mike
  7. Do any of you have experience with any vendor(s) from China (through Alibaba) that sell(s) quality 12mm 12v ws28111 RGB bullet pixels (18awg wire is OK) IP68 rating is preferable, with warranty is preferable (with or without pigtails is OK). I'm looking to buy 20,000 to 24,000 pixels. Is anyone else bringing in a load that I can tag on to? Does anyone else want to tag on to my order? Please give me some advice. I'd hate to spend this much money and end up with junk pixels. Thanks, Mike (mike@suntreervpark.com)
  8. James, my first year with pixels … I'd really appreciate a copy. Thanks
  9. James, I'd really appreciate a copy of this for my first pixel tree! Thanks for your generosity. Mike Mike@SuntreeRVPark.com
  10. James, I see you're still running V4 instead of V5. Could you please share your thoughts. I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'd love to have a copy of this seq. Thanks so much. Mike
  11. Using Showtime 5.014 ... in a SEQUENCE in the SEQUENCER the TEXT on a series of CHANNEL BUTTONS on a couple of props are brown"ish" in color. What is that telling me? I'd appreciate any help.
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