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  1. Ya, wish it wudda been that easy but the render button didn't help either.
  2. So I had a weird thing happen when I was sequencing using Xlights and RGB-I had finished sequencing and was watching the sequence when all of a sudden all of the RGB lights went off and the model display (visualizer) stopped showing the sequence, EVEN THOUGH there were plenty of effects there and the sequence was still playing. I tried shutting everything down, even rebooting the computer but it kept happening and at the SAME place. IF this happens to you all you have to do is click each line/model in the sequence and this will fix it. NOT sure how this happened but thank GOD I figured it out before wasting too much time or trying to make changes!!
  3. Help With E1.31 + LOR Setup

    When I get home I'll send you that sequence, make sure your LOR is NOT going into the router. Only the e131.
  4. Help With E1.31 + LOR Setup

    Is your LOR plugged into the dongle?? LOR cannot be plugged into the router/switch with the E131.
  5. Help With E1.31 + LOR Setup

    YEPPERS-The 1st time I set up mine was a PIA, took FOREVER, but once I got it to work I saved it as a layout for future uses, if you cant get it to work PM me your email and Ill send you a layout that you can either cut and paste your sequence on or to look at and compare.
  6. Help With E1.31 + LOR Setup

    I would try using a regular switch rather than an actual router
  7. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    Dec 1st---LIGHTS ON!!! I am soooooooo READY!! Just got done synchronizing, last week I buried data, power and co-ax inside PVC to 2 boxes for a permanent plug and play ready system!! Next weekend I will start putting up the strips and my grid along with all the strobes!!! I can't wait to see what this is gonna look like!!! Wish I had ONE MORE LOR but Ill have to compromise with what I have!! Adding PYRO this year!!!
  8. 2016 LOR Shining Bright Christmas Contest

    I am absolutely blown away by a member here, Mr. DisneyMatt!!! WOW thank you VERY much. How cool is it to logon here and see that someone that you don't even know has shared and commented on your video!!! (111-Hebert). Thank you very much sir!!! I am soooo hoping to win one of the categories as Christmas 2017 I will be in our new house!! I already have driven by our new house about 50 times just so I can start imagining Lights!!! Good luck to everyone that has entered the contest!! I have seen some AWESOME videos!!

    GREAT!!! Thank you all!!! I ordered a $15 DMX mini Starburst to play with. Once I get the hang Ill order some real lights!!!

    So wanting to add a bunch of moving light heads to the display. Is there a way to do this with LOR alone? I want to go beyond just turning the lights off and on. Can you use LOR to set up "scenes" under the DMX settings?? I have 3 LOR 16ch. and I have multiple E 131 pixel controllers along with tons of pixel strips, floods, strobes and the list goes on. THANKS for the help.