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  1. Okay so I have built my mega tree...15 ft high, 12 PVC pipes coming down from the top in a 180 degree set. SO here is my ?. When I zip tie my RGB strips onto the PVC should I face all the strips straight out, or face them all going toward the street?? Hard to tell how most people are setting them up as there are no daytime videos that I have seen that covers this specific topic, thanks for any input!!
  2. joopers7

    Flood lights

    You can also buy all white NON LEDs and put color lenses on them. I do this only when I can't find color non led bulbs. I feel your pain on the timing. I spent quite a bit of money on 20 color LED flood lights and had to work really hard to get the timing to match due to the delay. Like someone else said, Lowes will put some out soon. I plan to stock up as I'm afraid LED will take over soon.
  3. joopers7

    2107 Chistmas Videos Posted

    What happened to my video?? 003 under "Hebert" now its gone!!!??
  4. Not sure where to post, but LOR posted 2017 videos!! Mine is the 2nd video on the 1st page!!! ENJOY!!!
  5. I bought 6 police grade strobe lights for $30. I have 24 total now. I hook them up to my LOR controller so I do burn up quite a few channels but it allows me to sync the strobes as needed. I have 2 videos up from this year if you'd like to see them, my YouTube is under "Joopers7".
  6. So I have several group effects in XLIGHTS and when I transfer to LOR things don't match up, is there something I need to do?? THANKS!!!
  7. Is there a way to create groups in the latest version of XLights??? Cannot figure out how to do it....any help is greatly appreciated....THANKS!!
  8. So I've tried and tried to figure this out.....does anyone know how to make your lights pan from right to left or left to right or even make it look like a shadow is going through all your lights at once?? Like this guy did??? I use XLIGHTS.
  9. I would try removing the jumper on the LOR unit and then power up for a few secs, then power down and put jumper back in. This usually fixes bugs within the LOR.
  10. joopers7

    SONG 1

    Got to do this on quite a bigger scale this year!! Sorry about the POS truck towards the end!! Gonna refilm soon!!
  11. joopers7

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

  12. me too PLEASE ghebert75@hotmail.com THANK YOU!!!
  13. joopers7


    FYI I had to send in one of my controllers TODAY for no power. Both fuses were ok, if you haven't yet try removing the upper right jumper and power it up for 10sec. Then power down replace jumper and power back up. If that doesent work contact TS for a ticket and send in your unit.
  14. joopers7

    Heres my 2017 display, Hope you enjoy!

    On your Mega Tree is it 360?? How many Strips are you using??