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  1. I like the enclosure support....gives me a new idea for mine.
  2. Tim Meyer wrote: Won't need the extra power if you use LED.
  3. Grant_VK5GR wrote: I've lived in the US my whole life and I am still confused!!!!LOL
  4. Cray Augsburg wrote: That has pretty much been my philosophy for Christmas lights since I was a teenager putting lights on my moms house. A few lights installed correctly will always look better then a display with a million lights just strung about in static displays. Same applies to animated Christmas Lights. A few lights synchronized well to the music(like yours) will always be more interesting then a lot of lights randomly blinking while playing some music. A perfect example of this philosophy is the Holdman House....Not a lot of lights for the size of his house, every thing is neat, straight, well thought out, and synchronized VERY well. Hence his EXTREME popularity here. More channels will help ensure more accurate synchronizing and will make will hold the audiences interest longer. Just my 2 cents.
  5. George Simmons wrote: Brazoria County is the Cougar Capital of Texas and The Brazoria County Fair is their favorite feeding grounds!!!
  6. Very well done, The video quality is the best I've seen on the net. What kind of camera did you use? I often wondered what LORs DC controllers could be used for and now I know.
  7. sawyer1206 wrote: Ok that didn't work so here it is. Right Click and Save As..http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee188/sawyer1206/JeffMillardLogoII.jpg Attached files
  8. And here it is with the original LOR Logo....Full Size file links are at the bottom of the picture. Attached files
  9. I thought I would give it a shot too.....I will post another with the autual LOR Logo also.
  10. George Simmons wrote: Ummmm..Dido!! I have a Pecan Tree Right smack in the middle of my yard that forced me to do two small Mega trees instead of one big one. I would of already had it removed if it wasn't for the fact that it is on the west side of my home and provides great shade in the South Texas Scorching summers.
  11. Good jub on the sequencing. Not that I would ever help fuel someone elses addiction but are you planning on adding more channels? That front yard is crying out for a 12' mega tree and a couple of arches!!LOL
  12. Jeff Millard wrote: Jeff, Sufingfordough has done a great job on the wallpaper and he definetly has some skills so I am hoping he will hook you up. If he is uanable I will work something up in photoshop tonight. And every coroplast sign I have had made I gave them a jpg. file, I think that is waht they prefer.
  13. Surfing4Dough wrote: Thanks--you are too kind. Great additions by Craig. Will give me something additional to work with. I just added two more to Flickr. LOR Wallpapers Possibly a new favorite (full-size at site above): This is for sure my new favorite...I just loaded it onto my LOR Show computer and it lookls great. Thanks to everyone who helped "pimp out" my LOR Show computer.
  14. Surfing4Dough wrote: I am curious which ones people like best, so I know where to head with future edits. I just added numbers to the beginning of the titles of each pic to help identify them (since my file naming technique was chaotic). Not sure if there is a way to "vote" within Flickr (3, 4, 5 stars, etc.). Otherwise can just reply to this thread. LOR Wallpapers Mr. Surfing, You did a great job on all of them all. I reccomend this thread as a Sticky so others my use these great wallpapers!!!!
  15. VetteNut72 wrote: Craig... that is awesome, can you post the dwg. file? I could do alot of great stuff with this
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