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  1. Sergio

    How many universes per port on a pixcon16?

    I would like to document the response I received from Help Desk just in case that someone else plans to have more than 1 universe per port on a Pixcon16 . Response: It is not possible to have more than one universe per port at least that your have more than 170 pixel attached to it. I have to admit that i feel kinda disappointed about this resolution, I have been LOR user for 4 year now, and this is first time that get stuck due to a technology limitation , probably it is time move into a different direction. I hope this helps the community Gracias, I mean thank you!! BTW, please note the amount of time that took me to figure this out, due to the lack of information regards this product on its manual... Sergio
  2. Sergio

    How many universes per port on a pixcon16?

    I am sorry for the delay, I am running the Pixcon on version 1.4.12 . Last weekend , I tried to run 2 different universes in the same port, however only the first universe turn on. Is any documentation that I have to read in order to configure this port to run multiple universes in the same port. I would like to have 2 line of 38 pixel each on each universe. Thanks in advance for you help Sergio
  3. Hello, I am having some issues to setup multiple universes per port on my Pixcon16.. Due to I was wondering how many universes can i run in the same port using a Pixcon16. Thanks. Sergio
  4. Hello, I wondering if you can help me to figure it out, why CTB16PCG3's lights are flickering when they are connected to PIXCON16 DMX Bridge and there are nothing running. Last week , I made some testing on this connection and they worked correctly however I turned them on today and the CTB16PCG3's lights started to blink without any sequence or show running. I read that i could be the cable, any other idea? Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Sergio

    Pixcon16 not showing up

    Hi Hgrave I am pretty new on this lights world. However did you force your pc to an static IP. Lets say for example the 192.168.0.x one. Cheers Sergio
  6. I just checked the address DIP Switch and It is set to 000000010 because my ctb16pcg3 was set as unit Id 1. I did not remember about that. Thanks k6 for the clarification. S. Btw i did not catch the rain comment..i am from costa rica.. the only month there's not rain is Christmas...
  7. Hello there, I am using the PIXCOM’s DMX bridge in order to run my cmb24d in DMX mode. At this point after made the jumper configuration on the CMB24 the lights turn on during a dummy sequence, however I noticed that first pixel starts at circuit 2 rather than circuit 1 on the universe. So , the next one(pixel 2) starts at circuit 5 and so on Does anyone know the reason of this behavior, I really want to start at circuit 1 for this controller Thanks in advance
  8. Sergio

    Board CMB24D question?

    Thanks again, by any chance do you know where i can see the board specification for a case scenario where all of them are far away? I am having some challages to place the controller close of the rgb floods.. At this point, I am planning(I need) to have a command center(all controller ) in the back yard powering the light in the front-end of my house..
  9. Sergio

    Board CMB24D question?

    Thanks Mr. P. I will give them a try.. Gracias Sergio
  10. Hello there, I am planning to use a CMB24D this year for my cristhmas show. However I am wondering what is the maximal wire length between the board and the RGB Floods ? I am seeing that my controller will be pretty far from the RGBs? I am planning to have them 35 feet away? Could i have any issues with the signal or current? Thanks in advance for your help S.
  11. Sergio

    Pixcon16 Power supply concern

    Clear like the water !!! thanks S
  12. Sergio

    Pixcon16 Power supply concern

    Now , you mention about it, you right the controller has a 4 amp pink fuse per port, so i will be okey.. however.. what about the output of the PSU, controller support a max capacity of 32 amps per bank and the PSU that I wanna to buy is 5v 70amps... could i damage the controller ? I am kinda confused there. Thanks for the early reply.. Sergio
  13. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me to figure out a good power supply for a Pixcon16 controller. Basically I am planning to run 16 strings with 25 pixels each Now,base on the pixel specification(5v/2811) that i am going to buy, i will have 1.5 amps / 7 Watts per string for a grand total of 12 amps/ 56 watts per each power bank on the controller, reading the operating specification of the controller , it said maximan capacity per power bank will be 32 amps, but i am having problems finding a power supply with 5v 32 amp output. The closest that i could find what this one at HolidayCoro with an output 5v 70amps and here is where the things does not fits well on my number..I am concern that my fuse blow up if i buy this one.. May I correct, if so how could I select a power supply that meet my specification? Thanks in advance for your help Sergio