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  1. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    who has picture of the talking faces or tress. I would like to see how everyone has done them.
  2. getting started

    Thanks for everyone feed back I do need to sit down and really map my plan. I do have a Dc and Ac up now. I just really want to take it to the next level. Where can i find the best info to make the signing tree or face to tunes?
  3. getting started

    i will join that FB page i'm right off of McClintock south of Broadway
  4. getting started

    Hey Group i'm new to this group So we go big for Halloween and our Christmas is getting bigger every year. I'm ready to take it to the next lever with RGB and controller i find my self over overwhelmed on getting started and looking for some help. Does anyone have like a blue print of there wiring lay out and what controller and other fun items they have. Any help would be great. Any AZ people here?