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  1. WOW lights 64 channel set up

    Thanks everybody for the pep talks and advise , if for any reason somebody needs some help ( the little I could give) contact me at yemik@charter.net . .........
  2. WOW lights 64 channel set up

    This is my 2nd year of Christmas light display , and i must say its very humbling. I started with a few 32 channel sequences (i use WOW lights set up for 32 channels)bought from WOW lights sequence store. I'm upgrading to 64 channels , it was easy going from 32 to 64 channels on the sequences i had bought. I'm planning on using the WOW lights set up for 64 channels , and i must say its harder than first thought to write new songs for the fast approching Christmas season. I was wondering if anybody has the same set up as me if they wouldn't mind sharing a few 64 channel sequences ........... Any help would be deeply appreciated , even a few pointers on making sequence writing easier ...........
  3. SPT 1 male vampire plugs do not plug into female LED light strings.

    Well ..... Thanks everybody for the inside scoop. It was appreciated..... Well let's get grinding. 😂
  4. Male vampire plugs will not plug into female led light string ends. Is there a way around this ??? Why would this be like this ? My research has some people cutting down the big side , any wisdom on this would appreciated