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  1. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    JR, my friend. All the best to you and your family for the this festive season and the New Year. Your Carol of the Bells (Barlow Girls Dub step) has been a great hit with all who view it. Thank you for making my presentation better than I could possibly do myself. My friend, I have another challenge for you for the New Year - if you have not already done it. Micheal Buble - Jingle Bells - Peter
  2. Video in LOR sequencing

    Thank you Alan. The problem was the codecs and the container. Converting the MP4 to AVI solved the problem .
  3. Sugar Plum Fairy- remix

    James, may I have a copy please pjroeland@gmail.com Could you also supply music details please.
  4. Video in LOR sequencing

    Hi all. I am new to this and I want to add video to my LOR Show. I have S 4.3. 14 Pro and I cant figure out how to get video to work. I create a new project and add the video file (MP4) . LOR .converts the media and opens in the SE screen with the audio of the file on display I then click Edit >Preferences>Video Preferences. and check "Display Video" and "Use full screen" I select the video monitor to be used - which is the laptop screen that I am using Then I click View>Video Show video and full screen is ticked. When I press play , the SE scrubber runs across the screen. The audio is heard, the channel buttons flash, but I do not see video anywhere. What have I done wrong, or not done to enable the video to display ? I only have a laptop with the laptop screen. No other monitor connected.
  5. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    I haven't seen the 6ft singing tree yet. They will be shown at a Queensland mini in June I believe they are a Christmas tree with aluminium wire frame eyes and mouth hung over the tree. The older type are an aluminium wire frame. 5mm (13/64) diameter seems to be the go here in Oz. I am considering having One of these ft Singing trees as my main singer with the Coro trees as my back up singers, I am also contemplating camouflaging the singing Coro trees by installing all green LEDs over them to make them look like plain Christmas trees and then switch them to the singing trees when needed. Just a thought - time is running out with all the other life plans and unexpected events thrown in.
  6. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Here's a link to a new type of singing Christmas tree we have in Oz - these are 6ft in height as apposed to the older frame type There is still the option like I have which are the Corro Singing trees.
  7. Cost of start up

    Interesting replies Here in Australia we do not have /use anything over 32 Volt dc for our lights. Mains voltage lights are virtually non existent. As a newbie to this fantastic hobby, I developed the CLAP (Christmas light addiction problem) and now have 30 (2nd hand) controllers I progressed from string lights that have their own controllers to the LOR family of controllers. I am using: CMB24 for my "Dumb" RGB strip lights, Strings and Floods. CMB16 D QC for my Single colour String lights and Singing Faces (Christmas trees) If you are using "Smart" RGB lights then you will need to use the PixieCon16 controller. Dumb RGB = all led on a string will be the same colour and will be all on or all off Smart RGB = each led on the string can be any colour you want and you can have any led on or off
  8. getting started

    Dude, for the best sequencing, drop JR a line at his "Accepting Free Singing Face Request" thread. Totally awesome work. JR will sequence your request when he has time. Jr also has his library that may have what you are looking for JR does not sequence anything that is already commercially available.
  9. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Just sent first 30 seconds to you Glad you liked COTB JR Wow JR Thanks for the "re-worked," newer dubstep version of COTB I just requested. This version is not as good as I thought it would be It's BETTER. It's ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC I so love it - it's a definite keeper. I so don't know how you kept up with tempo of those Lyrics Thanks again - i really appreciate all that you have done.
  10. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Thanks JR Love it !
  11. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    I like it also. Took a while to find it on the web, but I have sent the Lyrics and a link to the HQ audio file to you know who to sequence when he gets the time. :-) Here is the "link" if anyone else is after the mp3 file.
  12. Dear Santa Tim McGraw

    I would like a copy if you're still sharing pjroeland@gmail.com
  13. Would love a copy and link or deatils to audio/music used pjroeland@gmail.com
  14. Bing's White Christmas?

    Any chance you want to send this one down under ? pjroeland@gmail.com