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  1. Hi Jr: Are you starting on Christmas songs yet? Was wondering if have done or could do Pentatonix Mary Did you Know? I tried to start on it but there are two many voices and I just can't get that one. I did do Thriller/Heads Will Roll and it turned out pretty good. Went back and all the songs that I originally did, I did over....they were really bad. Lol Thanks again for all of your guidance...it helped out some much. I like do the faces better than the lights themselves now Debbi
  2. Hi Jim: I didn't see that error until you wrote me. And I did find one that was in the LOR program and worked great. Thanks
  3. Hi JR: I actually found one on the LOR program under add a prop...worked out awesome. Thank you for all the help that you have given me. I am slowly working on Mad Russian's....I will finish it before Christmas...somehom lol I have done a couple of songs sequencing the singing pumpkins. I am currently working on Uptown Funk and finished Godzilla which was a lot of fun. Papagayo was hard to use at first but I am getting better. I know I am probably not doing it perfect, but it is pretty good, I think. I still haven't found a good tutorial for papagayo...nothing that goes really into the basics of the program. I think my biggest problem is getting it on the right marker/line of the music. The Papagayo program shows the number is increments of 24, and my program on LOR is not that. What I do right now is just listen to see how the music/words hit that beat and then subdivide that timing mark (?) to the number of mouth movements for that particular part. Is that the right way? Debbi
  4. Good Afternoon: Does anyone have a bat lpf file. I am now adding them to our show this year and can' find a file and I am AWFUL at drawing. Thanks Debbi
  5. Got it, JR. Thanks again. Any halloween ones you have already done, I wouldn't mind either. Debbi
  6. Mad Russian is kicking my butt. I just do a little at a time and then go to other songs...finished Uptown Funk and Uma Thurman while doing Mad Russian. I realized it was going to be hard....but NOT as hard as it is. lol. Figure if I can get through this one, everything else will be easier.. HAHA I guess practice is the only thing to do to get better.. Thanks for your encouragement.
  7. Again, thank you so much for the info...I am going to give it a try. And I believe you...think it is going to be super hard but can't hurt to try. Right now doing the mapping and sequencing for Mad Russian's Christmas....that one is kicking my butt lol Debbi
  8. Thank you so much. Looking forward to getting it In the meantime, I am going to try to do it as well. Are there any tutorials out there that would help me undertake this? Debbi
  9. Do you have the faces for Devil Went Down to Georgia? Someone forwarded me your post. Thanks Debbi deboaks13@yahoo.com
  10. New on here so if I mess up sending out a question, sorry...husband would say it is a "blonde" thing, I am trying to get a copy of the singing pumpkin face or faces for Devil Went down to Georgia... Anyone have a copy of it available now or soon, Thanks for any help Debbi deboaks13@yahoo.com
  11. forgot email. deboaks13@yahoo.com
  12. Do you still have the faces available for Devil? Programming for Halloween and could really use some help. Never done the faces before. Thanks for your help. Debbi
  13. This will be our first Halloween show...only did storm last year. We are going to try to make our own singing pumpkin faces. Does anyone have a template for the large one or possibly a couple different faces for the smaller pumpkin faces, those don't have to sing. Also, does anyone have the prop file for the singing pumpkin faces or the Christmas singing light bulbs Thanks for any help.
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