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  1. Looking for Mr Heatmiser Faces

    Thanks JR!
  2. Looking for Mr Heatmiser Faces

    I'd love a copy if you don't mind <3
  3. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Popping in to say the KKFOS faces are perfect. Thank you again JR!
  4. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Seriously you are the best. IT LOOKS AWESOME! I'll be mapping to my faces this weekend. I'll be using this as my show opener this Halloween (don't be shocked if I send you video of it!) Appreciate everything!
  5. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Sending you a PM with my email <3 I agree! I plan to make that one the start of the show, it'll be sure to get the neighbors attention
  6. Newbie Questions

    Thank you everyone! I ordered the faces yesterday and purchased the Advanced software. I went with Advanced based on George Simmon's recommendation so I can utilize it more as I grow in this addiction March starts my busy season at work so in between travels I've saved some you tube videos to watch and I will go through the LOR tutorials as well. I opened the software last night and spent some time getting familiar with it. It's a learning curve for sure but I have plenty of time before October to spend with it. When the faces and controller come in I'll spend some time figuring out how the set up will best work and see if it's easier to use my laptop or go for the director. Trying not to get ahead of myself which I tend to do, so until then I'll be spending time researching the forum on others set ups and the pros and cons I wanted to also thank James Morris and Bill P for sharing some sequences! These will be immensely helpful as I learn to use the software.
  7. My Halloween Animations

    If you're setting up again this Halloween I'm a local and would love to swing by and see it
  8. Newbie Questions

    Trooper. Thanks again!
  9. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Bessssst <3 I would love to have a sequence of Creature Feature - The Greatest Show Unearthed or The Dickies - Killer Klowns From Outer Space Also if you have any other face sequences you've made for Halloween and don't mind sharing let me know I would love to use them!
  10. Newbie Questions

    My immediate face when you posted this - https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/e571b10e34e9b88fe576f46cff6906de5c7b9695f0ecfa972f28541bb27effd2_large Awesome and thank you!! I'm ordering the faces Monday and heading over to your thread now
  11. Newbie Questions

    Santas Helper - Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your videos Jim - I appreciate the link to your site! Your Christmas display is amazing. I bookmarked it so I can sit down and review the technical details. I appreciate it! And I agree on D'lights, everything I read about his stuff has been amazing. I was just late to the draw this year, but if I expand to more faces in the future I'll be sure to get in touch with them
  12. Newbie Questions

    Haha yes, lots of props and more in progress for this year. Props are easy, lighting/electronics are where I struggle. I own the house, I think I'd need to get some help for the above but sounds doable. Thanks for the tip TBS99, downloading the demo now! It sounds like for this year I would just need 16 channels for two faces, then figure out the connection from the computer to the controller to the lights, and a receiver and speakers for the sound.
  13. Newbie Questions

    Thank you both! I may order the faces now then, the getting started package mentioned above comes with the software so I was thinking it's a decent bundle, but if I can save money I am all about that. I am basically taking my yearly convention funds and channeling it into LOR set up this year because Halloween is the most (the entire inside of my house is horror themed, Halloween is a lifestyle here) and after seeing how many trick or treaters I had last year in this new neighborhood I know they'll flip over the set up this year if I add singing faces Halloween was my greatest joy as a kid so I love spreading it. The Ducks - See I don't know. Here is one of my problems. I don't know what I'm doing exactly, so let me apologize for that, I am however eager to listen and learn so I can understand the basics and work up from there. I assumed the wireless linkers would let me manage the laptop upstairs and the controllers in the best location (one in the garage for future light shows, one upstairs for the faces). Is this not how they work? Fundamentally for this year, I'd like two singing faces for Halloween (and I'd like to leave them up for Christmas too, just change the music). I would likely play over an outdoor speaker. Having the lights as part of the program would be great too, but I can add these in the coming years. I have a PC upstairs I can run this off of - or I can use a laptop. If it were possible (again, don't know what I am doing this is just how I imagined it) since the faces will be mounted to the second story I could feasibly leave the laptop in the room directly attached to the outside wall they would be on, and keep the LOR Unit and PC in there, running the Cat5 through the window(s). In the future, I'd like another controller downstairs for the lights. Attaching a picture of last Halloween, we had some lights, strobes, fog machines, etc but they were all plugged in either downstairs or the garage. Same with the roof lights at Christmas.
  14. Newbie Questions

    This is the year! I'm a huge Halloween fanatic and I've always wanted to add singing Pumpkin faces to my Halloween display but that wasn't really feasible until this year and my new home. After a few months of research and finding out which companies to avoid, I I decided LOR was the best route and the community so far seems fantastic from my creeping the forums. I found a 2 face package via Wow Lights (D'lights had frames without lights but per his website he isn't taking any orders) and planned to couple it with their Basic Getting Started Package - 32 Outputs package (two controllers, light-o-rama software, etc). I still only have and inkling of what I am doing so I'm hoping time spent on this forum over the next several months will help me learn set up/the software/high level sequencing/etc. I have a few basic questions before I place my order and early wait to learn how to make the faces work. 1. As a sequencing newb, how difficult is it to take the sequences shared here on the forum and make them work for two faces vs. one or four? I doubt I'll be making my own anytime soon and hoping to borrow or purchase from others for now, but one day I'd like to give it a solid go. 2. I planned to buy the 32 outputs package in case I am able to program the lights in to the show, but as I am not technically savvy in regards to any of this should I stick with just 16? Looks like the faces have 8 outputs each, and just expand later whenever LOR has a sale on controllers? 3. The faces will mount to my 2nd story. Wow lights sells a package with "USB485B Adapter and 2 Wireless Linkers - one to plug into the USB485B adapter and the other to plug into the first controller, up to 1000ft away.". Would you recommend purchasing this for the faces to avoid wiring across the 2nd story down to the first? Has anyone else use wireless linkers? 3. Does anyone have tutorials they recommend to both set up (channel mapping, explaining to me like I'm 5 because thats how new I am), LOR software etc? I saw an amazing video by Matt Stuart on here on how to copy and paste facial movements into an existing sequence, things along that line. I'm sure over the years I'll learn but for now this is all overwhelming, albeit exciting! Sorry for all the questions.