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  1. Obejohnknobe

    Hardware Utility Explaination Question

    I would love to hear that one! All the dip switches fall into 2 categories, equipment and humans...LOL as in my mistakes at times! Will see if the Pixie 4s ID stuck tomorrow. John
  2. Obejohnknobe

    Hardware Utility Explaination Question

    Thanks, Persistence was the game plan and was simply dumbfounded everything worked as it should. It was very frustrating after discovering the way LOR shipped the Pixie 8 cards with #8 dip switch in the on position but states you should be using the HU to program them. I am almost completed with a sequence to test the Pixie 4s to see if they kept the ID. We shall see probably tomorrow. Thanks! John
  3. Obejohnknobe

    Hardware Utility Explaination Question

    Hi JR, After extensive programming and research here is the outcome from the ID settings in HU. I had no problems with the following Cards with ID retention: CTB16PC-G3 version 1.09 which is current, 2 - Pixie 16s Version 1.02 current, and 3 - Pixie8D-V4 Version 1.02 current...after I switched the dip switches all to off. All dip switches on the Pixie8s had position 8 in the ON position and it shows the same detail in the manual, why since the website also states the HU is the only way to program it...hhhmmm. Found in the back of the manual the ID settings for the dip switches. again, decided to switched them to off. All of these cards had NO problems with changing IDs, changing pixel count and setting the RGB sequence. Refreshed and check ID (good) and even turned it off and back on after a minute. All IDs were solid as well as tested lights from the HU and no issues. With the HU did really well to test the lights, I did not use a sequence. When it comes to the Pixie 4s (Pixie4D V3 version 1.02)...had problems keeping the IDs in the cards. 1 card would revert back to Hex 01 and the other would revert back to Hex 11. It took several times of changing it back and forth, turning it off and back on to keep the ID in the cards. Probably spent an hour per card doing this just so I had confidence the card kept the ID. There is no dip switches on the Pixie4s, it does have jumpers but nothing that would indicate keeping the ID (J2 accessory power, J3 triggers, J4 120 ohm resistor and J5 needs to be empty to program thru HU which it is) and it has the current firmware. I will be taking them out again tomorrow to see if they kept the IDs. Any idea why the Pixie4s are being a pain? P.S. thank you for the offer of calling but for now, it is a wait and see. John
  4. Obejohnknobe

    Hardware Utility Explaination Question

    Hi JR, After further research I have 3 - Pixie 4s (Pixie4D V3) with no dip switches and it seems I have no problem with the id that I can remember. I will get back to you on this one as I forgot to set up how many Pixies on a string (i.e. 50, 51, 99 and 100 due to 51 on my leaping arches I was testing) and try it again. There are 3 - Pixie 8s (Pixie8D V4) in the setup and all have the dip switches, however, in the manual, it states if all dip switches are in the off position the Hardware Utility is needed to set the ID so I will look at them all to see if any were accidentally toggled on....or do I need to just set it up that way to be safer? Lastly, there are 2 - Pixie 16s (Pixie16D V2) with no dip switches to set the ID and not programmed to the new Hex ID. And the honorable mention is 1 - CTB16PCV3 light controller that also has no dip switches and I always have it set to 01 hex setting. Will update you in the afternoon to see what else I found. Thank you, John
  5. Thank you everyone for helping me out over the past year. I have learned a lot from you!!! The question I have is about the Hardware Utility program. Over the last couple of days I have been rewiring power, board wiring, labeling and setting up new Hex IDs for all of my Pixie controllers as well as my CTMB16. In HU, the setting of the new ID goes without hitch and use the refresh to initialize the testing as well as setting up the RGB sequence (RGB instead of GRB) and the testing of the lights will not work until I have refresh again. Most of the time the refresh will show the correct ID, however, there are a few cards that I have problems in having to go back and set the ID again. For example, I have a pixie 8 with an id hex setting of 21. It will confirm the new id setting and shows the new id when it refreshes. When I use the Config and then the Pixie config to change the light sequence to RGB, I refresh again as it will not test the lights until it refreshes. That is where the ID will switch to a different ID such as 1A. Then I have to change the id back to the original then refresh and before the lights can be tested. Is this due to an EPROM glitch issue or software glitch? Can anyone explain as my inquiring mind would like to know...please? Thank you!! John M.
  6. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    As far as it being the DMX, there is a definite difference between the Pixie4 and the Pixie4 DMX. It would have the XLR connectors and mine does not. Thanks for asking as I did go back into the booklet and found the DMX card.. John
  7. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    I did try both cat 5 connectors on the card and still nothing when I was testing so I will be getting online with LOR to see if there is a fix. Thank you for all of your help! I do not know what I would do if it was not for this forum and all of you helping! Thank you!! John
  8. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    Thank you! I did not know they would do repairs and have you had any experience on getting them repair through LOR? John
  9. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    LOR website under support and firmware says there is, but not available. If I cannot talk to the card, is it possible to download the update if there was one available? Thanks John Pixie2 smart controller (2 ports) Pixie2D 1.x firmware not available Pixie4 smart controller (4 ports) Pixie4D 1.x firmware not available Pixie8 smart controller (8 ports) Pixie8D 1.x firmware not available Pixie16 smart controller (16 ports) Pixie16D 1.x firmware not available
  10. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    Thanks! Got it changed! I just went and installed my new Pixie 4 card in the same place as the old one (remove and replaced) and it appears it is the same version as the older card with all the items in the same place and cannot find out which one is different. Fired it up and changed the unit id on HU and it came back with the same error as the older one with check cables and power. The difference is the LED light is now steady so I did a refresh on the HU and it shows the card!!! I did a quick test setup with lights and it works! I think it is the card, any ideas why the older card will not take the unit id?
  11. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    Anyone know how to get my software version below my name? I have tried to get my profile changed but cannot find a place to get it (software version) to appear.
  12. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    I have the both the USB-RS485HS and the USB-RS485B. I was using the HS adapter for both the Pixie 8 and Pixie 4. Pixie 8 works but not the Pixie 4 when talking to it. Agreed it is a comm issue but it may be the software (older Pixie) the card has on it since my software is the current v4.3.26 Pro. I tried the RS485B and again, it will not talk to each other and get the same error to check the cable and power supply. Check voltages and cable tested and all checked good. Did try it again on my Pixie 8 and worked like a charm changing the unit id several times and then changed it back to what is need for the display. I am going to try the newer Pixie 4 and 8 cards I picked up this past April and see what happen. Thinking it is a card issue
  13. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    First, hex max is F0 in hu which is well over the max I need. Second, I made a hex spreadsheet to id each pixie card. For example the pixie 8 id is 31. Pixie 4 is 2a and the other pixie 4 will be 2e. It appears programming is not the issue but the card does not like the software.
  14. Obejohnknobe

    Cannot Set ID on new Pixie 4D 1st gen

    Software version is v4.3.26 Pro
  15. Hello everyone! So I am finally got a sequence completed and want to try it on my cards (with lights) and have started to set the Unit ID on them. I was able to set a Pixie 8 unit id with no issues and tried 2 - Pixie 4Ds 1st gen, one with 5vdc and the other with 12vdc with no success. Neither was programmed before and tried to set the id in the hardware utility unsuccessfully in each. Did the once over at least 3 times to check the jumpers in the correct spot, checked fuse, did a reset, and the led light blinks 2 times a second (no code). Have rebooted the computer and tried a different hex setting ID on the Pixie 8 and reset it back to my original hex code plan and have no issues. The Pixie 4D 1st gen hardware setting error states it cannot find the unit and check the connections and power. I looked on the forum and nothing I can see relates to this unless I am typing my search with nothing that pops up, i.e. cannot set unit id to pixie 4d 1st gen. Again, these were just pulled out of the boxes and connected to set the unit id to check my displays (purchased a few years back). BTW, no lights were connected during the setting of the id and Hex codes were different on each card, power checked good and cat 5 cable was tested (cat 5 tester). The cat 5 connectors on the cards are sturdy and do not move. Any ideas??? I have 2 new Pixie 8s and another Pixie 4 purchased during the Mad Grab sale this past April are going to be next in the programming line. Lastly will be the 2 - Pixie 16 (one is working the other is new) and a 16 channel CTB unit that works great all to be reprogrammed. Thank you'll for listening, John M.