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  1. WOW, had not thought of that. I think I have figured it out going from one computer to another, I use a thumb/flash drive holding both music and sequences and it works in both computers. One is a gaming computer and the other is a laptop. I have not tried it using the sequence on the LOR setup I have. Will be using it soon for our 4th of July celebration and will see the kinks then. Thank you for the heads up! John M.
  2. Thanks Jim and Tom! I am using Sequence Editor and the beat wizard for my sequences as I have a music background and it is the easiest for me. The issue is not the music but the lighting sequence. When saving on one computer and transfer it to another, the music sequence is dead on but the lighting sequence is skewed. The music is the same rate and same MP3 file. It was after I updated the software on the laptop the lighting sequence finally stayed the same as well as using a thumb drive to store everything (music and sequence). I did both at the same time so the opportunity to see if the software or the way it was saved might have been the issue. My best guess from what you two are saying is it was saving the file issue. As far as saving on the cloud, I do not have access to the internet for my personal computer nor cloud at work due to "locking it down" on their end (military) so I do the alternative thumb drive for now. After I do the trial on the G3-MP3 Director I will post the results. Again, Thanks!!!!! John
  3. Thanks Mike! What I have been researching is the MP3 versus the WAV file. When I ripped the CDs for saving them for LOR sequences I did not know what kind of file Windows Media Player saved them as (WMA back in 2008). When using WMA music files with LOR (basic version) the music files would not be recognized by LOR. Finally after some headway, I found out how to change WMA to MP3s, again no idea what bit rate as well as sample rate (2012?) but they seem to work with hits and misses. About 2014/5, was able to save them as MP3s at 128kbps and would work with LOR. Now with being a little more computer savvy, was able to save them as MP3s at 160kbps and the software recognizes them as well as plays the music with the sequence. The question now is does the G3-MP3 Director play the current version I have? I am finding out the G3-MP3 Director should be able to play any "common" music format to include WAV music files. At what sample rate and speed is to be determined. I plan on doing a couple of samples with WAV and MP3 files with small sequences to see what the outcome is. This all stemmed when the lighting sequences I saved on different computers got off grid going from one computer to another.
  4. Hello everyone, Update from what I have tried. In order to go from one computer to another, use either a thumb drive or portable hard drive and keep the sequences and music on it in the LOR files like you would see in a regular LOR file. Keep the music the same sample rate and format (160k sample rate and MP3 for me). You can use different music files as long as you are using a computer to use in your show but for me I have a G3-MP3 Director. I will try to find out if the Director will accept other music formats and sample rates this weekend barring any distractions....wait....mother's day is this weekend so it may be next week before I get this trial completed. Lastly, use the same software version to keep from small deviations they may have that will prevent the sequence/music from being on time. As far as Windows, you can use 7 or 10 as I had no problems. I got rid of windows 8 due to it crashed on me and having stability problems so I am not familiar if you can switch back and forth with any other windows. Not sure if Apple products will switch. Special thanks to all that have help me Especially Philip M.! John M.
  5. Hey everyone, Thanks for the info and to give you updates on what I found. 1st, the audio is at 160kbps and the timing is the same (2.33.23) in both sequences. I did find that my laptop is running 4.3.18 Pro while my "big rig" is running 4.3.26 Pro. When I updated the laptop, I thought 4.3.26 Pro was loaded, should have double checked. All the timing grids match (I randomly selected several points in the music). Big rig is windows 10 and laptop is windows 7. So let me try to paint a picture for everyone that might help you see what I am referencing. Between each beat is 3 grids and none are the same size due to humans conducting the music (beat wizard). Both computers match the grid size between each beat. Lets say I want 1 grid in the color of white on my bid rig and when I transfer to the my laptop, the grid of white would be off of the selected grid by very little. In time, it would 1.00.00 on the big rig but the laptop would be 1.00.78. It is noticeable. It also does the same thing when I work on the laptop and transfer to the big rig. So here is what I will do and get back to ya'll on this. Will convert the music 128k on my audacity program (using this for audio dubbing videos at work). Will convert music to a WAV file for backup trial. Update program on laptop to v4.3.26. Convert laptop to windows 10 (this will be a while as I ordered it). Please let me know if there is something in the above info that is a cause of this problem or even another idea. Thank you for your help! John
  6. Happy Sequencing Everyone! Question....I use 2 computers, one a laptop and one a desktop. When saving a sequence on one computer and carrying it over to the other computer the sequence work I completed changes the timing a little and it doe this when going from one computer to another. Why? Both computers have software version 4.3.26 Pro, both are using the same music from the same file and so on. I cannot find 1 reason as to why the sequencing would be off just a tiny bit. Both use the beat wizard so the timing is meant to go with the beats. The timing from one beat to another is the same when comparing computers but when the sequences are compared they are off less than a split beat. I am really scratching my head on this one as I have stumped my computer gurus at work! Anybody have a problem like this? Thanks, John
  7. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Try this one and look around on Amazon too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/60W-RGBW-Mini-Beam-Spot-Moving-Head-Stage-Light-DMX-Club-Party-DJ-Disco-Lighting/222675281330?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 The major problem I have with these is there is no cheap covering for it. Alibaba (Ray Wu) sells the case for $200 each and it is not worth it unless you buy the expensive lights. However, I have a trick up my sleeve and am building one out of flexible acrylic to see if it will work. Right now, $20 for the case if it goes right. John
  8. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    The ones that he has are very expensive but you can buy teh cheap ones on eBay for about $50 with 4 leds in it. Just bright enough to do what I want them to do.
  9. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Also forgot to mention, it is 4 LEDs white, red, green and blue at about 60 watts and plenty bright enough for what I am doing with them. John
  10. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Yes, you can from purchase from EBay ($50 each) as well as Amazon from UKing and Alibaba. I purchased mine from UKing on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2PC-60W-RGBW-Mini-Beam-Spot-Moving-Head-Stage-Light-DMX-Bar-Party-DJ-Disco-Light/222675453897?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649. Had Philip Massey help me out in how to program them as well as reference info on terminating them. He was a TREMENDOUS help will all of it. By the way, it is fun to play with!!! Hope this helps. John
  11. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Hi Septon, Yes, I knew the "brightness" was going to be a issue, if I wanted it like his. But I not. I am looking at just some highlights and "dancing" lights. The neighbors would not like something like this so I needed it to be toned down and chose the smaller and "less bright" ones to see if this is what I want. Start small and then go big if this is suitable for my area. John
  12. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Jim, I am now fabricating cable to terminate and changing from an RJ45 to XLR connector.to get my DMX on the LOR side. I am a little confused going from rj45 to xlr and need to know if it is pins1 and 2 on the xlr connector and it is going to pins 4 and 5 to the rj45 jack that need connecting? John
  13. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Now that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John
  14. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Jim, Is this what you are talking about??? John
  15. Obejohnknobe

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Jim, I have questions, where do you terminate the LOR network since so many cards are daisy chained and some have 3 ports and with what (rj45 with a 120 ohm resistor)? This could be part of the reason my several of my 5v 100 pixel strings would hang up at the 50 pixel mark before it would continue. I did power inject it and most of my cables were less than 30' from the card. John