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  1. I do think that the balloon has worker great. It looks like a Christmas ornament the way I do it. I purchased the 10 foot version for around $340.00 and picked it up. I poked a hole in it when it was new and it repaired very easy. Let me describe the projection system if I may. The computer I use to drive LOR has a duel video card, on one monitor is the control and the other video output is full screen video. This is not required but makes life easy especially if you need to control something during the show run. The control monitor is in the house with the computer and radio transmitter. The video card output with the video image flow is (1) VGA cable (2) VGA to cat 5 converter (3) 250 feet of cat 5 (4) cat 5 to VGA converter (5) VGA cable (6) projector. Long VGA cables are a problem avoid them. The projector is a 3500 lumen standard resolution 4:3 ratio. I have built an enclosure that I place 15 feet approx. in front of the balloon, it is water tight but air circulates to allow cooling from the outside. I let it run in the rain with no trouble. A warning; I can’t use power from the same sub panel for the projector and LOR. With large and sudden light changes LOR drags the 60 cycles down and causes the projector sync pulse to degrade. I plug it in some ware else and next year I am adding an isolation transformer right out by the projector. I will attach picture if I can find some. Thanks Brad
  2. Very nice! I like the music, it's good for squencing.
  3. It took a long time but here is my 2011 display. This is the video portion.
  4. I like the Video switcher. That is a good solution.
  5. I'v done this before Attached files
  6. In theatrical lighting there is an item called a projector dowser. You can get 2 and in S2 (or S3) program each one open when you want it. They are DMX and you will need that LOR hardware as well. Here is a web site that shows the common units used in theater . http://citytheatrical.com/la-dmxIris.htm Looks pretty pricy, I don’t remember paying that much.
  7. Don't wait till it's to late. I started choosing music this last weekend and will be editing video until August and then start sequencing.
  8. I started in 2009 with LOR and Video.
  9. Fantastic! I really enjoyed watching.
  10. http://www.vimeo.com/21707992 Update to the "video only" video.
  11. KenL_MCSE wrote: I think the auto on off is very important. I don't have this and it is a pain.
  12. Some is all original but most is using Digital Juice Editors Toolkit 9 – Christmas. With ET you have video elements that you plug into your editor and manipulate. For sophisticated edits I will use After Effects then into the editor.
  13. Someone asked to see the video only so here it is. http://www.vimeo.com/21353334
  14. DonFL wrote: Its that Boeing mentality...they are usually kinda' late on deliverables...:D:D:P:P I'm part of the Boeing supply chain. Thats the mentality when it's time to pay me. )
  15. Jim Saul wrote: No, I just used compressed air. The balloon rested on an old trailer. It did expand and contractand I added air once a week. I would look at the minimum temp. on the balloon it may become brittle at a low temp.
  16. debtoews wrote: On Indianola Ave. just north of Elkhorn Ave. Thanks
  17. jimswinder wrote: No it is in an enclosure about 25 feet in front of it.
  18. This is what I got. http://www.ameramark.com/helium_spheres.htm Attached files
  19. We moved this year to the family farm. As we had a new audience and very little time, we used songs from previous years. We added a 30’ mega tree and a Bethlehem star (Holdman). We also changed the video projection from a video wreath to a 300% larger “barrage balloon” as my driveway is 350 feet long. Brad http://www.vimeo.com/20287610
  20. T34 Flyer wrote: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Queen of the Winter Night Thank you. I hope it works for you. My neighbors are asking me to leave it in for next year.
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