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  1. I use Digital Juice; you will need to look for it. They change their packaging all the time. http://www.digitaljuice.com/default.asp
  2. I wanted to show you some of the things we have created that you would rarely see. This is a loop we run if the show is canceled. It may or may not have video. It is in jest and trying to be light hearted. Also, the evening ending video that runs once at 10:00pm every night. https://vimeo.com/76475725 https://vimeo.com/76575618
  3. On the load factor I would just try it. What happened here was; we moved, set up for the new “on the farm” situation and noticed an intermittent sync pulse loss, moved the projector power off the show sub panel (we have an 800 amp main, don’t ask me what my dad was thinking) with some improvement, then added an isolation transformer and have never seen the problem again. You can find isolation transformers locally and inexpensive, they are heavy however. Just looked at the Granger and McMaster-Carr sites and both have isolation transformers. I would say, try it as-is first, then proceed as needed to avoid over doing it. VGA cable; I have had bad luck every time, from wires pulling out of the connectors to reflected wave issues ( it’s like all 3rd trumpets playing C and one guy is a bit flat, the waves hit each other just right to make you go all Bill Shatner) that cause RGB color lead or lag. Once again try it and see. I would test that now however.
  4. Long VGA cables are a pain. In the early days of projectors we tried long runs of VGA cable at church and experienced much the same as has been described. For my VGA to CAT 5 I have been using Altinex DA1921SX for 6 years, at home and at church with great success. I recently purchased a StarTech ST121UTP232 due to its 900 feet range but have not tried it yet. One thing to think about is the current draw changes in your electric load center. All the lights going on and off, you may even notice the drops in you reading lamps while the show is running. Changes in the current draw will create small changes in phase of the electricity in your home, this can and does affect your projector, it can cause sync pulse drops. What I have done is install an isolation transformer right at the projector. My video ball is a 10 foot ball you would find filled with helium flying high above a used car lot. I got mine at http://www.advertisingballoons.com/flyingballoons.htm I will look for the pictures and post them here.
  5. The only artist to give me grief is a relative… we worked it out.
  6. Cscoconut, send me a private message with your address. I’d like to come see your display. I’m live outside of Kingsburg.
  7. Thank you for the complement. There is only one projector in the display. I added a layer with the show video in post for this video as I get so many requests to see the video all the way through.
  8. I have a Gen 3 controller with channel 7 stuck on. I have tried the remedy as stated above to no avail. Can anyone think of another approach before I send this in for TRIAC replacement? Thanks everyone.
  9. https://vimeo.com/63897721 Better late then never.
  10. No matter what on the net, off the net, show running or not channel 7 is on at 50% unless show signals 100% then circuit will go to 100%. I think this is a transistor gate gone bad. Do you agree?
  11. Tonight the show ran correctly all night. I changed my media file from an .avi to a .mwv file as that is native. Seems to have done the trick.
  12. My control cables (cat 5 and cat 6) run approximately 370 feet and everything works fine. How long can you run out from the first controller? When does bridge tap become a problem? Thanks Brad
  13. I have a new problem; after running full screen for 2 or 3 cycles the video will go small and in the corner. In Sequence Editor I have it set for full screen. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks Brad.
  14. If your fog machine uses DMX like the Rosco foger or hazer then problem solved. I would look into controlling with DMX.
  15. Right you are. I do however; use some trick line from the top grommet of the balloon to keep it from swaying. I tie 4 equally spaced to tie downs or cleats slightly further out then the diameter of the balloon.
  16. Balloon on the ground getting air. Attached files
  17. Ballon on the top of the car for its first test. Attached files
  18. I do think that the balloon has worker great. It looks like a Christmas ornament the way I do it. I purchased the 10 foot version for around $340.00 and picked it up. I poked a hole in it when it was new and it repaired very easy. Let me describe the projection system if I may. The computer I use to drive LOR has a duel video card, on one monitor is the control and the other video output is full screen video. This is not required but makes life easy especially if you need to control something during the show run. The control monitor is in the house with the computer and radio transmitter. The video card output with the video image flow is (1) VGA cable (2) VGA to cat 5 converter (3) 250 feet of cat 5 (4) cat 5 to VGA converter (5) VGA cable (6) projector. Long VGA cables are a problem avoid them. The projector is a 3500 lumen standard resolution 4:3 ratio. I have built an enclosure that I place 15 feet approx. in front of the balloon, it is water tight but air circulates to allow cooling from the outside. I let it run in the rain with no trouble. A warning; I can’t use power from the same sub panel for the projector and LOR. With large and sudden light changes LOR drags the 60 cycles down and causes the projector sync pulse to degrade. I plug it in some ware else and next year I am adding an isolation transformer right out by the projector. I will attach picture if I can find some. Thanks Brad
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