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  1. On ‎11‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 8:02 AM, T34 Flyer said:

    I have been running with the setting in tools on full screen.  The video still reverts to a small window every other or 3rd cycle of the show.  This has been a problem for me before S5 switching from dual monitor to a single monitor setup mitigated the problem somewhat.  Changing computers and video cards does not help.

    OK.  I've had some success it avoiding/correcting the problem.  I re-exported the file as a H.264 wrapped in a .mp4.  I edited in Media Composer but I know most will use Adobe Premier Pro so I'll start there.  With your project open and timeline selected.  Click File>Export>Media.  With that window open set format: H.264 preset: NTSC DV.  For good measure I would go to the video tab and in the field order drop down select: progressive. 

    You can output H.264 files as .mp4 or .mov your looking for .mp4

    I have been running a test for 16hrs and the video has not minimized once. 


    Hope this helps.






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  2. During setup I found this controller DOA.  Inspected the unit and found that lead to the right side fuse was fried and replaced it and the fuse holder.  During testing after restoring power I find the circuits (usually #1 but not always) randomly flashes without sequence command.  Do you think this a bad triacs or control circuit issues?   BTW, don’t remember a dead half controller at the end of last year.


    Thank you


  3. I think it's and good idea and will save time.  Have you thought about using the multiconnector at the controller end as well? 


    k6ccc is right.  Look at the voltage rating of the connector you purchase.  If the current capability of the connector is sufficient use ohms law to justify your conclusion on the connector selection.

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  4. Now that it's time to start thinking of next Christmas, I want to start by testing my controllers.  Normally I just run all the controls in the Hardware Utility with a C9 on each circuit.  Is this adequate?  For the past 2 years I have noticed flickering after blackouts and cant find it with controller testing, in the programming (Sequence Editor) and I changed the cat5s.


    What do ya'll do?  Do you had a testing routine beyond the Hardware Utility?  Do you simulate your full load or C9 it as I do? 



  5. One year I was deep in the Brain-dead-ness.  I posted that my show was not working and everyone was giving me suggestions LOR Dan was responding to the posts and getting ready to send hardware out to me overnight.  Then I read the checklist (palm/head plant).  I had forgotten to take my Sequence into Show Editor.  I did fess up on my post.

  6. A BREAKTHROUGH!  Ok, my normal set up has been running with 2 monitors.  Monitor 1 as the control monitor with all the usual icons and windows stuff.  Monitor 2 as the video output.  With all this trouble we have tried everything including flip flopping 1 and 2. 


    Now I have 1 monitor output.  I removed all the linking icons and hid the bottom tray.  Now when the show video starts, the full screen video pops up and covering the desktop (I set the desktop to black).  I have not once observed the video in the top left corner anomaly.  


    My set up is a VGA cable out from the video card to the transmitter half of the VGA-CAT5 converter then CAT5 cable, CAT5-VGA receiver, VGA cable, projector.  The CAT5 transmitter has a VGA out, so I have a monitor on that output for control.


    So far so good.  Thanks centauri61032




  7. Unfortunately this is the worst year ever on this video issue.  In the past the video would hang in the corner one in around 6-8 cycles.  This year the video hangs in the corner 9 out of 10 cycles.  I’m about to give up on video or find a new controlling software.  Very frustrated. 

  8. Here is a question for after new years and before I put stuff away.  Does anyone have a test for controllers to evaluate if they are functioning properly?  I would like to evaluate my controllers before I store them, I am seeing some anomalies persist.  It may be my cat5s or something else.  Never the less, its time to evaluate the controllers (some are 6 years old).



  9. I am testing an entire newly deployed system new computer including video card, new projector and VGA to cat 5 converters - All new.  I am having the same problem if not worse.  The show launches video opens full screen and plays normally one cycle then the next go around the video will be in a small window in the top left corner then occasionally back to full screen on a subsequent loop.  My show is one video. Has anyone overcome this? 


    Thanks Brad

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