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  1. On a Showtime G3 controller testing with Hardware Utility, I’m not getting a shimmer. With the shimmer setting I get a steady on. So, is the shimmer generated in the controller or the utility? Also, any ideas on how to resolve? I have already tried the up down arrow reset. Thanks in advance. Brad
  2. What do you guys think could have caused this PCB short out? Dry location and 7.5 Amp load each side. It is one of my oldest 4 controllers.
  3. Thank you. I have the extensions just didn't want to cut them. I'm planning on a permanent installation as well. Thanks again.
  4. Anyone know what the connector (4 pin) for the RGB Flood is? Part number? Does LOR sell a pigtail? Thanks
  5. OK. I've had some success it avoiding/correcting the problem. I re-exported the file as a H.264 wrapped in a .mp4. I edited in Media Composer but I know most will use Adobe Premier Pro so I'll start there. With your project open and timeline selected. Click File>Export>Media. With that window open set format: H.264 preset: NTSC DV. For good measure I would go to the video tab and in the field order drop down select: progressive. You can output H.264 files as .mp4 or .mov your looking for .mp4 I have been running a test for 16hrs and the video has not minimized once. Hope this helps. Brad
  6. I have been running with the setting in tools on full screen. The video still reverts to a small window every other or 3rd cycle of the show. This has been a problem for me before S5 switching from dual monitor to a single monitor setup mitigated the problem somewhat. Changing computers and video cards does not help.
  7. During setup I found this controller DOA. Inspected the unit and found that lead to the right side fuse was fried and replaced it and the fuse holder. During testing after restoring power I find the circuits (usually #1 but not always) randomly flashes without sequence command. Do you think this a bad triacs or control circuit issues? BTW, don’t remember a dead half controller at the end of last year. Thank you Brad
  8. To follow on, can you do everything in Pixel Editor or is it best use sequence editor and pixel editor respectively?
  9. Well... Using S4 I would like to use SuperStar and CCB will be a tree. Thanks Brad N6QFA
  10. I am adding Cosmic Color bulbs and floods this year> What is the suggested programing work flow?
  11. Greetings, I use Adobe Premier Pro for my display video editing. Those of you that use CS6 PP, what is the best output setting for LOR?
  12. Controllers brought in and arches stored. Will get back out after the predicted 4 days of rain.
  13. I think it's and good idea and will save time. Have you thought about using the multiconnector at the controller end as well? k6ccc is right. Look at the voltage rating of the connector you purchase. If the current capability of the connector is sufficient use ohms law to justify your conclusion on the connector selection.
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