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  1. Looking for 2 sequences

    Sweet! Thank you so much. I certainly will be patient. As soon as I am back to my computer I will try to download drop box and see what you have. You are amazing that you offer all these sequences to everyone. (Especially for those of us that are newbies).
  2. Looking for 2 sequences

    I put it in the search bar but nothing came up, not sure how else to find/search for something. Still learning how to use the forums.
  3. Looking for 2 sequences

    Hi all, We are planning our first show this year and so excited to try out the singing faces. Does anyone have the faces sequence to Rudolph by the Blenders and Jingle Bells by the Minions? Thank you in advance.
  4. Splicing LED M5 mini lights

    Sorry everyone, have been busy haven't been able to play with the lights. Hi Steve, I checked the drop across one LED on a 70 count string 35 per section of a purple set and got only 1.95 volts the white shows a drop of about 2.68 volts I am going to try this weekend to check the drop on red, green, blue and amber colored lights. I am making variable resistor tester to use for checking what size resistor to use and install in the string. the string you tested can you tell me what count it is and was it a full wave type. Thanks Jeff.
  5. Splicing LED M5 mini lights

    Hi everyone, Have some info for people who may be following this post. Made some electrical measurements on a white 70 count string this weekend. The string is divided into two sections of 35 LED's each, nothing new there. I measured the voltage drop across one of the LED's and found it to be 2.68 volts. The current flow through the LED's was 19 milli amps, using good old Ohm's law I get a "bulb" resistance of about 141 ohms. If you add the bulb resistance together you get around 4900 ohms for that section. The label on the string of lights has a total current flow for the string at 40 milli amps. With 2 sections making up one string that makes sense, 20 ma times 2 will make 40 ma. I may try to supplement a resistor in for a number of LED's I will remove from the string and see if that works. Hope this may shed some light on the subject of splicing LED lights. Thanks again for all the inputs to this post. Jeff
  6. Splicing LED M5 mini lights

    Thanks everyone for the info, John, I have done a little research and read somewhere that the color of an LED light in determined by the doping material of the LED when made. I agree with you that you must pay attention to the polarity when splicing in a new bulb. I am going to try some experiments on some strings of lights this weekend. I will see if the voltage is different across the different colored LED lights. The blue lights do tend to be the worst failure rate, you are correct. If the strings have resistors in them that may account for the different voltages on the lights. when i get my results I do my best to post them. Thanks Jeff.
  7. Splicing LED M5 mini lights

    Thanks for the thoughts, we will probably try to sacrifice 2 strings to see if that will work. We did buy the commercial grade so they are sealed and we cannot change bulbs like the cheaper ones.
  8. Has anyone tried to splice M5 mini light full wave rectified Christmas lights? Here is my issue....I have a 100 count light string. I need to splice 20 lights of red into the white. Can I remove 20 lights of the white and insert the 20 lights of the red? It would make my display much neater and easier to populate the lights. The lights are 3 wired full waves. Thank you for any information/suggestions anyone is willing to share.