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  1. I haven’t purchased any yet. Just looking really. Have seen where alot of 12 volt strings are 27 watt per 100 node...after re reading my comment i realized i need 600 watts PER controller...i think 2/ 600 watt power supplies will do the 32 strings...
  2. So it looks like I need about 600 watts for the 32 strings to be at my 75%... Will LOR upgrade the power supplies if I ask or do come with what ever?
  3. Hello everyone, going to build a large mega tree (20-30') and want to see if I have my list together of what I need before I get the components. Does this look right to you guys? I am learning....any info is good info 1. 2 x 12 volt Pixie 16 controllers for a 32 string 100 node tree ( complete controllers with power supply and enclosure and pigtails) 2. Show Time Director ( tree must be stand alone...) 3. 32 strings WS2811 100 node 4. hardware and components to build tree 5. I have Advanced Version of the software 6. CAN I BUY A PACKAGE OF SEQUENCES JUST FOR PIXELTREES? 7. Do i need Sequencing Suite?? 8. Do I need Super Star?? Its real expensive to build just making sure I get what i need the first time...Thanks guys
  4. Thank you guys, I believe I have that situation under control now finally...
  5. Hello all, new here. Received my first controller PC3g with advanced software running windows 10 on a 64 bit machine ( I hate windows 10). I got the downloaded version of software and the disk and have downloaded both. Went thru the install wizard and everything seemed good although when I try to open the program the install wizard starts again. I look in my Program Files and Light O rama is there with all its content but just cant find where to open program. Almost like the download is leaving out something. The USB 485 software seemed to download fine but I obviously haven't gotten that far. Question' do I have to do something with the license key? My software disk is the 4.2.12 and the downloaded from the light o rama sight is 4.2.18 I believe. Thanks for any help
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