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  1. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    Lots of Lights...

    It's a commercial application... I have a lot of smart pixels too Should be a fun one
  2. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    Add Motion Effect To A Group

    Hi Doug, Within the motion effect generator window, you can select the prop, or group to apply the motion effect to. See attached image. Hope this helps!
  3. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    Lots of Lights...

    If one wants to purchase 200,000 or so LED lights (standard 110V strings)... Any suggestions on suppliers for bulk orders like this? Pricing, quality, and leadtime are all important. thanks!
  4. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    S5 Motion Effects Window Scroll

    Not sure if this has been captured yet... The middle mouse wheel scroll does not work in the motion effects window. You have to click and drag the scroll bar in order to view additional motion effects. The mouse scroll wheel does work elsewhere in the program. Not a huge deal, but I wanted to point it out.
  5. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    S5 Prop Creation & Playback

    After looking at the documentation released in the tutorials page... it appears that this has been addressed via the "zoomed playback" feature. Right-clicking a group/prop allows zoomed playback where the preview will zoom in on the selected group or prop. Very useful feature. Thanks LOR team!
  6. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    S5 Prop Creation & Playback

    Hey guys, First, I'd like to say that I am cautiously optimistic about the changes in S5. If you were accustomed to working in Pixel Editor, the update brings everything into one program. No need to jump back and forth between programs (other than SS). Some issues were fixed also, with big improvements in usability of the preview layout tools. (i.e. resizing imported props, better functionality of groups). With the integration of a visualizer window directly in the Sequence Editor, I don't see a huge need for a separate visualizer program. However, by removing the visualizer, LOR has removed one of the best features of the suite... the ability to easily create custom props. That was the biggest strength within the visualizer program.... the tools for creating custom pixel props. The custom prop tool within the SE (excel-style cell based) is not nearly as good. I would like to see the prop creation functionality in the visualizer tool returned. Separately, I would like to see the ability for playback to be editable so that you can preview just the props listed in the current "view" That way you can focus in on just the props and/or groups that you are sequencing. Why burden the system with playback of all props at the same time if not necessary. *this only applies to large shows with lots of props.
  7. Chris@ChristmasSpirit

    5.0.0 How do you edit the RGB lights?

    Hi Matt, Are you able to publish the other documentation/presentations used during the Christmas Expo... particularly anything relating to the S5 release? Thanks, -Chris