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  1. Jeffery m

    LED Keeper Pods

    OK guys and gals the cheapest I have found them is 4 for $6.99 anyone found them cheaper?
  2. Jeffery m

    Firework by Katie Perry

    Would anyone happen to have this sequenced and possibly a singing face sequence to go with it
  3. Jeffery m


    I am looking for Led not Zenon but thanks anyways
  4. Jeffery m


    Does anyone have any Led C9 strobes their looking to sell?
  5. Jeffery m


    Anyone have any for sale for a decent price?
  6. Jeffery m


    Anybody replacing with new and looking to get rid of the old
  7. Jeffery m

    leds wanted

    Anyone on here moving to pixels this year and looking to sell you Led lights.I will be looking to buy some maybe this week.Looking for Red,Green,Warm White and Blue.I am needing minis M5/ M6 5mm Also C6(R,G,WW,B) And C9 blue.Possibly interested in C9 retro in R,G,WW,B if someone has a good deal on those LMK thanks mohorcicjeffery@gmail.com
  8. Jeffery m

    controller issues

    so I havent been able to test anything since its rained for 7 days straight here but I did go and make the master config like u said where I added a device above/below did it for all 10 controllers saved it and then took all my songs out of my show and replaced the ch. config on all of them with the new master config made new show and whala knoiwing changed still have over half of the lights not coming on or only coming on part of the time
  9. Jeffery m

    controller issues

  10. Jeffery m

    controller issues

    what am I putting for name is that where I put 8.1
  11. Jeffery m

    controller issues

    do I insert device above or below
  12. Jeffery m

    controller issues

    ok I opened a new sequence used a master config which I saved and just now deleted units 8-10
  13. Jeffery m

    controller issues

    do I delete 8-10 on all my sequences
  14. Jeffery m

    controller issues

    so when u say to open a new sequence and use master config am I using a existing sequence of mine or just the music and then fill in from my existing sequence lalater
  15. Jeffery m

    controller issues