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  1. Strobes

    Anybody out there have any for sale
  2. Christmas Can Can

    I would greatly appreciate a copy as well .Does this sequence have the singing trees with it because thats actually what Im looking for thanks Jeffery
  3. What does the fox say

    anyone have this sequence with the singing trees
  4. channel not coming on

    Hi all .Needing some assistance please.I purchased a used ctb16 and today when I went to run some test patterns in hardware channel 16 willnot come on.I thought maybe it could have been the lights so I put on a brand new strand and still nothing.Any ideas? thanks Jeffery
  5. light of christmas

    thank you
  6. LEDs wanted

    I am looking for red green and warm white. Thanks
  7. LEDs wanted

    Anybody out there have any. C 7 and c 9 LEDs for sale. Please let me know, thanks.
  8. light of christmas

  9. light of christmas

    I would also love to get a copy if still sharing please and thanks
  10. c9 sockets

    yep thanks for the info
  11. c9 sockets

    well after closer examination turns out the socket was bad working now thanks anyways
  12. c9 sockets

    ok I must have missed it but I was going by wide and narrow on vamps to determin the wire placement how do I know for the socket which is the nuetral
  13. c9 sockets

    Ok guys I just got done making my first ever spt extention cord .I plugged some lights into it and it worked.However the problem is I put a c-0 socket on it to test my strobes and it is not coming on.There is only one stab on the socket and I made sure the nuetral went to it just like the vamps.So what did I miss/Help please
  14. CTB16PC's for sale

    What generation are they
  15. Hallelujah(Pentatonic)

    Does anyone have this sequenced for the 4 singing trees that is willing to share thanks Jeffery