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  1. wibsbar

    Video Transitions

    Is there any way to control the transitions between videos (using AVI files for sequences and I have LOR video full screen on my second monitor - which is part of my outdoor display) in a scheduled show? Currently, when the schedule changes sequences, the full-screen second monitor collapses to a small "Light-O-Rama Video" Window (which then shows everyone my desktop behind this window). When the next sequence begins, the small "Light-O-Rama Video" Window then returns to full screen to display the next AVI file... Just wondering if there is any way to make the transition any cleaner or more transparent to my guests... Thanks!
  2. Has anyone out there had any problem with leaving Cosmic Color Bulbs outside year round? I am afraid the summer sun here in PA will yellow the diffusers and the UV will slowly destroy the wire... And, while I'm on here asking... has anyone figured out anything to use as a "clip" to attach these lights to the outside of their houses? Looking to rent a manlift in the summer and install these as a permanent outline (not practical to do it every year) and before I invest in the lights, I would like to know they will last for a while... Talking about the Cosmic Color Bulbs... Not the Pixels or RGB strips.... Thanks!