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  1. Yeah, I am looking at doing my first tree this year and wondering which is best, that's the reason I ask the question. I love the look of the CCR, but the price is a little higher then the CCP or CCB. I have seen the images on CCP and CCB, I definitely think the CCR is better for images, from what I can see.
  2. Which do you find better, the CCR or the CCP?? Tough to tell which one is better based on the visualizer videos.
  3. JayA

    Pixel Tree sequences

    I would like these sequences as well. Thanks. Jaybird929@comcast.net
  4. I would take a copy as well if you are still sharing. Jaybird929@comcast.net
  5. JayA

    Software choices

    I have the basic software since I have just started. I was wondering, is it really worth going to basic Plus for the beat detection?? I have been playing around with the software a lot and I am thinking beat detection would be way better than replaying to verify where the beats are, etc. Thoughts?
  6. JayA

    16 Channel Halloween Sequences

    I would love to see some of your 16 Channel Halloween sequences. Thanks. Jaybird929@comcast.net
  7. JayA

    Josh Grobin Believe

    I would love this sequence as well. I only have 16 channels, but would modify it for the 16 channels. jaybird929@comcast.net