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  1. For all the more experienced guys out there... Thought I would have the show up and running tonight but no luck. After diagnosing cables and controllers, it looks like I have three controllers with one bad RG485 jack.... so I can input to those three but not output to the next one in line. I was using the USB 485B converter - does anyone know if I can break out my old USB 485 single port and run both that and the dua port USB 485B off one computer? If so - anything special for setup? I tried plugging them both in together but only the 485B was recognized. Thanks all. Bob
  2. Sorry for the lack of reply Jeff. My wife did a similar setup on me with the Thin Mints. The memories are just too painful. I'm just getting use of my right hand back.
  3. Victory402 wrote: I had not heard that before. Do you put them at the base of the tree and up in the limbs? In bags?
  4. I lost about two dozen strings of green LED's to squirrels last year. Started losing them again this year until I took three steps; 1. Had my wife stop setting out squirrel food which seem to draw every deadbeat, free-loading squirrel from a 3 county radius. 2. Used fox urine spray to scare them off. 3. Set up a program to run the lights in the trees during the morning and afternoon hours at 15% intensity. It uses next to nothing in the way of electricity, and the squirrels seem to know when they are about to gnaw on a live line. I also have a few slightly toasted squirrels availble for sale for those who want to try out their Roadkill Cafe cookbooks.
  5. It seems the squirrels in this region of the world really prefer green LED's - C-7's to be precise. We've lost more than a dozen strings this year - all green LED's! Squirrel stew huh.....
  6. Thanks Dennis. I'll look into those. I think we'll need something quicker to control a single small jetted oriface. Specifically I'm trying to recreate something similar to this. http://www.pevnickdesign.com/ Much smaller scale of course. In order to get the graphics to appear clean, we'll need response times in the hundredths of a second.
  7. Any chance we may see LOR offer some fast acting water valves? I'd love to build a computer controlled graphic waterfall in my house. Tie it in to a couple of LOR controllers... Nice!
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