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  1. Sparky4u

    Weird laws still active in Massachusetts

    In AZ it is illegal to refuse water to a camel.
  2. Sparky4u


    Looks like usps shipping would be around $80.
  3. Sparky4u


    $500 plus shipping.for all 3
  4. Sparky4u

    3 CTB16PC’s for sale

    I have three for sale. I live in AZ
  5. Sparky4u


    I have three ctb16. All gen 3.
  6. Sparky4u

    CTB16PC G3 looking to buy

    Did you do d one yet?
  7. Sparky4u

    CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    $175 shipped and ill send money now.
  8. Sparky4u

    First Season - Tips & Tricks?

    You can find many useful programming tips and tricks on utube.com.
  9. James.I would appreciate a copy also. Thank you in advance. Shanny1024@msn.com
  10. Sparky4u

    Would love to Have some Dubstep

    Thank you very much.
  11. Sparky4u

    Would love to Have some Dubstep

    I would love a copy. Thank you in advance. Shanny1024@msn.com
  12. I would appreciate a copy please. Thank you. shanny1024@msn.com
  13. Sparky4u


    I got it. You were right on. Thank you.
  14. Sparky4u


    How do I do this on a sequence that has already been started? Thank you
  15. Sparky4u


    Ok here is the deal. Last night I was working g in sequence editor and all options were working fine. I have the standard version. Now today SE is not letting me sub divide the timings. When I right click the whole bottom third is not available. It is showing it on the list but not highlighted. What is the problem? Please help as this is very frustrating.