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    I understand Security issues. But please put down at least your County/Parish. As k6ccc points out, this also gives us a clue to weather issues.
  2. Dumb RGB in parallel

    Yes, I happened to use a T cable from HC to drive 2 sets of 3 Candy-canes 1, 2, 3 1,2,3 Also, 2 HC Headstones Dumb, parallel is fine. Doing that wit Smart is dumb
  3. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    You can safely pull 160W continuously from that 200W supply. That is 16 Floods. Since we rarely leave them on for (4+) hours, you can peak at the full 200W (20 floods) Also, the CMB24D can 30A per BANK (60 floods, both banks). all you need is another Supply , wire 1 per bank. Since, 60 seems like a huge amount of floods in a close (say 40 radius from the controller), 2 controllers (locations) might make more sense, even if the load is not an issue.
  4. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    10W is a little less than 1A @ 12V, so you could go up to 4 on some channels. You can ALSO add another (weather resistant) supply (mount external) and split the banks (the inputs are bonded together for a Single PSU)
  5. 2018 Spring Sale

    Ditto (it was my fault. I fell asleep and was an hour late)
  6. New Product Question

    They may be using 2 strings of 50 per port those say 50 RGB Bulbs per string - 6" Spacing (plus pigtails) They have connectors to daisy-chain the 2 (and for the supply)
  7. holiday coro

    These sales work for the business while offering bargains. HC explained their reasons and I believe LOR has done that also. Common theme: Keep staff busy all year, Allow bigger wholesale lot purchase price /production runs. This IS a seasonal business (for now. I used to just do Xmas...Now it's Halloween, soon the 4th )
  8. holiday coro

    Yep. Got one.. In some respects, keeping track of what you competition is offering is good business smarts. I am not sure I like them doing the compare (and vis-versa) part. I've had good luck with purchases from both companies. Competition keeps Feature HIGH and prices LOW
  9. Enclosure

    Sorry, this idea offends my sense of proper package design. One box allows heat stratification/build up, unless noisy fans are used. Increased weight and additional power needs. Those bring other problems: foreign mater ingestion, blocked grills. Are you mounting these boards at the top, where space is limited? Weight and 'sail' area become an issue. Or at the ground, where you could place and assign a controller per closest group. Each box becomes smaller (easier to mask), string feeds become shorter and more than likely, you will need to break up AC power circuits anyway
  10. 2018 Spring Sale

    Got mine
  11. You will need the proper RGB controller for your strings (and a 12V power supply). Are your strings DUMB (4 -wires and all nodes will be one color at a time)? CMB-24D for up to 8 channels of RGB Or SMART, (usually 3 wires), each node individually adjustable.? Pixie (series)
  12. Diagnosing pixel string short

    Another Idea If you have a current regulated supply, set it to a low, 'safe' value for your strings conductors/traces and use an IR camera or probe to read the temps along the string. Where it goes cold, is near the problem
  13. Permanent Christmas Lights

    I agree with this evaluation after watching their Videos. They all change at the same time. 4-wire could have been smart pixels with a clock lead
  14. Round power cable

    HC has 4 cond in 5,10,20 +pigtails Like K6CCC, I also use the 4 cond speaker wire from monoprice. But I found that it was far simpler, just to use the cables with the W/P built in. I even got a few of the 'T' cables in this series. Note, the cables (connectors) are only claimed to be compatible with HC strings that have connectors, They work just like wire if in DIY situations where all the connectors are the same.. NOTE to DIYers: be sure to write your matching string end Colors down. Always use the same at the controller END, so 'any port' is SAFE to use
  15. Using Insteon with the LOR program

    Network Configuration. In the LOR help (on the Windows programs menu), search for X10
  16. Pixcon Fuses

    agreed. Never seen a blade fuse (all 3 sizes) for other than <=32V Some of the older boards use 3AG fuses, care to not use 230V fuses in the wrong places.
  17. Using Insteon with the LOR program

    Insteon is supposed to respond to some X10 commands. You just need to bridge LOR to the Insteon powerline module
  18. Pixcon Fuses

    Actually, it is not fine. An low voltage fuse has a lower voltage drop. (I learned this from troubleshooting an HP2100 mini that someone had replaced a 30A fuse with a 250V version. The 5V rail frequently dropped below 4.75) OTOH running a higher voltage on a Low voltage fuse is also a hazard as the melt is too slow and can actually sustain an ARC.
  19. 7 Segment Display ???

    If you used smart pix, I estimate 36 nodes per digit (5 per segment and 1 for the DP, just to make it a true 7 Seg display )
  20. 7 Segment Display ???

    2 Digits
  21. 7 Segment Display ???

    Dumb Pixels would be 14 channels Monochrome. That is almost half of a CMB24D. and more than one, if you want RGB. You could wire just 1 color (or a pair) to each port for a fixed color (eg. Blu +red)
  22. Bullet pixels in candy canes

    Dumb pixels don't need a return wire, just parallel feed to each cane. each CMB24 port can drive 5M of strips (the bank limit is 30A, so you run out of that before you hit 40M of cane strips)
  23. Bullet pixels in candy canes

    I did 60 count WW Strips, very bright compared to the original 12V @ mini bulbs.
  24. Meanwell PS Fan Runs 24/7

    Are they running warm? The thermistor (I suspect it will contact the main HS) some place may be damaged or misplaced. If the fan runs full speed, the fan control transistor may be shorted
  25. It was amazing to see how fast my first order of 20 pairs of vampires got used up. Or how 'short' a 250' spool of SPT is (I was just making 7-12' cords)