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  1. Bullet pixels in candy canes

    Dumb pixels don't need a return wire, just parallel feed to each cane. each CMB24 port can drive 5M of strips (the bank limit is 30A, so you run out of that before you hit 40M of cane strips)
  2. Bullet pixels in candy canes

    I did 60 count WW Strips, very bright compared to the original 12V @ mini bulbs.
  3. Meanwell PS Fan Runs 24/7

    Are they running warm? The thermistor (I suspect it will contact the main HS) some place may be damaged or misplaced. If the fan runs full speed, the fan control transistor may be shorted
  4. It was amazing to see how fast my first order of 20 pairs of vampires got used up. Or how 'short' a 250' spool of SPT is (I was just making 7-12' cords)
  5. Many LED strings are non-polarized. Vampire plugs have a Wide pin that will need to be filed down. CAUTION: if you do this, DO NOT mix in any polarized strings further on down the cord. Alternate method: use a 'cube tap' or 3 outlet cord from the controller and 'Y' off to the strings
  6. Length of Network

    You are correct. I stopped viewing shortly after the wet terminal part. Bathroom fans seem overkill. I was thinking a 4" muffin fan, commonly used in larger computer cases.
  7. Length of Network

    Wood (any) box needs ventilation to get rid of moisture condensed from the air. All it takes is colder on one side for this to happen. Colder outside is really bad. For what you spent on wood and outlets, the LOR case and pigtails seem to be a easy outdoor solution. I happen to use CG1500's for my DC stuff, with my 2 (WR) PSU's mounted on the outside back of the case. that leaves room for 2 CMB24D or Pixies. (I pole mount the case, with the pole between the mounted PSU's. Nothing stopping this from being a 2+ high stack, except weight
  8. Length of Network

    All 2nd Gen Pixies have JP4 according to the latest manual (LOR documentation download)
  9. Length of Network

    I noticed the new (v2) Pixie4's have a Jumper assigned as Termination. That makes it simple, JUST jumper the last unit on the line.
  10. Length of Network

    I forgot about that issue LOR needs a bit more talk about network topology (issues) like this in the Adapter manual
  11. Length of Network

    The length of any Ethernet (E1.31 for you light folk) run is 100 Meters from the drivers (Usually the switch or device). No Daisy chain allowed. RS 485 (the standard LOR network) allows 4000ft (when properly terminated at the cable ends) on a single network. eg. a 'Y" arrangement with the dongle at the stubby base of the Y, would have both tops terminated, but not at the base) the Term<->Term should not exceed 4000', the spur (bottom) should be very short, since it can't be terminated. Star configurations are not permitted. (Has anyone tried with an active RS485 splitter?)
  12. Light Type Where?

    When you use individually addressable nodes, they count as 3 channels (RGB) @ bulb. You and I mostly use dumb strings, where the entire string is 1 channel per outlet or DUMB RGB board.
  13. Another Newbie Starting Out

    Geometry of your tree comes into play in the number of strings. I currently have a Half circle, of 9 dumb strings, Kinda thin, if I was to do patterns with smart pixels. Other things to consider:available Controller outputs (typ 4/8/16), Tree topper extra) channels. Outputs seem to be like potato chips. You start the project and then they are ALL GONE
  14. How do you keep it fresh?

    Like yourself, I had years of the same, static displays, repeatedly using the same strings (mostly because they were bought to fit the placement) Then I switched to 'energy saving' LED Every year at least one string was rotted (leads on the LEDs rusted off) during pre-install tests. This year may be different...little RAIN while the display was out. So my 'freshness' is partially driven by the need to 'replace' (the other is the inability to resist store displays ) This is also my first year with RGB Bullets. We will see These appear to be better sealed than those Indoor/Outdoor strings from the 'Box' stores.
  15. Another Newbie Starting Out

    Why not Bullets? 5M (~16') . that should give you about 13' tall ( I avoid ground contact) with a medium spread. I like the more random 'fall' of the lights. So unless you are aiming to use you MT as a detailed 'projection canvas,' bullets are cool
  16. Smaller Pixel Controlers

    Good point. Also, I would rather distribute (fused) 12V from a more centralized , protected PSU, than have all those non-weatherproof power bricks tripping GFCI all the time. It is the first port, that is expensive. Just look at the prices of pixies 4,8,16 or the 4 and 16 port (home) AC controllers
  17. strobe light strings?

    I got mine(4 strings) a few days ago and plugged them into the wall outlet. All flashed nicely, then after 10 min. 1 bulb started flashing slower (longer ON and OFF), then it went out. No spare bulbs included. No biggie, but DO plug them in for more than a few seconds it takes to see if they 'just work'
  18. Yow! a minimum of 142 RGB channels per side . Depending on bridge width, it might be possible to drive both sides of the roadbed from the same controller . Use of 24V strings, might allow you to drive both sides of the roadbed from the same RGB channel, reducing the number of controllers. This project is not a simple engineering task. There are lots of trade-offs: Save materials (fewer controller locations) and have higher maintenance costs. Availability of power at the controller locations. How to handle the issue of pushing the RS485 length limit. This is not a casual project. You might review the San Francisco Bay Bridge Lights project (originally,was supposed to be temporary). Those are Only WHITE (but fully addressable) and had to be hardened against the salt air of the SF bay when they rebuilt the system.
  19. If your help request was anything like the request here ??? Overseas is a bit ambiguous. What Mains voltage does this need to operate at for one? How many feet long? How granular do the color sections need to be controlled (pixel level or 5M segment or ... ) How bright (Lumens) is your goal? The only thing I am pretty sure of is it will need to be waterproof (IP65+ )
  20. Many DSL packages come with file (web page) space included. You just need to upload to YOUR accounts location. No need for a web page, if you provide a link to the bare image. Consult your ISP for details Fiilezilla make FTP fairly easy. Do be aware that ALL files there will be publicly accessible.
  21. Help making initial Kit purchase for projector

    Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation The biggest killer of Projection bulbs is HEAT. The second highest heat is the AMP And disks HATE heat, they warp Goals 1) Security A cage would do this. But... 2) Weather (rain/wet) protection., whilst providing lots of coolness 3) Sound. The speakers can be any place as long as they are Outdoor rated. Rocks, Marine...
  22. I suggest you DON'T if you use both Smart and Dumb (unless they won't ever fit together) LOR had threaded pigtails on their 10W floods, I used the opposite HC 4 core for others, just to make it stupid proof on which cable floods go to . I also have a CMB24D and a Pixie4 in the same CG1500, so I use both 3 and 4 core
  23. RGB Cross

    This looks like it is cylindrical. I see 5 stripes on the cross bar alone (i assume there are 3 more on the back side), and over a foot in dia. Did I mis-read your goal as 4.5" wide? I would say Strips not pushed to full bright for color line definition. Do others agree with my guess?
  24. Fire at LOR

    Gourmet smoked lights cost more. Very rare find, never to be repeated (hopefully).
  25. When do you just stop...

    Giant Slate Chalkboard (for those old enough to remember not White or Green)