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  1. I was out looking at my controllers: I still have a few ports that have nothing attached. I must be doing something wrong. (and I am still debugging connection assignments). And I am a little further than B.Y.R.G. , so I won't make it either. Good luck.
  2. TheDucks

    Pixie 2D box not holding the RGB order

    A WAG RGB order might be tied to the Pixel chipset. All my strings are ws2811 and RGB order
  3. TheDucks

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    There is none. You hook them up to a CMB24D (Dumb RGB) controller running 12V on the bank supplying the floods. The R, G, B lines go to the terminals that sink to the - (Gnd) the other (black), goes to +12V No User settings or service parts inside the floods.
  4. TheDucks


    Popup is not the right term. There is a box that keep rising on the left lower corner with items they sell. most annoying. Then I try the links at the bottom eg sale items (but they really are not links
  5. TheDucks


    What a functionally obnoxious web site? Links that don't work, continuous pop up ads....
  6. TheDucks

    issue with controlling RGB stip of lights

    Are you sure you are driving them from the correct end (DI side)? The other setting is Frequency for some chip types.
  7. TheDucks

    Hazzards of a Cold Climate

    I also use the child caps. I also use a plastic lighting Gutter hook (I have a few different styles) to place the plug (and the other end of the string) in a location less pron to puddles. Someone poste a new Light clip (that also slides under shingles), which I bought 300... But they ALSO had lawn stakes (for C9 type). I found those also work to hold the plug up off the ground https://www.homedepot.com/p/Adams-Manufacturing-5-in-Lawn-Speed-Stakes-Box-of-100-9130-99-6640/301896794?cm_mmc=hd_email-_-Confirmation_STH_BOSS-_-20181006_PP_ET_Merch_Confirmation_STH_BOSS_3177653-_-product_desc__WA37313881
  8. TheDucks

    WARNING-Check your Extension Cords!

    Was that Rat chew or a abrasion from something moving?
  9. TheDucks

    Show Computer Dead

    Check the cord is firm, check the fuse. <trick> look at the PSU fan while you insert the power cord, Did the fan 'kick'? You may have a shorted cap on the MOBO, and the PSU is going into fault protection
  10. TheDucks

    Newbie Needs Suggestions

    Other than needing a bit of splicing and power injection (could alternately be done at the 50-51 point. nothing is 100 nodes from power), I think it should work. Controller 2 seems to be you heaviest load (est 18A using 3A/50) (Others please chime in)
  11. TheDucks

    NEW to Pixie 16 & CCB. Only 100 bulbs per port? How do get around it?

    At the bottom of the HU Pixel console, there is a slider that sets which group of (RGB) the sliders control. But in the Main HU, when you have selected a Pixie, you can Chase test all nodes (assuming you want to verify the nodes all work) Tick the RGBW box and each node steps thru the 4 colors before moving on
  12. TheDucks

    Blinking at 1/2 power

    Carefully check the Neutral Feed connections(line cord) for that bank. Something is fishy when you unbalance the banks
  13. TheDucks

    Newbie Needs Suggestions

    Just to get you thinking (I am also a Pixel novice) Throw some 15' Arcs to find controller vs max string locations. The main ridge is a bear @ 105', 2 controller locations to keep distance to first PX down (15' is my max to first px. at some longer length, you need null pixels) I happen to use HC bullets on ~4" spacing (~ 15' between #1 and #50). I mount those on Plastic Plumbers tape at 3" centers so I lose length . 2 strings (100 nodes) on a leg, no issues, but I would absolutely power inject between #100, #101-150 . (150 is just about max nodes on a Pixie port also). So 45'' would be a max leg off the controller in my case (EST LOAD 9A. squares are a bit higher ).\ Since LOR does not sell pixie2 separate, so a Pixie 4 is a possibility the main ridge near each end (also does the side leg ). On the end opposite the garage, you might put it down a and to the right and also do the 27' leg as well (1 unused port). The garage end only has 2 ports used, but you might get away with driving that 27' as well. Then another pair on either side of the entry (location to allow short cables. The further back corners look promising. Hope my ramblings get the layout juices flowing. Anyway,
  14. TheDucks

    strobe light strings?

    Me too! I've already blown another (color changing) string. I really like what the Gen 3's do. Set the port to only ON/OFF. (I now have 3 set that way for strings with electronic balasts)
  15. TheDucks

    strobe light strings?

    UPDATE: What I found out. The board had a prior owner. The 'config' was set to 98% Maximum intensity Range. Changing that to 100%, cured the issue (Wheeew!)
  16. TheDucks

    Walmart 27 inch candy canes lit

    Yikers. It hit 32.4 as I write this (sunrise tends to be the lowest). That is still COLD for here
  17. TheDucks

    Pixie 16 voltage swap issue

    Even CMB24's from LOR are different. The Lights can run at 5V, then you need a 12V wall wort attached to the round jack, to supply the board logic. (the pixies don't have the need)
  18. TheDucks

    Pixie 16 voltage swap issue

    Logical is the ones that power the electronics on the board as well as its bank. The other only powers its bank. If your power supply can handle the attached loads, jumper the + to + and - to - If you run 2 supplies, be sure the - of each are bonded (the Pixie may do this (I don't own one with 2 banks, so I can't verify)
  19. TheDucks

    Pixie 16 voltage swap issue

    Pixie 8 and 16 just have 2 banks. You can run them at different voltages (5V on one bank, 12V on the other) but there is not an input difference per voltage.
  20. TheDucks

    Random turning ons

    You may have 2 rows defined as the same channel. In the SE, Tools: Channel configuration: Scroll, watching the UNIT and Cirrcuit (I just spotted an (wrong Unit) error in one of my sequences, doing a walk thru to write this tip)
  21. TheDucks

    How to turn on more lights

    And if you have a Gen 3 controller, use the hardware Utility (HU) to set the channel to ON/OF mode . Select unit to configure: Clicked the Config button: Then click the Advanced Configuration button: Set the Channel to ON/OFF Only : Then click Update Units Config Note: this setting should also good for strings that don't tolerate other modes (electronic ballasts). Prevents the oops while testing
  22. TheDucks

    Cost-benefit of CCB vs LED strings?

    My (cheap) LED string failures were all because of RUSTED LED leads. Seems, they dont seal the wires into the socket. Even with me bringing them inside and leaving them powered in the living room for 48hrs, 3 years and the leads fall off multiple bulbs. Ironic, since some of my cheaper Inca minis don't have that problem and are still working. You should think about Dumb (12V, not as sensitive to wire length ) RGB bullets. Less wire bulk. Low voltage (no GFCI trips). and you get your choice of color, while being almost as easy to program as your AC controller.
  23. TheDucks

    Veterans Day

    Thank you Army Guy (Mr P). Kinda sad, the only other military Veteran I know on my Block, is my Russian Neighbor (great guy, but doesn't do lights 😛), who was in the Russian Army. The younger set does not seem to be moved to serve. Most of the ones I know about, that did serve, were drafted. (OK, I enlisted, to get my choice, NAVY, rather than be drafted)
  24. Oops! Just went out and looked. It is the only one I have with a green led:
  25. TheDucks

    Having trouble updating firmware

    Yep, those are G2 (like one of mine) No fast, No enhanced