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  1. Use a bunch of silicon rectifiers in series. They won't be as current sensitive . IIRC about 0.5V per diode a common, cheap: 1n4001 if under an Amp
  2. TheDucks

    Regular string mega tree

    Just looked at you behind the scenes. Impressive.👍 How many physical multi-light-string strands? 4 AC controllers? (I run a 9 strand, 1/2 circle, 2 color per strand (some doubled up on the same circuit) on a single controller. The weight is getting up there. OT Wouldn't RGB be simpler (and way less cords)? 2 CMB24's can run 100 @ 12V strings per port with ease (~25A per bank: white)
  3. TheDucks

    Lights Not Working

    Naming? Unit ID is an device address Unit ID's are Hexadecimal (0-9A-F). The pulldown in the HU is that way. You can skip ID's if you license level (count) is high enough. I chose to follow LOR's mapping they list as part of their canned shows they have in the store (just in case )
  4. TheDucks

    Pixie4 only works on nodes not strips

    I was thinking they might have different voltages (5V vs 12V)
  5. TheDucks

    Leave Pixies on for an entire month?

    If they are outdoors or a damp location, leave them on, the warmth will drive moisture away. Cold nights, will condense warm day moisture.
  6. TheDucks

    Power Injection to RGBs

    IMHO 3 is pushing it Way past the limit of 100 per port. 20' is on the edge of the old style Pixies. You may need to put a Null Pixel at the 10' point to regenerate the data signal I can't find a compatible 3 core 'T' on the LOR store, to do the trick HC did. They clip the 12V pin that would plug in the tail of the first string and inject power (12V and return) into the base of the 'T' (data and ground pass thru)
  7. TheDucks

    Expert network advice needed.

    I installed 5 segments of thick (10b5) Ethernet with over 200 vampire taps. (centered on the stripe) and connected to workstations or a 'fan out box' I only saw(and cleaned up) remnants of Token Ring CAT5 is so much easier!
  8. TheDucks

    Excellent light stakes

    Reporting back These are wonderful. The roof/gutter clips accept the standard 8mm (12mm body) bullets. The bulb holders lock up (shingle clip usage) for a front facing bullet. The blade slides under the (comp) shingles with ease, just lift the wire loop a bit, as it grips the shingle when released. The lawn stakes indicate they need a flat bottomed (wire end) to hold bulbs ☚ī¸. I will probably end up using these to hold SPT1 vampire sockets up off the ground Thanks for the tip Mr P (See, Army can hep Navy 👍 )
  9. TheDucks

    New Computer

    Always pull the Hard Disk from a Dead PC. If the drive did not grind itself, the data is easy to recover by anyone that gets their hands on it. Shredding is the only safe way to dispose of a drive. Data centers have machines the literately PUNCH the center (spindle) thru the case Also, if the drive is GOOD: You can put it into a USB drive caddy and use it or copy files to the new one.
  10. TheDucks

    Pushing LOR 5.25 gig sequence

    OMG A show that is almost a Gig a minute of run time
  11. TheDucks

    Expert network advice needed.

    Another 'old school' rule (10b5) that seems to have gone away. 2.5M between nodes (But they still seem to make/ship standard patch cables 7' 😕)
  12. TheDucks

    Worst customer service ever!

    And do the Setup foul up part with real lights.
  13. TheDucks

    Starting out

    Yep! That is what my first (AC) controller does. A tree (1/2 round) with 9 strands of weed wacker line, then (different color) strings of LEDs on each. Last season, I added a second string of white to every other strand for a total of 13 strings Old school rules K.I.S.S.
  14. TheDucks

    Starting out

    Sorta! 3 different color strings, are just 3 strings of color. Those colors don't blend and make new colors like RGB (whole string is the same color) or smart pixels (each bulb (or cluster of bulbs) BTW each type needs a different type of controller. You have the 120VAC one (Warning: do not attach any ''color changing' bulbs (the type you control with a app) into a Controller
  15. TheDucks

    Pixel Problem

    My S4 HU did fine with strings of 100 on a Pixie4 (2 @ 50's end to end) The strings should use the same chip, same voltage. If part of a string lights, it could be either low voltage (excessive drop) or a bad chip(LED) in either the last Lit (has no Out) , or the first dead one)