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  1. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    Also, consider Blutooth. I use a Logitec BT stereo adapter which takes either RCA or a 3.5 mini plug 9 (like you computer speakers use) to powered speakers or a bigger Amp. Our local Frys features 'DJ' speakers that contain a Blutooth receiver. Lots of options. 30' is pushing it, but there are no wires crossing walks / driveways
  2. PIxcon16

    I got mine at the Holiday Coro spring sale. But it is available elsewhere. >$30 is NOT a good deal. Especially if they charge S&H
  3. Pixel trees

    Wheew, lots better. I have run into 2 floating neutrals. It ain't pretty if a big load (Blow dry,window AC) switches on on the low phase. There is still a lot of Aluminum wire in walls and we wont cover the owner built room wired with SPT1
  4. Pixel trees

    102v is extremely low (105-125 is considered standard operational range for most 120V electronics . Was this with No Load (or <5A) on the outlet branch circuit. Do you see this voltage in various other places in your house By any chance is your place wired with Aluminum wire? If yes, you need immediate remedial action as this is a know to cause FIRES issue <bulb> Is some voltage in your house above 120V? That is an indication of a "floating neutral" at the mains feed. This needs to be troubleshot (is it your Panel, branch or the Feed to your house. This determines who fixes that issue.)
  5. Power supply question

    Other that heating issues from running at FULL LOAD for extended periods (4+ hours is the rule), that should be fine since the whole purpose of LOR is to make that load change (a lot) Do be sure to keep the returns (-) with their proper plus. I would also make sure that the PSU cases are bonded with a short copper braid or 12ga wire and NOT rely on the Green wire cord U- ground EM prong for noise reduction
  6. IIRC Those include a message controller which gets Static (the controller stores the commands) display Serial cable input. You might get lucky and find a location where you can split the controller from the matrix., but then, you might find that it is just a X-point matrix that LOR has no simple control of.
  7. Audio interference

    Have you defragged your HD? WAV files are big and the error may happen when disk access can't keep up
  8. Spt1 wire with female taps

    Go for it. LED's make this (max power consumption) almost worry free. If it were incans, I would not run the vampire PLUG (tota.l load) hard. For that, Screw Terminals
  9. My experience is: 1) a alternator type generator will drive the UPS crazy. (frequency drift) 2)If the generator is powering the UPS, it is in standby (maybe AVR mode) Many years ago, I put a scope on the output of a Generator my dad was going to use for Ham Radio 'field day'. The voltage and frequency were decent... BUT there was a nasty spike on every cycle due to poor field pole transition . Motors don't care, but electronics do. Honda make a good, electronics safe generator. The are not at the cheap end of the catalog
  10. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    fuses will take 400% for many minutes. That is for a 'normal' fuse used in those plugs.( Slow Blow, are even longer, 3AG usually have a spring as well as the fuse wire.)
  11. mega tree base diameter

    Small, yard. < 20' from road to (1 story ) house (and Rose bushes to dodge) . I wanted a 'round' tree look when it was static (no LOR then), . The rear half would have gained me nothing from the street and allowed me to better fit a taller tree in the available yard depth. BTW The tree is just 9 strings (4 now have a second string of WW along with the colored ones) of LEDs,, no animated pixels. That may make choice difference.to you. I'm a tech, not an artist :D, like many of you.
  12. Is your RV Generator a 4 pole (1800 RPM) or a 2 pole (3600 RPM). The later suffers from 'cycle sag' (uneven waveform). I have not run into any 'inverter' based generators (yet). Onan and Kolher (both common in RV's) are traditional alternators.
  13. Is there such a thing.....

    I have a few strings from the HC spring sale. So YES
  14. mega tree base diameter

    Yes, Radius but that number is to the stakes that hold the mono filament line The controller is next to the 12' post and 8" cords feed the strings (there is also a Star topper )
  15. mega tree base diameter

    My 12' (half-round) tree ended up with a 7' radius because I used 9@ common 13.5' LED strings and I wanted the plug to end up about 1' above the ground.