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  1. I don't know about Superstar, but here is what I know about Pixie4 USING THE sequence editor. Ports start at the base ID and ports inherit from that. That is locked in hardware. 💡 set Pixie base numbers at HEX digit break points. 20,30,40. Gaps are OK as long as your license would run them if used.. The actual ID maps to the port and it is a lot easier to NOT have to remember to shift a Digit 1D, 1E, 1F, 20,. 10-1F for a Pixie16 is easy-peasy In the sequence editor, it is easy to shift ID's and networks. Tools: Channel configuration: change controller (button at bottom) : choose controller UNIT ID (each port on a Pixie has an ID derived from the base ID ). You can change the Network, and Unit assignment. You can NOT change the channel number. The sequence is adjusted That fixes that sequence, repeat for the others Remember to save. ?? you said 48 CCR IIRC the old CCR's are 5V and can't be daisy chained (100 nodes). You also indicate center fed (50 up, 50 down) I think you have big problems changing the geometry (up, down) of your sequence and using a single controller. You might consider 2 Pixie16 (1 For the UP ports, 1 for the down ports) and remap the IDs I will let the experts step up on this
  2. Thanks I was thinking there might be a standard (that it mounted direct without fiddling ) . I found a CG2000 and another that are 9" wide that also match the styles of my CG2500 or the LOR G2 AC style (they probably OEMd theirs from the mfg)
  3. I was looking at the CTB08 (gen 3) as I have a place that needs more than 4 AC outputs (and a CTB16 is overkill and $$ more). Is there an LOR enclosure available that it was designed to fit into?
  4. Please be clear: RGB to me, means Dumb nodes (CMB 24 controller) Pixels means Smart Nodes (Pixie or other controller) This year, my tree (AC LED's) is getting 8 fill in RGB strings, as the AC strings die, I will replace those with more RGB. I chose to stay with RGB as my talents lean hard towards hardware and not, to art.
  5. I totally agree about the wind load. Cut many vent flaps (so the hinge is in a coro groove) which can easily to unload the force . Look at those big banners strung across spans to see what I am suggesting
  6. There are really only 2 types. The rest are protocols or enhancements (power). LOR/DMX are RS485. 4000' is the theoretical max if terminated (120 ohm) at the far end only. Star configuration would need special RS485 switckes Ethernet based (LOR/DMX ei.31) have 100M (300') length limit BUT can be extended and stared by placing a network switch along the way. Wireless (WiFi access points) might be used, but can introduce timing skews on that leg (avoid using the same WiFi network as your Internet as other traffic will make the problem worse
  7. TheDucks

    circular tree

    I started with a 9 (AC) strand 1/2 round tree. This year I am adding 8 strands of dumb RGB in between those (8 is also what a CMB24 can do). Sa you vcan see from my sig, my LOR has grown (a lot of the places with lights, just used to plug into a timer, that I tricked out with a photo cell. Turns on at dusk, OFF at 2130) Shop Spring and end of season sales...You might stave off Bankruptcy for a bit 😛
  8. Have a very good quality Negative/Common (terms Nit: Ground or Earth is the term for the Green (w/yellow) Safety connection) between ALL supplies that are on the same controller BANK. Commonly a Black 10Ga, copper wire
  9. There are unused pairs in the CAT5 cable on a LOR network. You could make a simple tamper Alarm circuit by breaking these out at the dongle and closing the loop at the far end. If you have a home alarm system with a spare input. that loop closure is the systems specified resistance, not a full short. AFAIK LOR uses 2 pair. RS485 (the blue) and 9V for accessories like the ELL (? pair)
  10. I have one Gen 2. I just marked it as a reminder to keep it on the slow (low data rate devices) network. I also use different colored CAT5 cables, depending in the network (Don't give Murphy a level playing field )
  11. It has been HOURS since I have seen any posts
  12. 👍 There are bad folk that take advantages of typos of commonly visited sites to purvey p0ron and other nasties. Bookmark sights you visit frequently. STAY SAFER, Typos on our part do happen.. SOME OF THE BAD SITES LOOK VERY CLOSE TO THE REAL ONE, EXCEPT THEY JUST GOT YOUR LOGON AND PASSWORD. That is why some banks have gone to a 2 step logon.
  13. I use bookmarks for all my regular sites. That is when I saw the SQL server error. FWIW Orville, ABC bayarea (ch7) was doing your trick yesterday. I think it is caused by a missing stylesheet (CSS)
  14. I don't think there is such a beast. Especially at night, I can hear the Shoreline Amphitheater or Stanford Football. Both are miles away (in different directions), and over built up land. Over water, the sound will travel further as there are no obsticles to break it up (cancellation scatter).
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