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  1. LOR CommListener Error

    Are ALL the boards capable of 500K? Capable of Enhanced mode? Each network may need to be tweaked to match the connected devices.
  2. More input What mode- speed network What generations are the individual controllers (and their FW level)?
  3. COM Port Speeds

    The device manager sets a default that you can ignore. Use the network preference (right click the lightbulb) to set each adapter to what speed you want
  4. Wireless

    It says 5V and GND.. You need a clean source of 5V (LOR has 9V on the RJ45, so you need to regulate and filter if you use that.) ALL GNDs (LOR to board.to power) need to be tied together, regardless of how you power the board
  5. COM 3' are not set in stone, thus the reason for discovering which are used by LOR adapters. They get assigned the first time a NEW 'COM' class device gets connected. My Laptop has a built in Modem. COM3 I used my bosses 2 port RS232 dongle: COM4,5 I got my own COM6,7 then I attached2 @ LOR COM8,9 (there are ways in Device Manager, to re-assign thos...but lets not open those cans of worms )
  6. CMB-24D Only Reds coming on

    Nother Idea. Check your wires that the INSULATION is not under the screw terminal
  7. CMB-24D Only Reds coming on

    The CMB24 puts GROUND on the R G and B. +12V feeds the floods. If you mis-spoke, then take a jumper wire and connect 1 end to V- and touch the other end to the screw of each G and B (and R) with the plug connected CAREFUL TO NOT TOUCH THE 12+ If the colors light, you may have fried the MOSFETS. (overloaded with multiple floods? or shorts to 12V+)
  8. In your Network configuration (far left) you have DHCP. That can allow the IP to change, then your setting in the top, will no longer be valid).
  9. My 24 looks just like that (I right click the lightbulb in the tool tray)
  10. Windows ID"s the adapter and will reassign the same COM# regardless of the USB port, IF you first installed the driver BEFORE first inserting the adapters for the first time. You need to use the Network config utility when you switch PC's or update OS levels (eg W7->10) (sure beats W9x USB )
  11. Show played that's not on schedule

    I recommend Notepad++ (has Programmer features) and will pretty parse XML files (the kind used by LOR). It is free .
  12. 4.3.26

    I would take that laptop to someplace where you can do a BIG download (remember you power cords, they can take an HOUR+ ) . There are lots of patches to settle performance issues. Manufacturers count on the updates and don't fix the initial distro.
  13. UGH!!! Total ribbon tree failure

    Nice thing about Jameco, is you can just pop in for a will call (just don't browse the display case )
  14. My First Year's Story

    No, you SHOULD split as you have. The ridge KEEPS them apart.
  15. 2017 Setup Photos Gopher Hill Farms

    What is that stuff on the ground, reflecting that glorious light?