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  1. Dumb stuff like the CMB24 and the 1602 count the channels at the board level. It takes a huge amount of dumb controllers to equal 1 pixie4 with 400 nodes (1200 channels) Smart stuff counts the channels at the Node level (3 per node: RGB, with Strobe mode devices possibly using 2 more)
  2. That tells me something controlled BY (usually a per/user setting) appdata is affecting this. The problem is there are 3 groups (some are large) of apps SETTINGS. These are for ANY app you have ever run/configured MSCONFIG time. to start with disabling things that ONLY start with YOUR logon (the other stuff you can disable is used by all users.) Easy choices are things that preload for faster starting when users ask for that app. (you don't really need these, you just wait longer for that app to startup). Usuall the app has an option in its settings to enable, like LOR s control panel), but for the test. MSCONFIG to stop it from launching at logon. (these usually are launched from the RUNS section)
  3. Strings: All grounds go thru. All Data Go Thru. +V (12) stopp just befor th inject point for the next. All PS ground is interconnected (tapped at the Inject point. + goes to the string (but NOT the previous) Preferred: all PS also have direct lines (not tiny wire) back to the main (the one that also feeds the controller BANK to reduce switching noise symptoms. It is only wrong IF the smoke escapes. It is just bad if it does not work. KISS usually works best , but is not the only way.
  4. I saw a slight pause in color changes in places You might check your network speed. that almost looked like sluggish data. 56K ain't gonna cut running pixels for real (it might work in HU).
  5. Good luck, you might want to stock up on some ferrite cores (loop both + and - thru the doughnut a couple of turns (similar to what LOR does with the USB cable). That should kill some of the hash that escapes smaller units
  6. 12" floppies? I remember 8", Soft or hard sectored (DEC and IBM) but NEVER with MS DOS Those were 360K single sided-Full height 5.25
  7. I think I see what you are doing. You are using many small (low amp) PS located at the inject point. I think most that do Power inject run from a big centralized PSU with numerous fused outputs. The purpose of tying the negatives together is to reduce noise on the power in relation to the Data input (node 1)
  8. Someone else needs to help, I have not graduated from using the SE to set those (the hard way), but yes, I select each nod and use that tool
  9. Just to be clear so I don't send you off wrong Sequence Editor (Animation show): DUMB RGB (CMB24 controller) Use the color fade tool to pick the color AND simply set both ends to the same color
  10. I failed to mention. I use the LOR ones, I wanted W/P connections. I don't trust the 10mm description. Maybe 20mm. An RJ is bigger than 10 🙄
  11. Every one of mine has those. 1 in, 1 out For a while I had 4 on a CG1500 box (CMB24 and a Pixie4) I decided keeping the 2 nets separate was excessive and I used some plastic, snapin plugs to fill the holes. and just jump the 2 boards The AC controllers were a bit of a challenge. I ended up modifying the aluminum bracket Bigger hole AND inline with the rubber grommet location (also made bigger). I had to leave off the cord grip piece INSIDE (I wish there was a simple HEX nut that fit those. The OLDER V2 cases, I could only fit 1 at the bottom ( I hesitate on side openings and never on the back), so I try and put that on the end of the net. IIRC I used a 1" sharp hole saw to drill holes in the plastic and aluminum. Be very careful to remove all metal chips.
  12. As you found out: This site basically requires you use Links to another site that stores the photos or Videos.
  13. Then you have 6V bulbs. Strings of 2 are 12V. As you can see, 120V/#bulbs in a segment (where the wires drop to 2. If there is no outlet at the far end, you may only have 1 segment (also, only 2 wires the entire length)
  14. https://christmas-leds.com/ worked for me 10 bulb strings are 12V mini lights, same as were in the candy canes I converted to LED strips. FWIW, I cut a bunch into separate sockets and connected those to a CMB24 port when I want 1 or 2 bulbs with a separate contol
  15. Many-many decades ago, I dipped C7 bulbs into a clear paint made for (fake) stain glass kits for my 'color organ' Stained Glass Paint :Amazon has many choices (but I did not see jars that allow dipping direct)
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