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  1. Exactly, so I put a big note on the wall where I am working on next years show that basically says launch LOR! Hopefully next time I will not forget.
  2. Well,, don't I feel like a newbie. I loaded the control panel and she works like a charm. I forgot all about that. I am very appreciative of the help. .
  3. I have been using LOR software for years. I have standard outputs, CCR's and a Pixcon4. this year I decided to start moving into DMX for a matrix I am building.I built half of it to run some test and make sure it is working properly. I have built four panels, each panel with 160 Pixels 4 rows by 40 pixels). All four panels are connected together in one long string of 640 Pixels total. (16 rows, 40 pixels each) They are connected to a PixLite4 controller from Advatek and the lights turn on properly when I test them. I am using one output at the moment..I have the controller set to a hard IP address. When I connect directly to the controller with the manufacturers software, I can communicate and test the lights. I have the LOR network configured as follows: When I run a sequence I get nothing on the display. I know this combination works because there are users I have been in discussion with that are using similar hardware/software. I even tried two different computers. Through the help of another forum member, we tried a very simple sequence with three pixels to try and see if things work but that did not work. And I do have control lights on. In order to make sure the board is OK, I downloaded Xlights and tried that and it communicates to the controller fine and it only took a few minutes. There is something in the LOR set-up that is not correct. Does anyone have any advice to remedy the situation, any help would be appreciated.
  4. On the matrix where you used a Pixlite 4, did you run four banks of 288 pixels? (If I did my math correctly) I am looking at a 32 x 40 matrix which would put me at 320 pixels per channel. Also, make sure the board traces can handle the upsized fuses. I have seen burned traces over time due to higher amps being used.
  5. Is the PixLite controller compatible with the Light O Rama software using the E1.31 protocol? I am assuming that anything that talks E1.31 can be connected together but I am not sure.
  6. Whitebuck, what are using to control your matrix and what network type are you using. I am working on a matrix now and looking into control hardware. Do you think a pixie?
  7. Appreciate the response. My statement was misleading, Where I was going with this is a string of 150 smart pixels which would give me three rows. This would make three rows of 50 pixels and I could make this one channel on a Pixie16. I would then do this 11 more times and use 12 channels of the controller to program 12 strings getting the 26 rows. I have done a lot of research on building the matrix and I have a cost for the matrix itself that is within the budget I want to spend. It comes down to how many channels that will be and how many controllers/channels. Appreciate you mentioning the message boards, I will do some research on that and see what comes up. On to 2017....
  8. I have been using LOR for years and added RGB last year and this year. Now that 2016 is over, I am planning to do a major change in my display and expand the use of RGB in my display. I am building a pixel matrix that will be 50 pixels wide and 36 rows. I have several questions and I am looking for any guidance that anyone can offer. I now that an easy approach would be to drive each row of 50 with an RGB channel but this would require 36 channels. I know that a PIXCON16 would do 16 channels per controller. The controller states that it can drive 150 pixels a channel so if I could do that, I would use 12 channels and 12 controller (3 rows per channel). My questions are: 1. Can I drive 150 pixels from each controller channel? 2. Would I have to convert to DMX to do so? 3. How would this be programmed in the LOR environment. I have used Superstar for my star fish and arches to date (I have an aquatic them as I live in Florida) . I have seen comments that 150 pixels can be programmed in Superstar but how would this work in a matrix? 4. Is there a better way to program this in place of Superstar? My goal is to display pictures and other effects on the matrix. Any help would be appreciated.
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