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  1. Thanks for the tip. I've put it all in the cloud and later this week will try and load it into a different computer. Hope it works.
  2. Thank you for the point about the director. I will look into that before making the folders.
  3. Wow there was a lot that I hadn't considered. Thank you for the time it took to describe that. Have started putting parts in place.
  4. I have just started and it has been great how many people have shared their sequences. I got the message about backing up, but what best practices do you use to organize the sequence files? Every song has 3 files. I think the .lms is the sequence but what is the .lms.lsv and .lmc.lcs? Then I have one that has a 4th file .lms.bak. Do I just back up the whole sequence and audio file folders or are there other critical folders I need to back up also? Thank you so much for your help.
  5. Could I get a copy also? I appreciate it . gretchens223@gmail.com Thank you, Gretchen
  6. Could I get a copy also? Thank you gretchens223@gmail.com
  7. Could I get a copy of them. Just starting and using 48 channels. gretchens223@gmail.com Thank you, Gretchen
  8. Could you send me a copy also? I appreciate at your help. Gretchen
  9. Could you send me the dropbox link if you still have it? Thank you, Gretchen
  10. Too fun. could you send me the file? gretchens223@gmail.com thank you so much. Gretchen
  11. Could you send me a copy? Just getting started and I'm responsible for 3 houses worth of music. If must have been good. Sorry you had to take the video down. gretchens223@gmail.com If you have anything else I'm doing 32 channels on house and bushes and then 8 for arches and 8 for trees. Thank you so much Gretchen
  12. I'm trying to get a head start after going through so many tutorials. My first 32 channels are for the house and bushes. The 33-48 are for two leaping arches. I'm using all LED just to get started. Any sequences or links with tips would be greatly appreciated. Gretchens223@gmail.com. Thank you so much this I hope is going to be fun.
  13. Could you send me a copy of the Grinch? I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Gretchens223@gmail.com
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