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  1. THANK YOU That was it. JP2 jumper and now works. Power to mini director.
  2. Have a uMP3g3 Gen3 mini Director that was used in past to run my show. Working on set up for controlling a Pixie16 and Pixie8. Plug Cat5 cable from Pixie16 into the Mini Director. My memory says it should power the mini director. However no power. Check the manual and it says it should power. Plug in external power and it works. Any idea where I am going wrong with the Cat5 cable powering the mjini director? I am wanting a setup that will us the two AC plugs powering the Pixie16 and Pixie8 and no more power cables. Have a preshow sequence and show sequence. The mini director would also need a switch to tell it when to change from preshow to show..
  3. dibblejr Thank you for posting the instructions. I had forgotten about them. They will be a great help.... You were a great help to me last year when I had hit a road block and assisted me with the Pixcon16. You were a life saver. Now using the Pixie16 and 8 I had bought last year before the Pixcon16 to build this Matrix display for the Fire Department. AGAIN cannot say enough good about how you helped..... Do you think I should put a vent in the front door to help the air flow through? It would give air circulation to the controller.
  4. I am using the box that came with the Pixie16 below. Also using the 500 watt power supply that came with it. Remounted it with a 350 watt power supply that is powering the Pixie 8. It is vented in the back and thinking of putting a fan in the front door. This will be for a Fireworks display so temps could be in mid to upper 90's. It will only need to run for a few hours, one time during the show. Also had room to mount a Gen3 mini Director at the bottom of the box. Plan is to have everything self-contained for the show with a timer to start the mini Director. Have the dip switch set on the Pixie 16 to start at 1 and the Pixie 8 to start at 17. Have not been able to test this yet. Finishing up on wiring
  5. Working on a 24 string 48 node matrix. Using a pixie16 and Pixie 8. Power supply question... Using 12 volt strings. I can set up the software to be at 50% which will use half the amps/watts. So can I set the software at 100% and turn the voltage down to 6 volts and have the same result. This may be a dumb question...... trying to figure out what power supplies to buy.
  6. Good to know. Do not know of many in the area. As far as I know I am the only one in White County doing this level. Last year was my first year and this is the first using Pixels. It is a big jump to pixels and had no idea there would be so much to learn. Still have props that did not get built due to all of the problems getting the Mega Tree to work. I am now reworking my sequences as they do not look as good on the tree as on the computer. I am having to slow things down and take out some detail. But, over all it is something good to watch. Wish you the best of luck and a Merry Christmas. Maybe I will be able to get over your way and see your show. Storms coming tomorrow so buckle down. I am worried about damage. Last week 30 + mph winds caused some damage to some of my props. Tree survived.....
  7. I will not be much help for you SORRY, I too have a Pixie16 and was having problems getting it to work. Being short on time I bought the Pixcon16 board and swapped out the boards. It took a while to figure out how to set it up but, it is working. Hope in the Spring to figure out the Pixie16. I was able to get the first about 6 nodes to light and that was it. I was trying to run in DMX and learned the Pixie16 will not run in DMX. That is why I bought the Pixcon16. I have not used S5 yet as I was not familiar with it. I do wish you luck. This is a fun hobby and although expensive it is very rewarding to see the young and old enjoy the show. There are plenty of people out there willing to help.
  8. I could use this too if you have time to send it. nhale560@hotmail.com Thank you
  9. Thank you for the help on PM Have set up phone call. Already feeling better about getting something going on the Mega Tree,
  10. Posted this is several forms asking for help Background - This is my 2nd year, have Showtime Central with 2 CTB16PC. 1st to use pixels. - In the spring I did a lot of research and asked questions about building a Mega Tree, the controller and setup. After all of that, bought the Pixie16 with 16 50 node strings in the Spring sale. Bought 4 more strings to make 20. Spent the summer building the tree. Got sick a couple of times in the hospital and fell behind on build. Anyway got it done and from all the reading in the spring, had chosen to use XLights to program, Spent 6 months programming sequences. Also on reading and advise used the Raspberry Pi with FPP. Well.... after weeks of trying to make this work I am now learning Pixie16 will not work with FPP as it is not DMX and also now reading you cannot fold them, so cannot have 2 together making 100 acting as 2 50 node strings. Therefore 10 dangles control 20 strings. Well to the point.... PANIC also a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach. My best guess is to convert the the XLights back into LOR and use PE. Last year was my first year and i am all LOR controllers. Have S4 and can also get S5, Pro user. Do not have SS. Would be great if someone could tell me how to make Pixie16 work with FPP. But what I need now is how to use PE to take the converted XLight files and add to the SEsequences I built last year. Hope this makes sense. My controllers. 2 - CTB16PC's, 1 - CMB-24D, and 1 - Pixie16. Can leave out the CMB24 if make it easier. Most important is to make the Pixie16 work. PLEASE HELP.....
  11. Had not thought of the tape getting hot, and yes it gets real sticky and a black residue mess. Have watched a ton of videos and one of them showed using black tape to attach pixels for the tree. Had 1000 UV ties come in a couple of weeks ago, was going to use in other locations. How well will they hold up to staying in place on a round surface, such as PVC pipe. Would think they would slide around after heating up in the sun. This would cause the pixels not to line up correctly on a tree. Best I remember none of the videos watched used ties on a round pipe. Any thoughts or experience with ties and round pipe?
  12. Great I'll give it a shot. Really was not looking forward to unwinding all of that tape. Took 2 1/2 rolls. But those pixels will hold up to any wind or storm.
  13. This is my first year working with pixels. Working on building a Mega Tree. Made a star for the top and after finishing it occurred I made have done it wrong. Used black tape to hold the pixels in place. Came out great, do not think they will move. However, did not occur to me until done this will hold in the heat and may lead to failure. Let me know if that is right or will it work like it is. Here is a picture of it while making it. Do I need to pull off all of the tape and start over????
  14. I also have 2 e-mails and did not get an e-mail. Created a new one this year a few weeks before the sale just to make sure did not miss it. They both are Hotmail based. I received e-mails last year. But, the explanation would explain why did not receive e-mail this year. Kept checking for the sale to post and did not miss it. Got what I wanted. Will try g-mail and see how that works. Or is there other e-mail providers someone recommends? Is there anyway to test and see if we are receiving e-mails? Do not know how often they go out. Been a while since I received one.
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