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  1. Thinking about using 24 50 node strings. Would this be good with the pixie 16?
  2. So, like I said I am new to all this and learning. Just figured out that I did not buy SS but it is a demo version. I have S5 and will be good on updates until April 2018. Will need to do buy SS before I can go live. Guess the good thing is I can figure out how many CCR's I am going to need. Do they put the SS on sale in the spring or does the price always stay the same?
  3. Thanks for your response. Read a lot of your post when I was first looking at getting into this over a year ago. Greatly respect everything you say. The cost is not an issue as I bought the program when first started, knowing I'd be going to pixels. Waiting to see if there is a sale this spring and will buy a prebuilt. Strongly looking at the pixie 16. As you say it cost about the same. Plus getting everything LOR makes me feel better. This pixel thing has started out confusing but the more I read they more I understand. And the easier it is getting. Will start working on learning SS. Will make my life a lot easier not trying to learn both. Happ New Year. When first bought (on sale) this year it was over $1,200. And yea wife had a melt down on me... But, it is great having her on board now and bragging to friends.... Just wait until you see what WE have next year....
  4. This being my first year, it went great. Did not want to dive in too deep first year. Bought the Showtime Central and two 32 controllers to start plus a CMB24D . After the wife watched the opening of the show she was sold on LOR and now she wants a Mega Tree. So, been doing A LOT of reading and research. Think looking at a 210 vs 360, 10 to 12 foot tree. Think a 180 will look a little flat. So, now to the question. Looking at maybe going to XLights but learning both that and SuperStar to see what is best for me. Not knowing much about either my project for now is trying to decide if I will use a Pixie 8, Pixie 16, or PicCon 16. I am really learning here.... Think I will run 16 strings... not sure if it will be 16 - 50 strand or 8 - 100 strand doubled over. But if I understand right the Pixie 8 would be able to run either set up. So for just a little more I get the Pixie 16 and this would open me up to maybe some arches,, spiral trees or some other pixel setup close to the tree. Currently have a CMB24D have not used and dumb strips to go with it. Will use it to light the star and maybe some other items. The PicCon 16 will run a lot more nodes but do I really need that. Would 2 Pixie 16 give me more flexibility as far as room goes vs the cost? If I understand from reading you can not get too far from a controller with the nodes??? So the short questions are XLights vs Superstar on a Pixi 8 or Pixie 16 vs the cost of the PixCon 16???? This is a Facebook page with video if it helps on my setup to answer the questions. https://www.facebook.com/Hales-Christmas-Show-1973207026255556/
  5. Speaking of trolls... my daughter got her BA in broadcast jounalism. One of the things she learned is three are people that go around to restaurants and if they play music from a radio station the restaurant can get fined for playing songs without a music license. I'll have to put this question to her.
  6. That's great thank you. I am not wanting to profit. It's going to cost not pay. My pay will come from all those that stop by to watch and the few that say thank you. But most of all will be the look on the grandbabies face... Really enjoy the Christmas lights. Been a long time since I had a Christmas display that brought people by to look. Excited for next Christmas...
  7. Sure this has been asked but I am new at this and trying to get answers. Searched but did not find exactly what needed. I have been looking at sequences and see this "I understand I must purchase the music for this sequence elsewhere and it must be the exact music specified. I also confirm this is for personal use only and not for commercial environments." I would be using on my personal home and not a business. Question... If I buy the music off Amazon do I own the right to play it in the light show? So, I could download any song I wanted and make a light show legally???
  8. Simple request

    I just did a search on members sorted by location. I'm new at this so it may be a dumb question. How do you search for members?
  9. I have been following the LOR shows for a few years now on the home page. Back in the mid 90’s I would decorate the house with lights, even made paper as lights to go see. Kids grew and moved so kinda fell out of the big display. But… now have a granddaughter turned 1 this December. Ready to vamp up my house again. So, have a lot of questions before I buy my setup. To start, really want to use a self-contained system with a total of 32 channels with FM transmitter. The ShowTime Central is one option. I would like the Advance license but it comes with the basic, How do I get the Advance? Also, have option of the G3-MP3 Director with a Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 and buy the residential or pro series controllers to go with it. Which way is best to go? Figure I will be expanding at some point and might use RGB at some point. Want to start off right and now is the time so I will have the summer to prepare.