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  1. Casey Mulder

    No lights from Show player

    Hi all I can control lights thru sequesnce editor, but the lights won’t repsond to the show that is playing with the show scheduler. No other LOR programs running. Blue light is on. I don’t have “Visualizer” on in control panel. In control panel it says schedule is enable, and it is triggering the show at the right time. I must be missing one last enabler somewhere which is stopping the lights. any ideas?? thanks!!!! casey
  2. Casey Mulder

    Anyone have a 16-32 channel Rudolph?

    Forgot my email cmulde@woodward.com
  3. Casey Mulder

    Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" ELF

    Hi All, I'd much appreciate a copy as well if you could share. Thanks Casey
  4. Special request from a small human in my neighborhood. Thanks, Casey
  5. Casey Mulder

    No Lights with Sequence Editor

    The reboot/restart of everything worked! Beautiful! The duplicated channel is because I was too lazy to separate the upper and lower eaves. Appreciate the assistance! Merry Christmas
  6. Casey Mulder

    No Lights with Sequence Editor

    I'm using 2 controllers Unit 1 and Unit 2. Each light strand responds correctly in Hardware Utility per its channel. I just restarted everything and am going outside to check it again.
  7. Casey Mulder

    No Lights with Sequence Editor

    Yep, I can see my licence Number.
  8. Casey Mulder

    No Lights with Sequence Editor

    Hi Don, Thanks for the fast response! I'm pretty sure I registered when I bought the package. (i"ll have to double check) Thanks Casey
  9. Just got all the lights and controllers set up today. (yes, I procrastinate!) I can control the lights just fine with the Hardware Utility, but when I play the sequence in Sequence Editor, no lights come on. I checked all units and channels seem to be configured correctly. I checked that "Control Lights" is clicked on in Editor. I made sure I closed Hardware Utility before playing. Anybody have any clues what I should look for? Thanks!